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How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

Effective rituals, plots and prayers to bring the husband back to the family

After the husband’s departure from the family or on the threshold of a divorce, the decision to return him must be made quickly. Restoring relationships is never too early, but being late and missing a chance to save a family is very easy.

According to experienced magicians, only in the first six months after the breakup of a marriage union, the mental connection between the former spouses is still so strong that it can be influenced by home magic measures. The more time is lost from the moment of man’s leaving, the less there are opportunities to stimulate the movement of subtle matter along the energy channel between close people.

In search of an emergency way to return a loved one, many women immediately go to extreme measures and use strong love spells or counter-actions against a runt. As a result, under the pressure of magic, the man returns to the family and even continues to live the same way of life, but does not feel the same love and sexual attraction to his wife.

The husband, by inertia, performs his duties, but in his heart his emptiness, which he seeks to fill with the means available to him — alcohol, aggressive behavior. Thus, the prayers and conspiracies to return the spouse back home work.

Another way to restore family relationships is longer and more difficult. He is called not only to return the man, but also to revive his love for his wife, to give the marriage union a «second wind». It takes courage, patience and a number of conditions to get what you want from a woman:

  • a positive attitude before the ceremony, the absence of negativity towards the husband and his passion (if there is one);
  • full forgiveness of the prodigal spouse willingly to forget and never remember the situation;
  • the ban on discussing what happened with family and friends, as this increases the wave of negativity and prevents the establishment of a lost connection between the spouses;
  • taboo on appeal to the magicians, promising to return the husband back in a short time and with a guarantee to maintain the result (these feelings have no guarantees).

If a woman is ready to completely let go of the unpleasant past for the sake of a future happy life, then you should choose a ritual and prepare for its implementation.

The rules for performing the rites for the return of a spouse

  • rituals are performed during the beginning of the growth of the moon — from the third day of the new moon;
  • when spouses live under the same roof, conspiracies are used on food and drink, clothing;
  • if the spouses dispersed, then remote exposure rituals become relevant: as per photos, on rings, with volts (or similar);
  • during rituals, the woman is left alone, and the action performed is kept secret from everyone.

Female magic acts on the sacral energy of the keeper of the hearth and is demanding to the external surroundings. Before reading the plot, the fortuneteller should dissolve her hair and take off all her jewelery, put on a loose-fitting clothes (cotton nightgown) or strip down naked.

How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

The time of the ceremony varies in each individual case. Rituals similar in action to the love spells are performed after sunset; calls to longing and appeals to the Higher Forces — in the daytime or at dawn.

A pectoral cross and sacred images, if they do not participate in the ritual, must be removed from the room.

How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

If the husband does not want to return, but there is still a strong mental connection between the spouses, there is an effective way to strengthen it and make the fugitive feel sorry for the abandoned spouse.

For this proven ceremony, a woman needs to prepare her wedding ring, two candles, a red lace and a new red handkerchief. Candles can be used both ecclesiastical and magical.

How the rite is performed:

  1. 1. With the onset of midnight the lights go out in the room.
  2. 2. The fortuneteller sits at the table and lights candles on either side of himself.
  3. 3. Having taken a ring in her right hand and a red lace in her left hand, a woman should focus on the image of the bewitched one.
  4. 4. Having reached maximum concentration, you need to thread the string into a ring and fasten its ends with three knots.
  5. 5. Holding the string by the knots with the thumb and forefinger, hanging the ring over the flame of the candle standing on the left and slowly starting to spin it clockwise, as if putting fire into a swirling flow.
  6. 6. In total, there are seven turns, and while the ring is in motion, the spell is recited: “My heart, my love. Return to me. I ask for help from the Higher Forces, I ask for protection. How the ring will make the last lap, return, servant of God (name), to me. Amen».
  7. 7. The same actions are carried out with a candle standing on the right hand of a fortune.

Candles at the end of the ceremony should be completely burned out. At dawn, a woman gathers a candle in a red kerchief, a ring on a cord and ties it in a knot at the four ends with the words: “I love our shore, I don’t give it to anyone.

Amen. Amen.


The bundles are hidden in the house and stored until the husband returns home. When this happens, the ring is released from the lace.

All magical attributes are taken away from the house and buried under a tree.

How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

If the husband’s departure occurred spontaneously and there are still things left at home that he will have to pick up, the wife can use it for her own purposes. From the heap of men’s clothing, she chooses the one that the spouse wore most often, and after sunset at a clear young moon “sews” her husband’s love for herself with an uncomplicated ritual.

