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Hypnosis treatment of depression (hypnotherapy) — how does it work?

Hypnosis treatment — how does it work?

Hypnosis treatment or hypnotherapy is one of the methods of influencing a person’s unconscious by immersing him in a trance. Hypnosis successfully treats addictions, nervous diseases, and psychological disorders, including it used to heal the patient from depression.

Hypnosis treatment of depression (hypnotherapy) - how does it work?

Hypnotherapy History

Hypnosis is far from new. It was used in ancient times.

The first to use hypnotherapy began even the ancient Greeks. The priests, with the help of putting a person in trance, healed him from various diseases.

Also, the methods of hypnosis have been described in the writings on ancient Chinese medicine. And hypnosis came to Europe at the end of the 18th century and was very interested in psychotherapists and scientists.

Now that a person can be immersed in a trance and cured in this way is known to all. And it can be argued that treatment with hypnotherapy works effectively and really.

How does hypnosis work?

Why is hypnotherapy so effective and worth choosing to treat hypnosis for depression?

The fact is that many processes do not occur in the consciousness of man, but in his unconscious. Therefore, he is unable to control them: this is how addictions, negative attitudes, depression arise.

And hypnosis helps to “pull out” everything superfluous and negative from the subconscious, making a person healthy.

Hypnosis treatment of depression (hypnotherapy) - how does it work?

For hypnosis to be effective, the patient must be immersed in a deep trance. Usually used for this:

  • Special relaxing and sleepy music. Selects the sound track with the desired volume, tempo and rhythm
  • Incense. They are rarely used, but can also be effective. Some essential oils and fragrances can lull the mind and immerse the person in a deep trance.
  • A pendulum or other similar item. The monotone movements of the pendulum, if continuously watching them, calm, relax and help to introduce a person into a hypnotic state
  • Sight. Not everyone is able to immerse into a trance — for this, a natural gift is necessary to influence people by force of sight. This skill can be trained with special exercises, but not all

Hypnosis works best if you use all of the above. Coupled with the professional skills of the hypnotherapist, this helps to immerse the patient in a deep trance, “pull out” the necessary information from him and lay in the subconsciousness the program necessary for healing.

Who can not be trusted? About choosing a hypnotherapist

If you decide to treat depression with hypnosis, it is important to choose a worthwhile specialist who is truly able to help. Unfortunately, there are many scammers on the market for such services. Therefore, adhere to the following recommendations in order not to err in choosing:

  1. Avoid scammers and self-proclaimed hypnotists.. Do not hesitate to demand a certificate of training in hypnotherapy, ask to show a psychotherapist diploma, read the reviews
  2. The best method of choice is word of mouth. If you can get a good review of an acquaintance of a person whom you trust and who have already used such services, ask the contacts of his hypnotherapist
  3. Do not go for mass hypnosis sessions. People who are able to influence the consciousness of a large number of people at once are very rare, they are born once a century, if not less often. Therefore, all others who claim that they are capable of mass healing are most likely charlatans
  4. A competent hypnotherapist will have a consultation with you before the sessions.. She will try to study the root of the problem, talk about the method of treatment. If a specialist, without knowing anything about the patient’s history, promises miraculous healing, he cannot be trusted.
  5. Do not trust anyone who promises to cure depression or eliminate any other problem in one hypnosis session.. This is not possible — treatment takes time. It will take at least five sessions lasting at least twenty minutes. In advanced cases, up to 50 sessions of at least one hour are needed.

You must trust the hypnotherapist and be completely confident in it — otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment is in great doubt.

Watch the video about the treatment of depression hypnosis:

Self hypnosis: will it help?

Of course, turning to a professional hypnotherapist is the best option. But what if there is no such possibility?

You can try self-hypnosis techniques.

It is unlikely that you will be able to immerse yourself in a deep trance — and this is dangerous, because you need to be able to get out of this trance. But you can try to relax the mind in other ways.

Hypnosis treatment of depression (hypnotherapy) - how does it work?

  • Meditations. They are available to everyone. With regular workouts, you can fully master the simplest meditation and apply them to relax your mind, enter the peaceful state. One of the best is Osho’s dynamic meditation. Usually carried out in groups, but can be alone
  • Autotraining. This is a self-suggestion of the thought that «everything will be fine.» It is necessary to repeat encouraging words in front of the mirror every day, to tell yourself compliments. It is necessary to look straight in the eyes, intently and for a long time.
  • Written Affirmations. Every night before bedtime you need what you want to achieve. But writing as if it had already come true. That is, not “I want to recover”, but “I am healthy”, not “I want to quit smoking”, but “I am free from addictions”. Write until the words are printed in your subconscious, and then go to bed

These methods may not help to completely cope with the problem, but they will definitely bring relief and set up the right way. And if it is not possible to find a competent hypnotherapist, look for at least a good psychologist.

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