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Human subconscious — how does it work?

Subconscious can do anything!

The subconscious is a very multifaceted concept. A person performs many actions unconsciously.

And if you learn to control this unconscious, as well as influence the unconscious of other people, you can qualitatively change your life for the better.

Human subconscious - how does it work?

Let’s talk about the difference between the conscious and subconscious, as well as ways to control your subconscious.

What is the subconscious?

This term was first used by Freud. In his understanding, the subconscious is the unconscious of man.

These are all actions, instincts of a person that he does not control — they are performed automatically, beyond the mind.

The subconscious is an unusually broad concept that can be studied forever. Philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, even lawyers and art historians talk about it in their writings.

It is on the manipulation of the unconscious based popular trainings on pickup, NLP, sales techniques and others.

The subconscious person manifests in four aspects:

  1. Inspiration, intuition, creative insight: all these phenomena are the result of the work of the unconscious. They can not be provoked by the brain, but you can call if you know how to influence your own subconscious
  2. Instinctive behavior, the model of action in frequently recurring situations. For example, touching the hot plate inadvertently, you immediately withdraw your hand. It will happen unconsciously — you do not think before you do. If you meet a familiar person, automatically say hello — this is also due to the work of the subconscious, which you do not control
  3. Perception and storage of information. During life, you get a huge amount of knowledge, most of which you do not use, because you forget. But in fact, all the information remains recorded on the subcortex of the brain, it can suddenly appear in a stressful situation.
  4. Motives of behavior that force to act in defiance of public opinion and their own principles. For example, a certain girl grew up in an incomplete family, and then unconsciously repeats this model in her own relationships — gives birth to a child out of wedlock, becomes a single mother

It is important to understand the difference: consciousness is something that you can control, think about. The subconscious mind is beyond control.

But you can learn this control, narrow the scope of the unconscious that is beyond your control, and achieve a high degree of awareness.

Human subconscious - how does it work?

It is hard work, it requires a lot of time. But it’s worth it — by cognizing the secrets of the subconscious, you qualitatively change your life and learn to achieve what you never dared to dream about.

How is the subconscious formed?

To understand where to start working with the subconscious, you need to know what to start from. There are many programs that are laid in your brain throughout life, forcing you to act in one way or another.

Programs of your mind are laid in several ways:

  • Parents, educators, teachers. The programs that these people use are literally cemented in the subconscious, and it is usually difficult to change them. Therefore, it is hard to get rid of the complexes, clamps and installations grafted since childhood. Only a competent psychologist should work with this part of the unconscious.
  • MASS MEDIA. Every day we see a lot of images on TV screens, on the Internet, magazines. It forms the subconscious very subtly. The media in general is a very powerful way to quietly manage a large number of people, laying the necessary settings in them. If you learn how to filter information coming from the media, you will be incredibly surprised to begin to notice important little things that were not previously attached
  • Friends, constantly surrounding people, company. They also invest in the subconscious mind of many installations. For example, many who in adolescence got into the “bad company” begin to smoke, abuse alcohol, break the law. Growing up, they do it unconsciously, thinking that they really want it.
  • Fixed skills and habits. If you have repeated a certain action many times, it is programmed in the subconscious and becomes a skill brought to automaticity. The easiest example is you learn to ski. First, you fall, stumble, first think, and then put your legs as necessary, slow down, accelerate. At first, you have to mentally repeat the necessary actions. Time passes, skating takes place through many trainings by itself — the brain is no longer involved, because the unconscious has started
  • Manipulations from the outside. There are many techniques that allow you to «turn on» the unconscious of another person and force him to act in their own interests. This is both the “break of the pattern” and the “mirroring”, and the provocation of emotions — playing on fears, complexes

Watch the video, which reveals the secrets of the human subconscious:

How to influence the human subconscious?

The power of your subconscious is great, and its possibilities are almost endless. Therefore, a person with a high degree of awareness, who is able to control his unconscious and act on the unconscious of others, is almost all-powerful.

There are a lot of exercises, techniques, techniques and trainings aimed at working with the subconscious mind — there is not enough books to tell everyone. But we will share a few very popular and effective.

Get rid of fears

This is a very simple exercise. But only at first glance, because the struggle with their own fears is the most difficult thing that even exists.

After all, fear is the most powerful human emotion that governs everything.

What to do? Write out a list of what you fear, and then do it.

Better a few times. After a couple of repetitions of fear, there will be no trace, and you will acquire a new skill.

Human subconscious - how does it work?

Important: the exercises may seem absurd to you, strange, wild, there will be no desire to do them. This is normal — but if you want to become the best version of yourself, get out of your comfort zone and start acting.

  • Afraid of heights — jump with a parachute
  • You are afraid of condemnation of others — go out to a crowded place, stand on a bench and start reciting poems loudly
  • Afraid to get a refusal from the girl — come up within an hour and try to get acquainted with the 20th girls

And so on. Difficult, scary, yes.

But if you dare to do this — feel that the fear has disappeared, and the possibilities have become wider. By the same scheme, you can work with complexes and clamps.


The power of self-hypnosis is extremely high. Now it is fashionable to use affirmations, send “requests to the Universe” — it really works and helps to achieve the necessary goals.

One way to get what you want is affirmations. They are a kind of text in which your desire is laid. But there are a few rules:

  • Do not use a piece of «not»: instead of «I want not to get sick» — «I want to be healthy»
  • To speak in the present tense as if the wish had already been fulfilled: not “I want a red convertible”, but “I have a red convertible”
  • Specify the desire not to come from an unexpected source: not “I became rich” (it may turn out, for example, that your relative will die and leave an inheritance), but “I became rich and benefited everyone, everyone is happy and healthy”

Practice, try to write phrases correctly, gradually you will learn how to make your request correctly. And try to believe that affirmations work — otherwise they will be useless.

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