For the ceremony it is more expensive, except for the personal belongings of the spouse, you will need a new coil of cotton threads of the same color as the seams on the selected garment, and bought without surrender. If the night is bright, then while reading the plot, the woman sits down in front of the window and “works” in the moonlight.

If there is not enough light, a wax white candle is lit on the windowsill.

Putting the husband’s thing on the bare knees, the wife lovingly, with frequent basting, handles one of the seams of the clothes and at the same time says repeatedly, without pauses: and love with you come back. The thread is the key, and the needle is the lock. Key, lock, Amen! «

It is necessary to try to have the spouse put on this thing for three days after the ceremony and wear it as often as possible.

This strong ritual is performed on the first day of the new moon. A prerequisite for the ceremony — the ex-husband should not feel negative towards the woman.

Presented by her things he should accept with gratitude.

It is best for a gift to buy a quality cotton or linen shirt with buttons and no metal inserts. Also on the day of the purchase of a key item, a spool of thread for the color of clothing and a sewing needle are purchased.

At midnight, by the light of a red candle, after stripping naked and having previously held the shirt against his naked body, the fortune-teller proceeds to sew any side seam of clothing. Carefully imposing an inconspicuous seam, the woman repeats the conspiracy three times:

“I am sewing on the servant of God (name) to the servant of God (name). The life of a slave of God (name) with a slave of God (name) unite.

Sew up and sew, awaken the passionate jealousy of the slave (name). So that his heart burned with love, so that blood ran in his veins, that there was no rest day or night, so that I could not sleep, not be awake, could not! The thread is the lock, and the needle is the key.

Do not kill, do not alter, do not stop loving, do not forget! Amen».

You need to buy things on the last Thursday before the new moon, regardless of church holidays or posts.

The call to the growing moon is read if the husband has recently left the family and another woman is to blame for the break in the relationship. In the first few weeks after leaving his wife, a man feels discomfort and agony of conscience, and this plot will help strengthen his guilt and make him leave his mistress forever.

For a ritual on any day of moon growth, a wife must buy 12 candles in the church. On the night of the same day, closer to midnight, all 12 candles are lit on a table in a row, and the woman, looking at the fiery line with a piercing gaze, reads the text 12 times this text:

“Oh, the moon is growing, you live in the sky, and you know all about people. Hear my call and help my husband come to the pies.

Bring him back, love inspired, they put on me the temptation. Let him remember what was, how he gathered hurriedly. Anxiety will settle in the soul, a long road will entice.

To me, she primchit him, he will cry out in bitter weeping. Says goodbye to the one that stole, and blame that betrayed. I will lock it on all bolts, comin familiar acquaintances.

Now he will live with me, until the death of the grave. Let it be so!

Amen! Amen! Amen! «

When the candles burn out by a third, the woman must present the desired situation that the husband has returned, as already accomplished.

With a calmer and more peaceful voice, she reinforces the visualized result with the following words:

“With the element of fire, I’m returning you, forever excuses and quarrels. I will send you shame for not sleeping at night, remembering me and in the dark grieving.

Mistress chilled you give a lapel, she gets tired of the problems and hardships. He tortures his conscience, turns to the moon, asks about how to leave and accept. Let it be so!

Amen! Amen! Amen! «

After the ritual, you should immediately go to sleep, leaving the candles burning on the table.

Make sure that there is no danger of fire: the candles are on a metal surface and securely fastened!

In the morning, the candle ends are wrapped in a sheet on which the text of the plot is recorded, and the package is buried far away from the house, under a bush or tree.

Mages do not advise in order to avoid strong negative consequences for the husband to use for his return rituals with volts, however there are similar procedures that have the same strength and much less impact. For such a ceremony, you will need to buy a thin red magic candle and a gypsy needle.

The ritual begins strictly at midnight:

  1. 1. In the moonlight, going to the window, you need to scratch the name of the spouse on the candle with a needle.
  2. 2. Thinking about her husband, the fortune-keeper then sharply inserts a needle into the wax and pierces the candle through with one movement.
  3. 3. At the moment when the point is shown out of wax, the woman must imagine herself in the place of the needle, paralyzing the will and consciousness of the bewitched. The clearer the visualization, the faster the ritual will work.
  4. 4. A pierced candle should be firmly squeezed in your hand, bring it to your lips and whisper these words: “I will stand early and go to an open field. I will look at the sky and see a flying sharp arrow. Let it fly to the very heart of my man, eyes and blood. May my man want me and be bored. Let it dry wherever I am. I pray to all that my wish be fulfilled. ”

After reading the plot, the candle is set on fire and allowed to burn to the end. In the morning, the needle is taken out of a puddle and hidden in the house until the husband returns.

