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How to start a new life and change yourself: 30 recommendations

Living in a new way — how to start a new life and change yourself

Is it possible to change yourself? A very large percentage of people are piously convinced that this is not possible.

I hold a different opinion and I suggest you find out in the following material how to start a new life and change yourself?

How to start a new life and change yourself: 30 recommendations

Is it possible for an adult to change?

Surely, the most popular and dangerous misconception is that your personality is not subject to any changes. Such an opinion is supported by convictions regarding the qualities, abilities, habits, tastes and shortcomings assigned to us — all that characterizes our personality.

Have you ever heard phrases from people like: “I am such a person (lazy, I don’t have special talents, I don’t know how to get up early and so on), this is my peculiarity, I can’t live otherwise.” Moreover, many people cherish this conviction during their entire existence.

In fact, such negative attitudes are nothing more than a negative form of self-suggestion. Which blocks for a person the possibility of development, improvement of his personality and makes him run endlessly along the same circle, like a squirrel in a wheel.

It is clear that in this case we are not talking about serious life achievements and success.

Almost all successful personalities initially began to change themselves, their identities, which ultimately helped them to reach the level at which they are now. No wonder that it is said that only 1 percent of talent and 99 percent of their own efforts are enough to become successful.

Changes always seem terrible, but you should not be afraid of them. If you really want to start living in a new way, show determination and willpower.

Moving from a dead center, you will feel such a surge of energy and positive emotions that you completely forget about fear.

How to start changing yourself? I suggest that you familiarize yourself with thirty useful recommendations that will help you gradually say goodbye to your old version and start living differently.

30 tips on how to live differently

Tip 1 — spend time with the «right» environment

When will you finally stop feeling sorry for those around you who do not fill your life with new meaning, but, on the contrary, only take away your life forces? Do you think communication with them will contribute to your development?

You are mistaken!

It may not be a secret to you that many people communicate with you solely out of boredom. They write and call when they themselves need emotional / psychological support, or simply do not know how to engage themselves in useful activities.

You show “compassion”, each time you pick up the phone again to hear another stream of meaningless phrases.

But hanging on the phone for an hour or two daily, as a result, you do not have time to do something important in your life. And who is better by this?

How to start a new life and change yourself: 30 recommendations

Learn to stop (or at least reduce to a hard minimum) aimless communication. Immediately there will be a lot of free time and vitality!

Tip 2 — Solve Your Problems, Don’t Run From Them.

In life, it is important to learn to withstand various blows. Having a serious or not very difficult?

Do not wait until it begins to grow in size, like a snowball, but decide it right now!

Alas, but the law of life says that «only the strongest survive.» Therefore, we so often meet with complex life lessons, fall down and rise again, until we can adapt to life.

Of course, there are problems that are not within our competence. But at least you can make some effort.

The main thing is not to sit still, but to act.

Tip 3 — don’t be afraid of mistakes

Believe me, it is much more correct to make an attempt and make a mistake than to do nothing. And let those around you give us «valuable» advice, anyway we learn only from our own mistakes, not from others.

Behind every success is a lot of failures, and every failure is the first step to success.

Tip 4 — Do not take as an example other people

You are a personality, an individuality, just like you have never been and never will be in nature. So why try to suppress your identity, trying to copy the behavior and / or life of someone else?

Unfortunately, in our world we are trying to fit under the same framework, so that the differences between people are as small as possible. That is why so many people seek to imitate celebrities, their friends, relatives or someone else.

But the fact remains that we live only our lives and have our unique destiny. Yes, there will always be smarter / beautiful / wealthy individuals near us (the list goes on and on).

But they will never replace you yourself. In addition, people who really value us accept and love us as we are.

And it makes no sense at all to impersonate someone else.

Tip 5 — Say Goodbye to the Past

Many people live in the past, often without even realizing it. We all tend to remember and periodically scroll through the head pleasant and not so moments of our lives, the main thing is not to do it regularly.

Remember that to start a new chapter of the book, you must first close the old …

How to start a new life and change yourself: 30 recommendations

Tip 6 — do not lie to yourself

Why entertain yourself with false illusions, if in fact you are well aware that this is not true? Much more truly not to convince themselves of the absence of flaws, but to start working on them.

Tip 7 — stop putting yourself in last place

Once again I want to remind you that you are a unique person. You have your own unique abilities that sin is not to use.

Taking care of your loved ones is, of course, good, but it cannot be that it takes absolutely all the time.

In the day of 24 hours, of them it is necessary to allocate at least a couple of hours personally for yourself, for your hobbies, for self-care, or just for relaxation.

Tip 8 — Do not blame yourself for mistakes

Surely, each of us has something for which we are ashamed of what we would not do if we had the opportunity to change everything. But does it make sense now to reproach yourself?

Is your remorse will change the situation? You only spoil your life and self-esteem — no more and no less.

In addition, from all the mistakes we learn valuable lessons for ourselves, which help us to become what we should become. Remember that you are at this moment in time — you are here and now, and not your past mistakes.

You have a great chance to start building your new, more positive future. So do not miss it!

