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Kriya Yoga — an interesting method of yoga, which allows to improve karma

Kriya Yoga: what it is, its main features

Many people, choosing for themselves a type of physical activity, stop at yoga. This is not surprising — yoga is a rather interesting and useful set of exercises. To date, there are a huge number of different yoga practices: this is the traditional version of hatha yoga, hot yoga, and yoga for kids, yoga technique for those who are aged, and also Kriya yoga.

I was very interested in the last term and I decided to figure out what is this — the mysterious Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga - an interesting method of yoga, which allows to improve karma

What is kriya yoga?

Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditative technique, with which it becomes possible to control your energy and the process of breathing.

And Kriya Yoga is a comprehensive spiritual path based on the implementation of a number of meditative practices and leading a correct life.

Historical background of Kriya Yoga

The Kriya Yoga method was not available to the majority of people for a long time.

Only in 1861, the great practitioner of yoga art, Mahavatar Babaji, declassified the Kriya Yoga method, which he gave to his student named Lahiri Mahasaya.

Lahiri subsequently transfers his knowledge to his disciple Sri Yukteswar, and for his part, he trains his followers in particular — Paramahansu and Yogananda.

It was Yogananda who became the person who told the whole world about the practice of Kriya Yoga in his work “Autobiography of Yoga”, plus he was engaged in the transfer of knowledge in Western countries.

Absolutely all methods of yoga involve working with energy, but mostly indirect. For example, by performing yoga asanas, the opening of energy channels in the back area is achieved and the energy balance in the spinal column is ensured.

And due to the performance of respiratory techniques (pranayama), the inner energy potential of a person is awakened.

The Kriya technique is more direct, it allows the practitioner to take control of their vital energy and mentally direct it up and down the spinal column using their unconscious and will.

The technique of Yogananda says that performing one Kriya (approximately thirty seconds) is equivalent to being as if you have been engaged in natural spiritual cultivation for a whole year.

All actions you perform in the outside world are called Karma. And the actions of the inner plan are known as Kriya.

These two types of concepts are quite similar to each other, they both represent specific variations of karma or specific variations of Kri.

But according to tradition, it is possible to decipher these concepts in a generalized way as follows:

  • karma is that which binds a person;
  • and kriya is that which is able to free him from the web of karma.

Kriya Yoga Method

Students can get an actual methodology only after they have completed the previous stage of study and practice in the three preparatory techniques taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Kriya Yoga - an interesting method of yoga, which allows to improve karma

Representing together the main system, these meditative techniques enable practitioners to comprehend the most sublime goals of the teaching.

  1. Energizing practices. Paramahansa Yogananda in 1916, special psychophysical exercises were designed to prepare the body for meditative practices.

Due to systematic occupations, mental and physiological relaxation is achieved, and willpower is also very developed.

Thanks to special breathing, vital energy and concentrated attention, this method will provide an opportunity for conscious absorption of energy, as well as systematic cleansing and strengthening of all organs of the body.

In terms of time, practices aimed at energization will not be too long and burdensome — they will take about fifteen minutes and are the most effective method for alleviating the negative effects of stress and nervous tension.

2 Meditative practices. Using an interesting method aimed at concentrating Hon-Co promotes the development of intuition, better concentration, and more — the elimination of disturbing thoughts and stress.

Application meditative technique AUM (or OM) improves the use of the power of concentration, which is necessary to detect and improve the characteristics of your present I.

With the help of this technique, the possibility of understanding that a person is not just a body is extended, as well as the fact that the limitations of our mind very often prevent us from fully revealing the potential inherent in nature.

four. Method Kriya Yoga. Kriya is an improved version of Raja Yoga.

It contributes to the strengthening and revitalization of thin currents through which vital energy (prana) circulates through the spinal column and brain.

In ancient Indian seers (called rishis) the brain, together with the spine, was associated with the tree of life. Through the thin cerebrospinal vital centers and chakras there is a flow of energy that enlivens all the nerves, organs and tissues in the human body.

In particular, the yogis found that if the flow of vital energy was continuously channeled up and down along the spinal column using the special Kriya Yoga technique, there would be a significant acceleration of spiritual development and an increase in the awareness of the individual.

Proper use of Kriya Yoga provides a natural plan for slowing down the heart, lungs and nervous system, which creates a state of deep inner silence of mind and body. As a result, there is enough “space” from the thoughts, emotions and sensory perceptions that are always spinning in my head.

Comprehending such inner clarity and awareness, a person can feel a deep inner sense of the world, and also begins to perceive himself as a part of the eternal Universe.

The positive effect of Kriya Yoga on the physical body

One who discovers Atma in himself (that is, the practice of Kriya) becomes a never-ending source of love and happiness.

Regularly practicing Kriya Yoga really notice significant progress regarding both physical condition and achieve improvement in the nervous and mental processes in your body, namely:

  • strengthening the immune system, which in regular practitioners of Kriya Yoga more actively reflects any external and internal attacks;
  • the state of the nervous system is normalized, it is much easier for a person to survive in our world of constant stress due to this;
  • activates the flow of Kundalini energy, contributing to the manifestation of the hidden potential capabilities of the individual;
  • it becomes easier for a person to concentrate on something;
  • there is more vitality;
  • improves brain activity and the practice of Kriya Yoga acquires a clear and precise thinking;
  • at the level of the physical body, practices, mudras, and meditative exercises renew the body at the cellular level. And thanks to the energy of Kundalini, the body literally blooms.

Kriya Yoga - an interesting method of yoga, which allows to improve karma

If you want to try the miracle technique, you should contact a specialized studio or hire a personal teacher. Independent exercises are also allowed, but it is better to do this not in the initial stages, but when you already have a fairly good base.

In what sequence are the Kriyas performed?

The treatise of Yogananda speaks of the importance of the correct sequence of kriyas. It is believed that it helps to eliminate the karmic knots. At the same time, the author gives recommendations to practitioners that if they do not know the exact fulfillment of any of the Kriyas, they can do it on their own.

There is no clear dictates here, it is only important to observe the successive stages.

  • The most important condition is the constant maintenance of the state of inner harmony, so that you can completely get rid of any extraneous thoughts, discomfort in the body and the like.
  • It is also important to perform each Kriya for a fixed time — this is either seventy-five seconds (equivalent to one hundred and eight repetitions of the mantra), or twenty-seven times. A combination of both methods is possible.
  • It is advisable to practice Kriya Yoga, being without clothes, but not focusing on this fact.
  • Rain, snow or hail outside the window should not interfere with your activities. Also, there is no inappropriate place — a true Kriya Yoga practitioner has the power to control the energy of any place, turning it into a positive one.
  • When you do the exercises — do not chat and do not get distracted, but concentrate your attention as much as possible on the movement of Kundalini energy through the body.
  • Do not proceed to more difficult practices until you achieve success in the initial stages.

Subject to the execution of all of the above, you can comprehend the art of Kriya Yoga, improve your physical and psycho-emotional state and, of course, will put in order Karma.

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