This strong plot in the photo is able to return her husband in one day, provided that the spouse does not avoid meeting his former beloved and does not show an open negative in her direction. The rite acts as a challenge to longing, therefore it does not contribute to the creation of new energy bindings, but it stimulates well the existing ones.

A woman should buy a candle in the church in the early days of the growing moon, and a mirror in a simple frame with a stand in the store. When the luminary gains strength (approximately in the middle of the cycle or closer to the full moon), the rite itself is held:

  1. 1. At midnight, a candle is lit on an unlatched table, a mirror is placed next to it, and already a photo of her husband is leaning against him, facing away from him.
  2. 2. Driving with the index finger along the contour of the face on the image of a loved one, the wife reads the main plot as gently as possible: in the open field. I will go to the southeastern side, on the far side there is a hut, among the huts lies a board, under the board is anguish. Crying melancholy, straining, waiting for white light, waiting. So me, the servant of God (his name), the servant of God (the name of her husband) was waiting, rejoicing and having fun, longing and twisting. I could not drink or eat without me, sleep or live, either in the morning dawn or in the evening dawn. Not at midnight, not at the stars, not a clear day, not the night of the month. As a baby without a mother, without me I would have missed and wept. You eat in, drown in melancholy, grow in your chest, disperse in your body, dry through me all over his blood! «.
  3. 3. The text is pronounced three times, and then, until the candle burns out to half, you need to sit motionlessly and, with eyes closed, visualize the joyful moments of the past life together.
  4. 4. When half of the candle is left, the photo is rolled up into a tube, tied up with red thread and burned to the ground, burning off the candle flame.
  5. 5. Looking at how the photo is burning, the woman happily says the enshrining text: “As the image of the Slave of God (the name of her husband) burns, so does your heart burn and groan over me.”
  6. 6. All the ash is collected on a white plate, and when the candle burns out to the end, a warm candlestick kneads down with his fingers and rolls along with the ash from the photo into a uniform lump.
  7. 7. The ball is used as a lining. He is hidden in the house where his former spouse lives, or is stuck to the wall of his home outside.

After three months, if the husband is not in a hurry to return to the family, the rite is repeated.

When divorces often arise in the family and the question of divorce is already raised, simple rites for the restoration of marital relations are called in to help, which act quickly, as weak receivers without consequences.

Early in the morning, on the growing Moon, the wife in the market buys several kinds of berries loved by her husband and in the evening of the same day cooks rich sweet fruit compote from them. When the water in the pan begins to boil, the woman stirs it with a large wooden spoon and reads it three times:

“They grew berries separately, and now they will always be together. Also, we, God’s servants (the names of husband and wife), grew apart, and from now on we will only be together. Amen!»

The conspiracy acts conciliatory on both spouses, so the prepared compote should be drunk to both husband and wife.

Such a conspiracy, readable in a whisper, is applicable when the spouses have finally parted, but the man has to periodically appear in his former home (for example, coming to the common child). It is precisely the regularity of his parishes, because the plot is read repeatedly — at least twice for one period of moon growth.

When the ex-husband arrives, the woman should take him calmly, without unnecessary affection, but also without a negative, talk to him as usual and not give the kind that needs his intimacy. As soon as he turns back on his back, intending to leave, she needs to have time quickly, almost without opening her lips, to whisper:

“My tears are constantly flowing, wet now will fall on the ground, fall and be absorbed, not a single gram will remain. As my tears disappeared, so do you, woe. How not to live the Slave of God (the name of her husband) without water, and not to live without him.

May he return to the Slave of God (the name of his wife) and remain with her forever. Amen! «

After 2-3 visits with a reading in his back, her husband will already be irresistible to pull home.

Orthodox prayers always act for the benefit of those who read them, therefore, by resorting to their help, the believing woman should be reconciled in advance with the fact that everything will be accomplished not according to her desire, but in the way it is supposed by fate and God’s plan. If the husband does not return home, it means that another happiness is prepared for the woman, not connected with this man, and she must accept this knowledge without protest and with humility.

Prayers are not read in time (except in certain cases), but when spiritual need arises. From time to time it is required to attend the temple to strengthen the faith and to give thanks to the saints for their joy.

