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How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

How to talk girl: what to talk about and how to start communication

My older school-age nephew turned to me for advice on how to start communicating with a girl. He likes her for a long time, and he is embarrassed to approach, and he doesn’t know what topic to start a conversation with.

Afraid that she does not want to communicate with him and will laugh at the guy. When in a team, then all the brave at that age, and alone are lost and complex. I had to spend with him a mother — class.

I think that the information will be useful to many, because in the Internet era, teenagers, and older people simply do not know how to start communicating with a girl you like, how to start a dialogue.

How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

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To begin with, what to do is not necessary, especially on the first date. Many guys from ignorance and lack of experience make a number of mistakes that not only do not contribute to the emergence of a romantic relationship, but literally from the first conversation put a fat point on the continuation of dating.

Too many beautiful words.

Girls are sensitive and emotional natures. And the saying that “women love with their ears” is partially confirmed.

However, the search with compliments and hypocrisy is immediately apparent.

How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

  1. Needless to say, the girl has beautiful long slender legs and a great figure if it is not. And she herself knows about it. It just sounds like a mockery. A really delicate and pleasant compliment is to say about the beauty of the eyes or the charm of the girl you like. It will be appreciated.
  2. If there is still no close relationship, then try to dose compliments about your appearance. Otherwise, the girl will think that you communicate with all the females in this way. She might not like it and put her on guard.
  3. If you want to say something nice, then tell the truth. At the initial stage, the girl will appreciate your desire to be honest and open.

The stumbling block — self-doubt

There are no perfect people. Therefore, before the first date or the first conversation with the girl, think through every detail.

How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

  • If you have any external shortcomings that do not allow you to be confident in yourself, you will have to reconsider your attitude towards them. Learn to be yourself, and show your strengths.
  • Recall that many famous film actors do not shine with beauty, but are loved by millions of women for their charisma and charm. Women do not like nerds and whiners, insecure and closed men. But they will gladly make contact with a strong man, with whom they will feel protected. Strength should not be only physical (although this is important). More important is the strength of character and deeds.
  • No need to talk a lot, interrupting the interlocutor. To start, go on a date with a flower, look neat and care for it.

And the route is the same

Many guys, making sure that they are interested in the girl, relax and every date becomes like the previous one. If you decide to really win the heart of the chosen one, then you have to work hard, coming up with new entertainment.

It is not necessary to throw out a lot of money — it can just go to the botanical garden, where it is very beautiful and romantic.

  1. Try to be interested in various topics and be able to keep the conversation going. If the topic of conversation is completely unknown to you, then just listen. Remember the best companion — the one who knows how to listen.
  2. We’ll have to unlearn from profanity. This may be one of the last conversations. Even if you are both bikers or hippies, try to be courteous and polite. Rudeness and ignorance have never decorated anyone.
  3. You can just watch an interesting movie together. And it will leave indelible impressions. It all depends on your imagination. Explore the interests of your beauty.
  4. Speak not only about flowers or movies, feel free to talk about sex and relationships. It is important.

If a girl offers you somewhere to go, then this is a signal that the initiative is leaving you. At first, you not only have to show yourself to be an interesting conversationalist, but also a diversified man. Therefore, invent new routes.

If possible, go on a tour for a few days together. This will help you get to know each other.


One of the biggest mistakes — the stories about ex-girls. This past experience must remain in the past.

They should not share, and even more to discuss with the girl.

How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

  • You may not yet know her worldview and preferences, so it is undesirable to talk about former darlings. In addition, disrespect for women, your negative statements immediately darken your «bright» image.
  • If the interlocutor does not ask you about past relationships, is not interested and does not ask leading questions, then you should not tell all the details about the former sweetheart as a confession without stopping. One gets the impression that you have not yet experienced these relationships and are stuck in the past, which means that it is too early to build new relationships.


There is a category of young people who love to embellish their achievements — whether it be relationships with girls or career growth. Worst of all, when the truth emerges, and this necessarily happens at the most inopportune moment.

Lies and bluster can destroy all the fragile happiness and romance that is so important in the first stage of dating. Women very quickly intuitively “seize” boastful notes and a sense of superiority and narcissism.

This will only alienate the chosen one.

Inattention and bad memory

  1. If a girl talks about her experiences or some facts of life, try to remember everything.
  2. Be sure to give a compliment if you notice a new hair color or a beautiful dress. After all, the girl really wants and tries to make you appreciate her.
  3. Try not to ask again the same thing several times. One gets the impression that you are simply not interested, and you are “killing” time next to a woman.
  4. You should not be constantly distracted by telephone conversations and SMS, thereby showing how much you are in demand. This behavior will lead to the opposite effect — the girl will think that she simply has no place next to such a busy and active young man.

Learning to communicate

That is how things are now. The virtual world and the SMS era have completely forgotten how to properly communicate in reality.

How to start and how to continue the conversation?

Good mood

How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

  • You should put yourself in order not only by stroking your shirt, but also leaving negative and problems “beyond the threshold”.
  • Smile, joke and give a positive. Often, only cheerfulness and a smile can inspire sympathy and the desire to see again with a person who gives a good mood.

Courting and complimenting is still important.

In our time, many guys basically do not pay for a girl in a cafe and restaurant, believing that two should be “invested” in a relationship to the same extent. But this is absolutely not true.

Even if a woman agrees with you and meekly pays for her coffee in the institution.

How to start a conversation with a girl and what to talk to her

  1. Every man who respects himself, first of all, must pay for himself and his lady. By this he shows his masculine consistency. It is clear that if the funds are limited, then to give the last money in a restaurant for a chic dinner is stupid. Yes, it is unnecessary.
  2. You can go to a place where you can just drink coffee with delicious cakes. The main thing — the atmosphere of the meeting and your «male» behavior. Make compliments. Admire the beautiful smile of the woman you like, her sense of taste in dress and eye color. It is always nice and does not commit to much.
  3. If you invest your time, money and soul in the relationship to the maximum, the girl will appreciate your efforts. Soon, surprises, care and small gifts will also await you. If you feel sorry for spending an extra ruble at the very beginning, then the girl will find someone who does everything as a real man.
  4. It is enough just to take care: to call and wish good night or morning, throw a jacket over your shoulders, if it is cold outside, if the girl is unwell, then send a medicine. This is often enough for falling in love with «the beautiful caring prince.»
  5. Talk on different topics, both easy and quite complex, vital.

Common topics

  • It is great when it comes out from the first words that you have common hobbies or hobbies. This is a great way to start a conversation without thinking about what to talk about.
  • During the conversation, do not respond with monosyllabic phrases, such as «no» or «yes.» Ask questions that require a detailed answer. For example: “What are your hobbies?”, “What do you do in your free time, tell us about your hobby,” “What kind of music do you like?”
  • Now many are traveling. This is an interesting topic for everyone. Tell us about your trip, even if it was a 2-day business trip. Surely, you have the impression.


  • To start a conversation, you need to greet, be friendly and positive. Choose topics that are interesting for both of you, show respect for the girl’s opinion. At the same time try to expand the horizons, read the literature.
  • When talking, look into the eyes, set the phone aside. It is important to look well-groomed and neat. Watch your speech, learn how to correctly speak, eliminate profanity. Give compliments, give emotions of different plan, be natural and honest.

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