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Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

With the christening of our son, we suffered. The husband wanted to take the godparents only his best friend, and he was a long-distance sailor.

I had to adapt to his floating (in every sense of the word) schedule. As for evil, a short vacation with this comrade fell just on fast days …

Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

What is the essence of the sacrament of baptism

If you ask ten pairs of parents for what they baptize their child, you can get ten different answers. Some will say that he was like everyone else — but what then, will everyone have godmothers of their mothers, and ours won’t?

Others — that the Russians must be Orthodox, and still others — that the child will receive a personal angel and will be protected from all evil (although this is nothing more than religious superstition) …

In the church, baptism is explained like this …

  • This is the spiritual birth of man, after which he enters the church life as a full Christian.
  • This is not a pledge, but a high probability that as a child grows up, the child will be interested in the dogmas of his faith, becoming Orthodox not only “de jure”, but also “de facto”.
  • For a baptized child, you can write notes, put candles in the temple, order forty sheets and so on.
  • If the baby for some reason leaves this world — although, of course, who is talking about such a thing, if the baby was born healthy! — it will be possible not only to bury him in the church cemetery, next to his relatives (this is also allowed for unbaptized), but also to write his name in the church booklet so that he can be read in the church.

If for you baptism is just a fashionable holiday that you definitely need to end with a merry feast, think: are you ready to give up meat and dairy dishes at the holiday table? After all, in the post they are forbidden to all Christians …

Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

Whether children are baptized on fast days

Answer of the church: yes!

Both newborns or children and adults can be baptized any day of the week and year.

Do not confuse the laws by which this sacrament is performed, with holding a wedding. After all, as you know, you cannot marry newlyweds in fasting (since fasting is a time for abstaining and abandoning earthly goods, and after the wedding the couple … well, you understand).

To be baptized, officially entering the number of Orthodox, these days is possible.

Official opinion! Here is how the priest comments on the question that interests us:

And if this is Lent.

On the eve of Easter, baptism is also not prohibited.

By the way! The first Christians who converted to the Christian faith back in Roman times were baptized precisely on major holidays — at Christmas, the Baptism of the Lord, and Easter.

This was explained simply: there were few converts, moreover, all visits to the temples were secret, and the christening on a holiday was simply convenient for both the priest and the neophyte.

Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

Of course, some parents are “frightened off” by the idea of ​​the impossibility of noisily celebrating the baptism of their son or daughter in a restaurant. But in this case, you can ask if there is a decent Lenten banquet menu in your chosen establishment.

Often restaurants and even small cafes can surprise with exquisite, but at the same time meatless dishes. In addition, in honor of the christening, the priest may allow the family to drink some red wine.

But this does not mean that you can throw a noisy khanoke with karaoke, dancing and sitting at the table almost until the morning. Fasting is all the time for abstinence.

So a modest dinner in the circle of those closest to you is a good decision, and a “wedding” for a hundred people with a toastmaster and musicians is nothing but a sin.

By the way! In addition to Easter or Great (forty days, the time of which depends on the time of the beginning of Easter — a holiday with a non-fixed date), there are three more lengthy fasts:

  • Petrov. The start date of the “floating” fast is the second week after the Trinity. The end — June 29 (or July 12, old style), the feast of Peter and Paul, after whom he received his name. If the Easter fast lasts exactly 40 days, then this can be a little longer than a week, and a month and a half.
  • Ouspensky. Timed to the day of the Assumption of the Virgin. The beginning is 1 (or 14) of August, the end is 14 (27) of August. Also known as Spasovka.
  • Christmas. The people are also called Filippov or Korochun. Beginning: November 15 (28), ending December 24 (or January 6).

Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

What if the child was born during fasting

In this case, someone from relatives or friends will surely delight you: the baby will be happy and rich! Although, of course, all this is just superstition, even though it is ecclesiastical.

So, our people believe that people born on Easter:

  • be sure to become famous when he grows up;
  • also, he will be at times less faced with disease;
  • if he was born not just for a holiday, but at noon, he would become a significant figure in world history.

Is it possible to baptize a child in the post

What if the priest refuses

Many priests do not undertake to baptize children in the days before Easter, as they are very busy with worship services in the temples. Services during this period should be carried out especially often.

  1. If you want the spiritual confessor to carry out the spiritual birth of your offspring (or you live in a village where there is only one church), it is better to transfer baptism to another day. So it will be more convenient not only to you and the priest. Think about the guests, who are often busy with baking Easter cakes and other pre-holiday worries in the pre-Easter days.
  2. If your baby is just born, but he is weak, and you want to christen him right away, talk to the priest. Knowing your difficult situation, he will not be able to refuse. Although — in such cases, baptism is often carried out not in a city / village church, but in a chapel located in the maternity hospital or nearby.
  3. With a child, everything is fine, but for some other reason, you are in a hurry with baptism (for example, a banal situation — future godparents cannot take time off from work for other days, or they will be completely away)? In this case, call or go around a few more churches. Perhaps one of the temples will not be denied to you — there are churches that are ruled by several priests at the same time, so their working schedules are less busy. And to get to another area or village is not hard now, everyone has a car.

Well, and what not to do is to argue with the holy father. If he refused, it is better to ask politely why.

If it is loaded, there’s nothing you can do. If he simply worries about the alleged noisy feast, you can calmly explain that you respect the requirements of the church and give up on “obziralovki” and vodka.

In the subject: it is useful!

How to choose the date of baptism and godparents.

Is it necessary to baptize babies at all? Do we not deprive them of their freedom of choice in this way?

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