How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

A very strong prayer to the Theotokos will help a woman to reason with her spouse who has been led away by an eccentric. For the first time, the prayer is read in the church in front of the icon of the Mother of God, then you can buy the holy image in the temple shop and perform further prayers at home.

The ceremony is especially effective if it is enhanced by visualization with a wedding photo, where both spouses are depicted. They put the photo next to them on the table, light a church candle and say the words of the prayer:

“Have mercy, Most Holy Theotokos of Moscow. Be merciful and protect us sinners. Cover our sinful souls with the imperishable veil of your soul.

Join the servant of your (name of spouse) and your slave (name of wife). Mother of God, give them love and advice — to live in harmony and love. Let them live in the council day and night, and during bad weather.

As the powerful river runs — it does not end, so the husband (the name of the spouse) and the wife (the name of the wife) will be in harmony forever. Amen».

To eliminate the ardent resistance from the mistress, which will prevent the reunification of the spouses, you need to put a candle in the church in front of her personal icon every Sunday.

How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

The holy old woman Matrona will help a woman in her grief only if the return of the spouse does not prophesy her even greater misfortune. Addressing the saint, a woman must always keep in mind such a reservation that she obeys the will of fate and does not wish harm either to her husband or to the one that caused the divorce.

The text of the appeal is as follows:

“Mother Matronushka, offer to the Lord a miracle prayer for me, the servant of God (Name) and my beloved, the servant of God (name). Clear his thoughts from evil influence, help to remember the love for me, connect our souls again. Help him to believe in my feelings and happiness with me.


There is a second variant of the prayer: “Matron, you see everything, you know everything. Help me attract the servant of God (name), help bring back his feelings.

As the sun rises above the earth, above the mountains, above the forests and rivers, so our love with God’s servant (name) grows stronger every day. Our hearts are tied, tied with one thread.


It should be read at sunrise, having washed before the rite with holy water. Without wiping her face after washing, the woman takes the image of the holy old woman in her right hand, and the burning church candle in her left hand and walks to the window facing east.

The icon is installed on the window sill so that the holy face would look at the person praying. As soon as the sun shows over the horizon, a woman should cross herself, bow to the icon and read a prayer.

The text is pronounced seven times. After each reading, you should cross and bow once.

After the ceremony, the icon is taken to a red corner, and the candle is left to burn out. You can pray this way every morning.

How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

Those who adhere to the rites of the old chronology, the prayer to the patron saints of Peter and Fevronia should be lifted on June 28, and according to the modern calendar, the day of their memory — July 8. If the situation in the family does not stand to wait for the right day, you can ask for their blessings at any other time, however, the rite receives the highest power on the eve of the named dates.

The icon for the ceremony you need to have your own, namolennuyu, or buy it in a shop at the church specifically for the occasion. They ask the saints for help not only when an urgent need arises and the family is already destroyed, but also to avoid it, at the first signs of unhappiness.

After sunset, two thin church candles are lit on the table, an icon is placed between them and they read once:

“Holy miracle-workers and saints, the Great God Peter and Princess Fevronya! I appeal to you and I pray in sorrow. Send my prayers to the Lord God, ask me for faith, hope, truth and grace!

Yes great love! Help me, God’s servant (female name), with God’s servant (male name) to unite forever and live all my life together!


How to return the husband to the family in one day at home: the most powerful conspiracies and rituals

To influence the conscience of a husband at a distance, if he does not want to think about his abandoned wife, and her whole life without a spouse went downhill, you should contact Nicholas the Wonderworker for help. The saint will judge whether restoration of the old relationship is required or a woman has a different fate.

You need to pray before the image of the saint in the church after every Sunday service, and at home — every day, noon and evening:

“Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker! Create a miracle — bring my petition to our Lord! All-seeing, all-hearing, all-powerful Lord, hear my prayer.

Give me back the happiness lost with my beloved husband, God’s slave (male name) and his love for me. Let the feelings for me wake up again in his heart and he will want to save his family.

Father in heaven, give strength to understand the mistakes and correct them, to heal again side by side in happiness and harmony. If it be Your will.


Not always the return of a man who once decided to leave promises a happy life for the family. This happens primarily because of the difficulty of restoring former trust.

Therefore, the intention to use the power of magic must be deliberate, with an understanding of all the problems that a woman will have to face.

If the spouse is sincerely ready to cope with the difficulties of building a relationship from scratch with someone who has already deceived her once, then no force can prevent this desire. It should only correctly select the desired ritual and act as the heart prompts.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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