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How to see the aura of a person at home

How to see the aura of a person at home: two ways

Do you know how to see the aura of a person? Some people by nature have this ability, but their units.

However, the ability to see energy can be developed, for this there are special techniques.

What is an aura?

Aura is the energy field of a person. While he is alive, his subtle body (or soul) studies a certain energy. The concept of aura came from Eastern philosophy.

It is believed that all diseases and troubles arise precisely because of problems, failures in the energy channels. Therefore, having learned to determine the state of the aura, one can significantly improve one’s health and radiate positive energy.

How to see the aura of a person at home

There are several methods by which you can see your aura and learn to work with it.

What gives the study of the aura and the ability to see it:

  1. You can “turn on” and “turn off” your energy body at will at any time.
  2. Also, you can “turn on” the extinct aura of another person, thanks to which he will feel energetically filled
  3. Solve problems with health, karma, life in general

It is important to practice all the time, because not everyone can exercise easily the first time. The speed of absorption depends on the innate energy potential and the presence of extrasensory abilities.

Robert Bruce Method

This method is used in a state of complete relaxation. You can try to enter the meditative state with the help of special techniques, and then start practicing.

Also, this algorithm will help develop intuition and open the notorious «third eye».

How to see the aura of a person at home

What do we have to do:

  1. Take care of proper lighting. The light should be soft muffled, but not dim. Turn off all bright lights and lamps
  2. You will need a hard rectangular object — for example, a book. Wrap it in blue or red paper and set it on the table opposite you. Behind the background should be neutral — single-colored wall will do. If the room is bright wallpaper with intricate patterns, you can hang them with a cloth
  3. Close your eyes, slowly and deeply breathe, try to completely relax your mind and calm down. After making sure to relax enough, open your eyes
  4. Concentrate on the book. At the same time try not to strain your eyes too much. Continually look at the book until you notice that the glow starts to emanate from it.
  5. At first it will be pale, but then it should transform into a yellow-green bright aura. If it fails the first time, take a break, rest and try again.

This is the first exercise. Repeat it until you learn to concentrate and see the aura of the object in all colors. Then you can begin to study more complex subjects:

  1. Wrap several books in different colors. Using the above method, explore their aura. The results of the observations recorded in the diary. See how the aura of different objects connects and interacts with each other.
  2. Further, you can increase the level of complexity. Learn the aura of indoor plants. It will be more vivid and lively, will take a distinct form. Repeat the exercise until you manage to catch the energy of the plants sensitively.
  3. Then you can practice on animals. But only when they are asleep and still
  4. And only after you have mastered the previous exercises, you can try to study your own aura at home:
  5. Go out in the sun when it is bright enough
  6. Extend your hand and look at it. You can lie down and try to watch your feet. The skin should be exposed at this time.
  7. Try to see the energy radiation of your own body and record all the observations in a diary. What colors does your aura acquire? Where is the color brighter and richer, and where is paler? Learn all the nuances, try to feel completely

Having fully mastered all these exercises, you will learn how to easily determine the state of not only your aura, but also other people.

Important: if the exercises do not work out the first time, do not give up. Repeat them again and again.

Modern way

There is another technique that you can try to master. Exercises should be done in the evening before bedtime, lying in bed.

How to see the aura of a person at home

  • Comfortably lie down. Pose does not matter, it is important that you feel comfortable. Lighting should be muted or turned off completely
  • Extend your hand in front of you and spread your fingers. Look at the ceiling between them. Fix the gaze — it must be still
  • Try to feel that you perceive the surrounding space with your fingertips. Like energy passes through them into your body. Fix this state
  • After a while, you should feel that the space between your fingers is starting to change. Each person’s feelings are individual and may differ. Someone sees thin white rays, someone observes a foggy glow, and so on.
  • Try to make micromotions with your fingers and watch your aura play. If you can see it, you can say that you managed to do an exercise.

Do not stop if it does not work right away. Train again and again.

Watch a video on how to learn to see a person’s aura in five minutes:

The ability to see the aura helps to solve a huge number of problems. More often than not, we try to heal or improve our lives, eliminating only the symptoms of what prevents us.

And work with a thin body and energy potential eliminates the causes of negative phenomena occurring in life.

It is important to work with exercises regularly, completely surrendering to the process. Let the difficulties and unsuccessful attempts do not stop you. Extrasensory abilities are in every person, just someone has less and poorly developed potential.

In your power to unleash these abilities, and then they will manifest in all its glory.

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