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Lack of energy in winter: how to recuperate

Total lack of energy in the winter — how to recuperate

Every year I have a lack of energy in the winter, but I successfully cope with it. In this article, I will share with you how to recuperate during this difficult period for the body, so that you will always be active, cheerful and energetic.

12 ways to restore energy

If you feel a complete breakdown, force yourself to work without much pleasure, and you just want to sleep, watch TV shows and do nothing, try to incorporate into your life at least some of the points that I will list below.

Lack of energy in winter: how to recuperate

So, what is especially important to do to restore energy:

  1. Healthy and adequate sleep according to circadian rhythms. This means that you need to go to bed no later than 23:00, and you should stay no later than 7 in the morning. It is during these hours that the body receives the maximum amount of energy during sleep. It is also desirable that the windows at night hung thick dark curtains, or you slept in a dark bandage. This greatly improves the quality of sleep — you recover faster and feel rested in the morning.
  2. Rational and healthy food. In the diet of modern man there are many products that steal energy. With their regular use, you deplete the body, and there comes a crisis, apathy and a complete lack of strength. Try at least 21 days, for the sake of the experiment, to exclude the following: sweet soda, sugar and all products containing it, alcohol. Also get rid of «food debris» — sausages, sausages, fast food and other things. But fruits, nuts, vegetables should be as much as possible.
  3. Say no to caffeine and all products containing it. Also try at least for the sake of experiment. When you drink coffee or tea, it seems to you that you become more energetic. But this is a hoax — caffeine takes energy from the “reserves” of your body, and these reserves are not infinite. This is the strength of the loan that you give with rather big interest.
  4. Movement is life. Got used to drive a car, and returning home, immediately sit on the sofa in front of the TV? Add physical activity to your life. An elementary walk is already a huge step to replenish the energy reserves of your body. For example, install a pedometer and make sure that you walk at least 5,000 steps a day. And if you manage to include moderate exercise and sports in your life, it’s generally excellent. Sport gives just a huge amount of energy.
  5. Arrange your «hour of silence» daily. At first it may seem difficult. But with practice you will be able to disengage from extraneous thoughts, you will learn to fully immerse yourself. An hour spent in complete silence, without sounds of music, TV, without a phone and social networks, fills you with energy just fine. It is important to try not to think about anything and completely relax at this time.
  6. Take care of yourself. Care is needed not only for your close people, but also for you. So take care of yourself first. Care for your skin, hair, body, prepare for yourself the most delicious and beautiful food, arrange spa treatments. Choose everything that will bring not only beauty, but also health.
  7. Engage in spiritual development. Learn to relax and meditate, work out your mental trauma with a psychotherapist, develop everything connected with the soul and energy. Regular meditation practices develop relaxation and concentration skills, as well as provide a tremendous boost of energy. Deep meditation is like a reboot of the body, after which you will feel rested and full of energy.
  8. Trust your intuition and inner voice. Very often, we rely only on logic and rationalism. This is good, but you can forget about your true desires and needs. Therefore, whenever you need to make a choice, first ask yourself, and obey the first decision that comes to mind, even if it is contrary to common sense. In your unconscious there are already answers to all the questions and solutions that will lead to the best results.
  9. Surround yourself only by giving you a feeling of comfort. And this applies not only to the situation, but also to people. Say goodbye to those who oppress your self-esteem and violate your boundaries. Leave those who motivate you, inspire and pleases. Communicating with toxic people makes you lose energy, so why leave them in your life?
  10. Break the usual order of things. Go to work not on the usual route, and create a new one. Change your daily routine. Do something new, develop new positive habits and get new experience. Try to change something in their usual, developed over the years reactions.

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Practices to Awaken Inspiration

Very often, the state of apathy and breakdown is due to the fact that you lack goals. It seems to be no special problems, but there is no guiding star, a plan that will light you up and make you wake up happily in the morning.

To awaken inspiration, gain energy, and open up to the flow state, use the following practices.

Lack of energy in winter: how to recuperate

What can i do

  1. Keep a diary. Ideally, write 3-4 morning pages immediately after waking up. Writing talent is not required here. Just splash the whole flow of morning thoughts on paper. This will help stop the thinking mixer and open the mind to new ideas.
  2. Make a list of 50-100 goals or desires. Choose from it what especially lights, and follow. Finished — proceed to the next. It is good if you have some kind of global goal, which you can break into many small steps, and gradually achieve what you want.

Lack of energy in winter: how to recuperate

We summarize

  • The main reason for apathy is the lack of a global goal, a dream that ignites you and gives you a feeling of joyful anticipation. Find such a goal, make a plan of action and begin to act.
  • Keep track of your health and well-being: eliminate negative factors, revise habits and enter into your way of life that which is useful and brings pleasure.
  • Learn to sleep enough, relax and rest for one hundred percent, without being distracted by external factors and extraneous thoughts.
  • Reconsider your surroundings and forget about toxic people who steal your energy.

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