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How to return the husband to the family?

It is unlikely that there are families who, after a long joint life, would not have difficulty in relationships. Very often there are situations that after the occurrence of any misunderstandings, the man leaves the family, and the woman tries to return him by any means.

And even for this appeals to various magical means.

Probably all the same immediately to the magic should not apply, because as proved all the magical effects can lead to unpredictable consequences. As a rule, quarrels with her husband, which force him to leave the family, have a household character.

Therefore, we must try to analyze the relationship, and frankly speaking, to find compromise solutions to problems.

It should be remembered that many women’s emotions to men are not just incomprehensible, but unpleasant. After all, most of them by nature think practical and rational.

Therefore, if a man wants to leave the family, you should carefully listen to him and try to hear what he wants to convey to you. The most reasonable thing would be to immediately give in to my husband in certain matters in order to spare his vanity.

To return the husband to the family, follow the following rules:

  • Behave with dignity;
  • Try to keep a good relationship with a man;
  • Refrain from insults while the husband leaves;
  • Strive to look attractive;
  • Be patient and wait.

How to return the husband to the family?

But if all the efforts made are in vain and you can’t get through to your husband and bring him back to the family, then you can use magic plots. One should be extremely careful in this case, because any intervention in the energy field of another person can lead to various disorders in the body.

In this regard, it is necessary to use only the means of white magic, and only if you feel that your husband has not stopped loving you and you are confident in the sincerity of your own feelings.

The most harmless are conspiracies on water. Water, being a powerful natural energy tool, always enhances the power of a conspiracy pronounced over it.

She encourages the man to reconsider his views and requirements for family life and come back.

When conducting a magical ritual aimed at returning the husband, you should use consecrated or spring water. In this case, water must be recruited at sunrise, and the magic ritual itself should be carried out at midnight.

Add a pinch of salt to the water and stir.

Then, in a whisper, but very clearly, the following words should be spoken:

Nine drops of conspiratorial water should be poured into a drink as quickly as possible. If he’s just about to leave, it’s easy to do this in the morning, making tea or coffee.

Otherwise, you need to invite him to visit, ostensibly for conversation.

How to return the husband to the family?

If the husband has left the family, and for a long time there is no news from him, then the rite with a candle will help him return. In addition to the candle in the ritual will need to use a glass of holy water.

Normal water in the rite can not be used. For the ritual, you need to retire at night on one of the Mondays of the growing moon period in a separate room.

It is necessary to light a candle, to present an image of a husband in front of you and to utter such a magical conspiracy twelve times:

Candle must burn out naturally. Candle remains should be collected and buried the next morning in a deserted place.

Soon your spouse will return home.

You can return the spouse to the family by holding a ceremony with wedding rings. But they must be yours, foreign rings in the ritual can not be used.

In addition to the rings in the rite you need to use holy water and rose petals.

At midnight during the growing moon, you need to retire in a separate room. Wedding rings should be dipped in a glass filled with holy water, and rose petals on top of the water.

After that, such a magical conspiracy is pronounced:

The conspiracy words are repeated three times, after which the glass with water, wedding rings and rose petals must be left untouched for three days. After the time has expired, the rings need to be pulled out and the water simply spilled out.

How to return the husband to the family?

Many conspiracies to return the spouse came to us from antiquity. There is a very effective ritual, but its feature is that it is necessary to repeat the magic words every day until the husband returns.

The magic words are as follows:

After the husband returns to the family, it is necessary to visit the temple and put a candle at the icon of the Holy Mother of God. And also pray and mentally thank God for helping to save the family.

If you have a difficult life period due to the fact that the spouse decided to quit, you can prevent him from leaving the family using magic. This ceremony will also help reduce the husband’s interest in the opponent, if there is one.

This ritual should be performed only in the period of the waning moon. In this case, the plot is read directly over the sleeping husband.

The magic words are spoken seven times and are as follows:

For greater efficiency, such a ceremony should be repeated three nights in a row.

Remember that by returning your husband through magic, you are responsible for the future welfare of your relationship. Therefore, you will need to forgive everything and forget, starting a life together from scratch.

Be careful when conducting ceremonies aimed at returning the husband to the family. After all, it may happen that the spouse just fell out of love with you and fell in love with another woman.

If this is so, then it is better to let it go, because in this case it will not be possible to restore the relationship, even using magic. And in this case it is possible to harm yourself greatly on the energy level.

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