Tip 9 — do not try to buy happiness

The most important things in life are always intangible. And money will never help to buy health, love, joy, sincere feelings … For this, only spiritual development is necessary.

Tip 10 stop waiting for happiness, create it!

It is characteristic for people to be constantly in a state of waiting. We are waiting for us to turn 18, that we will finish university, we will get a job and something will change.

Or another example — we hope that a representative of the opposite sex will suddenly appear, fall in love with us and life will improve immediately.

Understand that initially you should be nice and comfortable alone with yourself. Love yourself, create the life you dream about, and don’t hope that someone else will do it for you.

Tip 11 — stop being lazy

Laziness still nobody and never led to success. So get up from the couch and start active actions.

Life is a constant movement, not a stagnant swamp.

If you dream of real changes — tune in to a permanent work on yourself. Stop hesitating while making these or other decisions.

It should be more decisive and active.

How to start a new life and change yourself: 30 recommendations

Tip 12 — Eliminate doubts that you are not yet ready for anything

Understand, to be ready for something one hundred percent is simply unrealistic. Each person leaves the comfort zone with the appearance of serious opportunities.

This is human nature, we constantly have to fight with our Ego to achieve good results.

Tip 13 — do not enter into relationships, not to be alone

There is a love relationship. Do not be hasty in this matter.

It is important to think about everything very well, weigh the positive and negative sides, reveal your true feelings towards the person, and only then make a decision.

A mistake is a relationship in which there is no love, sincere feelings for each other, and the person simply does not want to be alone.

Tip 14 — Do not put an end to relationships

Often you need to go through several setbacks in your personal life, until the “same” person meets. You should not be disappointed and assume that everything is life is over.

It’s only the beginning.

Tip 15 — stop perceiving others as rivals

Life will always be more successful than you people. And it’s absolutely pointless to start competing with them — it would be much more correct to develop new strategies for your own success.

Tip 16 — do not envy

Stop counting other people’s money or envy other people’s success on the love front. Envy is an extremely negative feeling that, above all, hurts you yourself.

Tip 17 — Banned Complaints

No one likes people who constantly complain about everything. In life, the black stripe replaces the white, it is impossible to “be on a horse” all the time.

Deal with it and accept reality as it is.

When you do not do anything, but only cry to others about what is happening — you can not correctly analyze the situation and plunge into the reality of constant problems. Smile more often and everything will start to change for the better!

Tip 18 — Stop Hate

Resentment or hate is terrible feelings. They burden the energy of man, do not allow him to become better, to develop spiritually.

In principle, never use the word “hate” in your vocabulary, forgive your offenders: this will help to achieve a state of inner harmony.

Tip 19 — do not stoop to a lower level

Always keep the bar up and only raise it.

Tip 20 — do not make excuses

True friends do not need your excuses, and enemies will still find a reason to ridicule or slander you. Therefore, there is no point in losing your valuable vital energy on them.

How to start a new life and change yourself: 30 recommendations

Tip 21 — Pause

It is impossible to act all the time. Sometimes all people need a break, during which they can think about the situation and find the right solution for it.

Tip 22 — do not neglect the little things

Although there is a lot of negativity in life, there are enough pleasant moments in it. Learn to receive pleasure from every moment, even insignificant.

Tip 23 — Down with Perfectionism

We were all brought up, wanting to make excellent. A similar strategy is preserved in adulthood: we strive to do everything perfectly, how much effort it would not cost us.

And thereby losing more than you need strength and energy.

Tip 24 — do not give up obstacles

You cannot go all the time along the easiest path — difficulties are also very important in life if you want to become successful. And besides, gifts from above are received only by those who follow the most difficult but effective way.

Tip 25 — do not create the illusion that everything is fine when it is not

No one has ever managed to be strong. Sometimes the soul needs to be released from negative emotions in the form of tears.

Do not neglect such inner impulses and do not repress your feelings.

Tip 26 — Don’t blame others

The man himself is responsible for his life. If all the time trying to make others guilty of their own mistakes — you will not go far.

Tip 27 — do not try to be pretty for everyone

All people cannot (and are not obliged) to love you. Give your warmth to the one who really needs it, and not to everyone.

Tip 28 — do not worry in vain

Due to frequent anxiety and increased anxiety, the nervous and cardiovascular systems of the body suffer greatly. And what’s the point of excitement — do they change something?

It is better to protect your nervous system, learning to treat everything in life easier.

Tip 29 — Focus on the most important

Discard any unnecessary thoughts and focus exclusively on positive thinking. Positive, like love, is able to save the world.

And if you constantly believe in the best, it will happen in the end.

Tip 30 — refuse ingratitude

Even if you are not in the best position right now, at least thank Fate for living, having hands / feet, a roof over your head and bread for today. And everything else is achievable, if not lazy and work on it.

Life is an amazing thing. She often puts us to the test of strength. It makes the weak the strong, the strong the weak and only the one who does nothing continues to constantly discuss both the first and second behind his back.

Enjoy every moment of your life and improve spiritually!

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