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Kinesiology: what it is and what diseases it treats

Kinesiology — features of the treatment method

Everyone heard about non-traditional methods of treatment, but I always thought that it was more connected with popular recipes. Most recently had to deal with kinesiology.

The method became known relatively recently, but has already gained popularity. Its action is aimed at identifying abnormalities in the body, normalizing the emotional state of the patient. I was very interested in the lack of the need to take medication in the treatment of diseases.

The article describes the principles and advantages of the method, indications, some techniques.

Kinesiology: what it is and what diseases it treats

History, the essence of the method

Applied kinesiology as a type of alternative medicine was discovered in 1964 by the American D. Goodhart. Despite the fact that most doctors consider kinesiology to be pseudoscience, today this area has a large number of followers, including in Russia.

This direction is based on the body’s ability to self-heal. The execution of certain manipulations contributes to the launch of appropriate mechanisms. Kinesiology is a diagnostic and therapeutic technique in which muscular tension and the work of systems and organs are correlated.

Methods of non-drug therapy in the treatment of various diseases are based on this dependence.

One of the main tenets of the method is the impossibility of curing the disease. All therapy leads only to a temporary relief of painful manifestations, which sooner or later will resume.

Normalize the health will help natural self-healing mechanisms.

In accordance with the therapeutic direction, the whole body is a chemical, mental and structural unity. Any dysfunction that occurs involves three sides, which leads to an imbalance.

Therapy should be directed simultaneously in all directions. An important stage of correction is the change in emotional state, the elimination of psychological stress.


Practical kinesiological therapy is carried out in three main areas:

  1. Motor-oriented, biomechanics — the science that studies the principle of movements of body parts. Discipline is taught in many higher education institutions. Experts help to develop suitable safe trajectories of movement that allow you to achieve a certain success in their activities (athletes, dancers, etc.).
  2. Applied kinesiology — is aimed at identifying, getting rid of excess muscle tension. In this section, we study the relationship of muscle tone with health.
  3. Psycho-oriented — the connection is maintained with the mental, emotional state. Muscles are considered certain indicators, exposure to them helps to get rid of mental stress.

Kinesiology: what it is and what diseases it treats

Diagnostic methods

Kinesiologist has a large amount of knowledge in various fields of medicine. Its main purpose is to identify the causes of failure of systems and organs. After that, the doctor is engaged in the selection of a method of therapy.

The main difference from conventional medical treatment is the lack of medical drugs.

As part of the diagnosis, the patient is examined and questioned, the doctor studies the history of the disease. Knowledge of the physiology of the body allows you to study the disease, the doctor draws attention to the gait and posture of the patient, which he assumes while sitting and lying down.

Manual testing allows you to explore the functioning of the muscles.

Special therapeutic loads allow you to establish the state of the spinal column, abdominal organs, chest. The main indicator of the state of the body are considered the muscles, through them is established connection with the body.

MRI, CT, X-ray and other diagnostic techniques are used for more accurate diagnosis.

A kinesiologist is considered an excellent specialist in psychosomatics, he establishes the relationship between the emotional state and the physical health of a person. Quite often the emotional state affects the physical.

Prolonged depression is considered an excellent base for a large number of diseases.

Lack of desire to notice the positive side of life leads to a decrease in visual function. Self-doubt causes headaches. Therapy in this case should be directed to the therapy of the disease.

A specialist will help you choose effective exercises. Their implementation in conjunction with the methods of awareness will help get rid of the negative block, which prevent the cure of the disease.

Within the framework of therapy, the development of new positive methods of behavior is also carried out.


The demand for the services of kinesiologists is increasing every day, which leads to its appreciation. The average duration of the session is 2 hours; after it is held, a minimum rest of half an hour is required. The course duration is 5-10 procedures.

Many consider the technique of quackery, which is associated with a small amount of information about this type of therapy, which appeared not so long ago.

Kinesiology involves a cure without the use of drugs, which can lead to lower profits for pharmaceutical companies. This method also helps to avoid access to doctors of other specialties.

Kinesiology allows you to identify the cause of the disease, therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor in the following cases:

  • muscle pain in the musculoskeletal system, headache;
  • pain in the back, arms, legs, lesion of cranial nerves;
  • violations of the functioning of internal organs (abdominal cavity, chest, small pelvis), accompanied by pain syndrome;
  • metabolic disorders, excess weight;
  • circulatory pathology;
  • changes in blood pressure;
  • neurosis;
  • anxiety in children;
  • violations of posture, scoliosis;
  • psychological imbalance, psychosomatics;
  • emotional imbalance;
  • violations of the central nervous system, internal organs;
  • vegetative vascular dystonia;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • orthopedic pathology;
  • injuries;
  • inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs;
  • dizziness, intracranial pressure;
  • the consequences of craniocerebral and other injuries;
  • sexual dysfunction in men;
  • endocrine pathologies;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • stressful states;
  • rehabilitation of athletes.
  • acute inflammatory diseases;
  • alcohol, drug intoxication.

Kinesiology: what it is and what diseases it treats

Home Therapy

A large number of physiological disorders develops due to emotional imbalance. Some exercises help to get rid of it yourself without the help of a doctor.

Simple relaxation exercises take no more than 5 minutes.

  1. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, repeat 12 times — it helps to get rid of the panic state, fear. Put one hand on the forehead and the other on the back of the head. Inhale with the head tilted back, straight body. With proper exercise, the pulsation should be felt in two places on the forehead and two places on the back of the head.
  2. Place in a sitting position right hand over the left. Put the right ankle on the knee, the left hand should lie on the rise of the right leg. Fingers of the right hand must be wrapped around the foot. This exercise is considered preventive, it is recommended to perform it before making decisions.

Kinesiology: what it is and what diseases it treats

Brain gymnastics is also carried out as part of kinesiology. Its action is based on eliminating the imbalance between brain activity, emotions, sensations.

The technique accelerates the assimilation of information. As part of treatment, 26 tasks are used, which are recommended to be performed in a group, the age of patients does not matter.

During the massage, different methods are used in the prescribed sequence. When performing manipulations, the physician draws attention to the muscular response, only feedback allows to reveal the effectiveness of the method. Massage allows you to maintain energy balance, helps to enhance the functioning of the endocrine system.

The technique activates muscle tone, allows you to get rid of pain, activates the absorption of nutrients by cells.

Kinesiologist tips

Improving the effect of exercise, therapy will help compliance with certain rules.

  • tracking physical and emotional state;
  • observance of a balanced diet;
  • pronouncing affirmations — short phrases, repeated repetition of which will help to consolidate the image or installation in the subconscious, as a result psycho-emotional background improves, stimulation of positive changes takes place;
  • rejection of synthetic vitamins in favor of a balanced diet.


  1. Kinesiology is a relative new unconventional method of treating diseases. It is based on the dependence of the patient’s emotional, mental and physical condition.
  2. Exposure to one of these areas contributes to improvement in the other; the method has much in common with psychosomatics.
  3. The main advantages of kinesiology is the lack of medication intake, efficiency.

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