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How to stop loving a person?

In each person’s life, a situation may arise when for one’s own well-being, a happy future, and even one’s own self-preservation, it is necessary to stop loving a person. The reasons for this can be a huge variety and it is hardly worth analyzing each specific case.

The main thing in time is to understand that you need to part with a person, and try to do it so that love dependence does not grow into hatred that has swept over your soul.

If such a situation arises, that understanding that it is necessary to part, there is not enough determination to take the first step, then you can resort to the help of magic. Special ceremonies will help to stop loving a person, that is, they will make you look at relationships from the other side.

How to stop loving a person?

Perhaps the first thing to do is to draw up on paper a list of reasons for which you need to stop loving a person. If there are many reasons and all of them will be weighty for you, it means that they do not like you.

And unrequited love, as you know, can lead to depression, nervous breakdown and even the emergence of serious chronic diseases.

To get rid of the memories of a person who has been close and dear for a long time, you should remove all his traces from your own life. Psychologists recommend that all things and photos folded in a box and burned.

This will help stabilize the emotional state.

Undoubtedly, it is better to get rid of furniture, but this is not always possible. Therefore, it will be enough to make cosmetic repairs, replace the sofa and rearrange the existing furniture.

It will erase the association of living together.

It is very important to avoid places where you can meet a person you want to stop loving. For some time you need to cross out from the life of mutual friends, even if they are on your side.

And by itself, you should completely stop communicating with the person himself.

Be sure to take yourself work, and all the free time to devote a hobby. Expand the circle of new acquaintances and spend more time with them, deleting from the memory the events of the previous life period.

With a strong will of all these measures is enough to stop loving a person. But if, despite everything, there is an emptiness in the soul, one should turn to magic.

There are a great many special rituals, so you can easily choose the right ritual in accordance with the situation.

How to stop loving a person?

One of the most effective conspiracies that helps to stop loving a person is a ritual with the use of photography.

To do this, in the evening you need to retire in a separate room and perform the following actions:

  • Light a candle;
  • Put a photo of the person you want to stop loving upside down;
  • Put a piece of black bread in front of the photo;
  • Speak conspiracy.

The plot words are as follows:

The ritual should be performed seven days in a row on the waning moon, and the bread each time to feed the birds. In a short time, you will feel that the memories of the person have departed, and life is filled with new joys.

On the waning moon, you need to pour a few handfuls of poppies into a deep plate and pour hot water over it.

In this case, you need to say these words:

The plate must be put on the windowsill and open the window so that the water cools faster. At this time, you need to sit in silence and force yourself to imagine a future quiet life without love and longing for the soul. It is important to make yourself believe that from now on you will begin a new happy life.

When the water has cooled to room temperature, it is necessary to take the plate outside and splash the water under a dry tree.

After this, you need to say these words five times:

This is a very fast rite. Practically the next morning you will wake up and realize that life around has changed and turned to light colors.

How to stop loving a person?

This rite is distinguished by increased complexity, but it allows you to get rid of unrequited love. When performing the ritual, you will need to use the Russian stove, so you need to rent a house in the village for a certain time.

Mandatory preparatory operation is soaking the knife in seven waters. It is important to use a well-ground knife.

To prepare the seven waters you need to use:

  • River, from a clean river;
  • Silver, which is obtained by insisting for three days with a silver product;
  • Spring, which is allowed to collect from the well;
  • Rowanberry, obtained after insisting in it a sprig of rowan during the day;
  • Water after morning washing;
  • Ordinary boiled;
  • Holy, consecrated previously in the church.

Each type of water must be poured into separate containers. Before the ceremony, the prepared knife should be dipped in each water and after that it should be wrapped in a rag of red natural fabric.

One night, a knife wrapped in cloth, should lie in a dark and cool place, away from prying eyes.

The next morning, you can proceed to the direct implementation of the ritual. First, the Russian stove is melted, and the knife blade is put into the fire.

After that, these magic words are pronounced nine times:

After pronouncing the magic words, the knife must be wrapped in cloth again, not wiping it from soot. On the same day, you need to get a knife again before going to bed and read the Our Father prayer to it. Then you need to hide the plotted knife at home in a place inaccessible to others.

It will take not much time, the knife will take all your longing and your heart will calm down.

This ceremony will allow in the shortest time to get rid of unrequited love. For the ritual to be successful, you must sincerely want to forget the person.

For the ceremony you will need to cook:

  • Yarn;
  • Candle;
  • Fireproof dishes.

Such a cleansing ritual is performed on the eighth lunar day. In the morning you need to take a bath. After that, retire in a separate room, and light a candle.

Then you should sit down in front of a candle and visualize the image of a person, from feelings for which you want to get rid of.

Imagine how between you stretched the ropes that bind you. Holding such a scene, you need to tear off pieces of yarn and set fire to the threads from the candle, throwing them into the fireproof dishes.

When you realize that all the ties that bind you are burned, say:

On this ritual will be over. The candle should be extinguished and simply thrown away with the ashes.

After such a ceremony, you will be less likely to remember your beloved.

How to stop loving a person?

The natural properties of water that help a person in various life situations have been known for a long time. You can also use water to get rid of unrequited love.

This will help the ritual that is held in the bath.

It is very important not to meet before the ceremony and not to talk with your loved one for three days. Moreover, one should try not to even remember him.

If it does not work, then you need to seek help from a psychologist.

When you realize that you can control your feelings and thoughts, you should get ready and go to the bath. But first you need to prepare a special herbal decoction, which you will need to take with you.

The decoction is prepared from the following plants:

  • Chamomile;
  • Violets;
  • Hypericum;
  • Acacia.

All named plants can be purchased at the pharmacy. Per liter of water you need to take approximately one tablespoon of dry herbs.

When the broth boils, you should say these words:

After this, the broth should be removed from the heat, cool and strain.

Having come to the bath, you need to bathe in the usual way. Taking water procedures in the bath, doused with water, you need to pronounce the magic plot.

His words are:

Such words must be pronounced at least seven times. But it is better to listen to your inner voice during the water procedure. The subconscious mind will tell you when a complete purification.

After that, you need to pour yourself with a decoction of herbs for the last time and not to douche again.

Immediately after the bath, you must go home and go to bed immediately. The main thing is that this evening nobody should disturb you, so it is better to turn off the phone.

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