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How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

How to wash a child from the evil eye

Let’s talk about how to wash a child from the evil eye to protect it from negative energy effects. Each mother is trying to protect her most precious creature from the dangers that await a tiny and defenseless little man.

After all, a small child is especially vulnerable to any negative impact, an unkind look.

In this article, we will describe how the evil eye manifests itself in children and in what ways it can be protected from it.

How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

Features of the eye of a child

Since ancient times, people have paid attention to such a negative effect as the «evil eye» and its ability to influence the mental and physical state of a person. Surely, each of us faced the evil eye in our lives and we all thought about ways to protect ourselves from it.

The evil eye is usually referred to as spontaneous and unconscious effects that do not require special magical rites. You can jinx anyone, not necessarily a negative and evil-wishing person.

They can be your close relative or friend, who often does not even realize it.

Negative impact occurs at the subconscious level. This can happen in moments of powerful release of negative energy — quarrels, scandals, or as a result of envious thoughts.

There are also people who have a «bad» eye, whose energy is predisposed to exert such influence.

Of course, children are most susceptible to the evil eye, whose energy protection is still very weak and immature. Therefore, it is not surprising that the mother seeks to protect the infant from other people’s views, and tries to avoid places with large crowds of people.

She subconsciously feels the danger of the evil eye or other negative impact.

As a rule, the evil eye on the child manifests itself very quickly. Within a few hours, this negative energy begins to affect the baby.

A perfectly healthy child suddenly starts screaming, behaves aggressively and restlessly: beats others, breaks toys. It is impossible to calm and put to sleep.

Such behavior directly indicates that the child has been jinxed.

The younger the child, the more susceptible to any energy impacts from others. Often he reacts even if there was no malicious intent and desire to harm him from strangers.

The mother herself with negative thoughts, fears or anxieties can provoke the evil eye and impairment of the baby’s health.

Signs of the evil eye of a child

To determine the presence of the evil eye of the child will help you such signs:

  • The baby starts crying for no reason. Reassure him is impossible. He refuses to eat and sleep, makes a tantrum.
  • Sudden fever, frequent colds.
  • Sleep disturbance, somnambulism or insomnia. In the middle of the night, the child suddenly wakes up and begins to cry, it is impossible to appease him.
  • Increased irritability and anxiety.
  • On the contrary, a state of apathy and lethargy may arise.
  • The child refuses to eat, nausea and vomiting appear.

In young children, the evil eye most often makes itself felt with bouts of hysteria and prolonged crying. Older children become painful and susceptible to any infection.

To protect the child from the evil eye will help you various amulets and amulets, conspiracy objects. Even a simple pin pinned to the baby’s little thing, will reliably save the baby from the “smart” people.

If you find a child of several of these symptoms and associate them with the effects of the evil eye, you can try to remove this condition using special rites.

How to wash a child from the evil eye

Rite of passage with holy water

We all know that holy water has a powerful defensive power, and turning to it in any difficult moments is simply irreplaceable. But this rite can only be used for children baptized in the church.

How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

Any rituals of cleansing from the evil eye are carried out on the waning moon. If you urgently need help, and the moon phase is different, hold the rite on Sunday. Follow this sequence:

  • During washing from the evil eye, the child and the ritual should put on crosses.
  • Conduct the ceremony at any threshold: at the front door or between rooms.
  • Start pouring water on top of your palm, and then wash the face of the child with your palm.

Often, healers take water in their mouths and spray the baby with the words: “Like water from a tooth, so let all the reproaches and priory leave the infant (name).”

  • Wipe water inside the skirt hem. To wash and wipe the face of the baby need three times. During the ceremony you need to stand so that the threshold is between the legs.

Ritual with holy water is considered very effective for cleansing from the evil eye. But if there is no holy water at home or a child unbaptized, you can try another way.

The rite of the removal of the evil eye with the impudent water

For this rite, take pure spring water and read a conspiracy over it:

How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

This water should wash the baby’s face and rub his palms and heels.

You can start talking water like this:

  • Prepare a glass of water and put the lit wooden sliver there. At the same time, say:
    «Smoothed, izgazhenny, throw off, overturn on the one who smoothed and zazhgival you.»
  • Wash your baby clockwise, stating:

“I wash, wash, with the servant of God (name) I wash away all words and envy, blackness and dirty tricks. Amen».

  • Having finished washing, spit over the left shoulder and lightly wipe the face of the child.

The rite of washing a child from the evil eye with salt water

If you are sure that the cause of the baby’s illness is the evil eye, perform a ritual with salt:

  • Take the holy or spring water. Do not use tap water, there is too much negative energy in it.
  • Put three handfuls of salt in a bowl of water and say:

How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

  • Now wash the face of the child with the water.

The rite of removing the evil eye with water and coal

This ritual is performed to rid the infant of such a phenomenon as the «night owl». You can determine it by often crying a child in the middle of the night. The kid begins to beat hysterically, choking and turning blue.

So the child relieves nervous tension from the negative energy received during the day. To bring him out of this state is very difficult.

How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

To help your baby act like this:

  • Prepare clean spring water and throw an ember into it.
  • The rite should be carried out when the sun has just risen. Bring a bowl of water to your mouth and say these words above it:

How to wash a child from the evil eye, so that all negative

  • Conspiracy water needs to spray the child 3 times a day: at dawn, at noon and in the evening.

Splash the remaining water over your left shoulder, standing on your doorstep. At the same time it is necessary to say:

“Bad trouble! Get out of the gate!

Angel do not scare, ailment do not scolding! Away!»

How to protect a child from the evil eye

Everyone knows that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. The same applies to any negative energy impacts.

Simple rules will help protect your baby from the evil eye:

  • Fasten a small pin to the inside of your baby’s clothes. Just make sure that it was securely closed and could not undo and hurt the child.
  • Do not buy the kid too bright and catchy things, so as not to attract the attention of people with an unkind look.
  • Do not show strangers a sleeping child, and try for a long time not to admire them.
  • Coming back after the walk, wash the baby with holy water and wipe it with a towel that was used during baptism.
  • Wear a cross when your child is baptized in a church.
  • To protect the child in a dream, you can hang various charms over the crib.
  • Teach your child not to take sweets and gifts from strangers. It is useful not only to protect against the evil eye, but also from various criminals.

If you follow these tips, your baby will always be protected from any negative effects.

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