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Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

Brownie in the house: is it there and what are the signs of presence

Recently, strange things started to happen in our house: miraculous things: they could not find the necessary items that usually lay in the usual places for all household members. And at night there began to be heard some rustling and knocking.

It is a bit scary, but the main question that has become of interest to all family members is whether this is a goofy? Then disputes began to arise, but is there anyway? We were told about him from childhood, but no one knows how he looks and where he came from.

About this and talk in this article.

Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

Is there a brownie in reality?

In today’s world, people are quite pragmatic and material, therefore, believing in the existence of an almost fabulous hero is everyone’s business. But on the other hand — for more than one century there are many rules and legends about how to deal with the «keeper» of the house and there are different versions of how he looks and what his habits are.

Let’s try to figure it out.

What do we know?

  1. It is necessary to immediately make a reservation that this is not an animal in the full sense of the word, but not a human either. This is a creature that is small and lives in a parallel reality.
  2. In the scientific world there is not a single proven fact or confirmation that this astral and elusive being really exists. It is believed that this is a relic of the past, superstition and nothing more than a fairy tale.
  3. If a person has a rational mind-set, then he necessarily finds a logical explanation for all the «tricks» of the brownie and unusual incidents in the walls of the house or apartment in which he lives.

However, sometimes there is really a presence in the house of something otherworldly, and some things are impossible to explain at all, for example, the loss of a thing of sufficiently large size that does not represent any value for outsiders. How to understand that in the home there is indeed a certain otherworldly force?

Where do brownies live?

Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

  • If the house is private, and even more than one generation lives in it, then the chances that there is a house party exist and exist. Usually he binds to the owners for many years and does not change them. The creature can even move with them to a new home.
  • There are several kinds of brownies: there are good ones that protect the peace and happiness of the family from the negative impact, misfortune, illness and quarrels. But there is such a phenomenon as a poltergeist and evil forces, which, on the contrary, bring anxiety and fear into the house, in every possible way frighten the household and often make living in the room intolerable.
  • Many people wonder whether the brownies live in high-rise buildings? The answer is positive — brownies live where there are people, where there is a family.

General information about brownies

Not all of these creatures are the same. There is a whole classification that was invented so that you can distinguish them.

In fact, there are quite a lot of spirits, but we will try to describe briefly so that you can understand what spirit is in the house where you live.

Types of brownies

Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

  1. Classic option. The brownie lives under the same roof with the owners. He protects the family from evil forces, misfortunes and misfortunes, helps to manage the household, is a talisman of animals. In return, he has the opportunity to live under the roof, to have food and respect. This is a good invisible host. Some even believe that he also has his family, wife and children. The more members in the family, the better and stronger than little brownies.
  2. The dead, the souls of deceased relatives, who after death were left by the higher forces to work out their «debts». Usually, during the life of these people were too lazy, paid little attention to their loved ones or housekeeping, were uncaring people. Therefore, after death, they are put to care and monitor the welfare and welfare of the family.
  3. All these spirits are good, and are not configured aggressively towards the household. They absolutely do not need to be afraid. If they give any signs, then you should listen, as the role of the brownies is to protect the home and the well-being of the people who live in it.
  4. There are also evil forces. They are not considered to be brownies, but most likely this is the evil spirit that took its place and settled in a house where there has not yet been a real brownie. Basically, the evil being all the time trying to harm by any means, confronts family members for quarrels and scandals, scares children. The spirit never brings to death, because it loses the energy that feeds. But life with him under the same roof often turns into torture.

If you notice that it is uncomfortable and bad in this apartment, family relations deteriorated, quarrels for no reason began to arise, then try to “clean” the apartment, invite the priest from the church.

The behavior of animals in the house, if there is a brownie

Take a closer look at how your cats or dogs behave. They are given the opportunity to «see» the brownies.

Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

  • Sometimes a cat or a cat starts to purr unexpectedly. This means that the brownie is scratching them behind the ear. In general, pets are often played with good spirits. The owners are funny to look at it, but in fact is in full swing «communication».
  • Often you can see this picture: a dog, a cat or a young cat begins to run in circles or around the perimeter of the room. In this case, the animal does not look scared or aggressive. If you have noticed this more than once, then your animals are simply busy playing with a brownie, who also likes to be naughty and indulge.
  • Dogs are not so playfully and actively run and play with invisible friends. But sometimes they look at one point, as if they are considering something. Infants can also often smile at the “invisible” or pounding. They also see brownies.

Good spirit influence

  • The presence of a brownie explains the fact that sweets are starting to disappear, sweets that do not have wrappers, small gingerbreads or cookies. Another kind spirit loves dishes, and if you hear the sound of plates or glasses, then the «owner» has decided to restore his order.
  • If the home is guarded by good power, then even small children are not afraid to sleep in the dark. There is a feeling that someone invisible is present in the room. It becomes cozy and calm, anxieties and vain thoughts disappear somewhere by themselves. Good spirits sometimes send to the owners prophetic and good dreams, after which a good mood remains all day long.
  • The overall atmosphere in the house is very calm and blissful. All gladly hurry after work or study in the evening in the apartment. Family members do not argue and do not swear. The house is quiet and comfortable.
  • Often the hosts anticipate that guests must come or someone will call. So the brownie warns his breadwinners about the visit.

Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

If lately you started to notice changes for the better in your family, it is good and pleasant to be in your house, the mood is excellent, then do not forget to thank the house-man for help: put a saucer with milk and sweets, small soft toys on the cabinet. Good forces are very fond of such attention and will continue to protect your peace and well-being.

Influence of evil forces

The first sign of the absence of a brownie and the presence of evil spirits is uncomfortable and disturbing in the house. Alone in the room becomes uncomfortable.

Resting at night is scary even for adults. Children for no reason are naughty, they are also afraid to fall asleep in their bed without light.

Is there really a brownie and how do you know if he is at home

  1. If they behave badly in the house: they offend each other, there is a place for quarrels and scandals, assault, and there are cases of alcohol or drug abuse, then a good houseboy can leave such a family. It is replaced by an evil spirit that feeds on negative energy and adds anger and misfortune.
  2. Another sign that it is time to change something — the disease of all family members, who sometimes doctors do not even know how to treat and what diagnosis to make. You should be alerted by a series of misfortunes, unexpected deaths, falling and disappearing objects in the house.
  3. If friends and acquaintances cease to come to visit you, refuse under various pretexts, and after all the robots do not pull you into their own walls, then the house needs energy cleaning. But first think: perhaps you should start by changing your behavior, attitudes and attitudes towards your loved ones.

Ways to check the presence of a brownie in the apartment

There are several methods to understand that there is a good spirit in your home — protector.

  • Put some sweets without rustling wrappers in a secluded place. After a while you will notice that they are located quite differently, and sometimes one or several disappear.
  • Since ancient times, it is known that brownies like to play cards. Who is playing the game — no one will answer you, but nevertheless leave a deck of new cards in the corner. After a few days, you will notice that they are not at all in that order.
  • Milk or honey from a plate can also disappear. If you have left beads, toys or shiny objects that the brownies also like, and they have disappeared or are not at all like they were left, then a good spirit is in the house. It protects you from all misfortunes.

If nothing is lost, but the objects lie in other places, then do not be surprised and do not be discouraged — the house-party eats energy and wishes of good, which you mentally send to him.


  • Since ancient times, people believed that behind the stove or in a dark corner of the house there is a brownie who protects their home and the whole family from unhappiness and misfortune. There are several types of brownies, but they should be good protecting spirits.
  • If your home has become uncomfortable, constantly scandals or quarrels, then most likely an evil spirit has settled instead of a brownie. It is necessary to get rid of it, to clean the house.

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