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How to remove the evil eye — simple and effective rituals

How to remove the evil eye from yourself or another person

A bad look or a bad wish can cause negative consequences for a person — how to remove the evil eye on your own? The power of gaze with unkind thoughts, like a laser beam, penetrates through the protective bio-membrane of a person and causes harm. However, not only the evil eye of a stranger is dangerous, self-eyed is considered to be no less harmful.

Consider effective rites from this trouble.

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

What rites can remove the evil eye from a person?

The evil eye is considered a negative of moderate severity, however, over time it can cause great harm to a person and turn into damage. This is due to the fact that negative energies freely penetrate through the damaged shell of the biofield.

The evil eye can be light — then the person just feels unwell. A moderately severe evil eye can seriously damage human health as well as cause destruction in any area of ​​life.

Severe form of the evil eye is rare, usually, black sorcerers or people with strong energy have such a look.

How to identify and remove the evil eye? For this, there are old proven rituals that were used by our great-grandmothers.

To rid the infant of the evil eye, it is enough to lick his face with the tongue (does the mother) or wipe the face of the baby with the skirt’s hem. To remove the evil eye in adults, rituals with church candles, wax, salt or herbs are used.

Well removes fresh evil eye holy water.

Many women suffer from self-eyes. It is worth rejoicing at the success or to boast of your achievements, as immediately the “unknown forces” distort the results of the achievements or turn the luck back. This is how self-glare works.

You can get rid of it with the help of a small rite held in the full moon.

As soon as the full moon appears in the sky, you need to go outside or open a window in the room — you have to look at the moon without stopping. Through the window glass ritual can not be carried out. Look at the night light and read the plot at least 3 times out loud:

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

Pour the evil eye on the wax

This rite will help to save a loved one from the harmful energy caused by an unkind or sidelong glance. For the ceremony, it is necessary to prepare a glass bowl, holy water and about 150 grams of pure wax. If there is no wax, you can melt medium-sized church candles in the amount of three pieces.

Remove the wicks from the dishes with a knife.

While wax melts in a water bath, you need to constantly read the Our Father prayer. During the ceremony, the church candle should be lit, and the patient should lie on the bed facing east.

Pour holy water (about a glass) into a glass bowl beforehand and place it on a table covered with a clean tablecloth.

When the wax melts, place the bowl on the person’s forehead and pour the wax slowly into the water. At this time, read the plot by heart:

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

After that, rearrange the bowl with water on the man’s chest and repeat the plot. Now you need to rearrange the bowl to its feet, reading the plot.

Thus, the words of the text are read three times. The wax should be distributed evenly enough for three castings.

When you finish the ceremony, pour the wax and water into the river. If there is no river, water is poured under a dry tree, and the wax is buried in the ground.

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

Rite with egg

How to remove the evil eye with an egg? This simple rite can be done by anyone who trusts in magical rites.

The egg must be “alive”, that is, not lying in the refrigerator. It is best to buy eggs for removing spoilage and the evil eye from grandmothers with hands.

Fill a glass with half the water and break an egg into it. Then you need to drive a glass with an egg over your head and say three times:

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

Then look what happened to the egg. If it has not changed, the evil eye was not of great strength. If you notice any changes in the egg, then by the degree of these changes you can judge the strength of the negative impact.

Experienced healers on the egg can tell who and what brought the evil eye to a person.

Remove the evil eye with salt

Salt is considered to be the neutralizer of the negative number one — it absorbs it into itself, accumulates the energetic dirt. For the rite you need to buy a new pack of salt without surrender.

Put warm water in the bath and pour 9 handfuls of salt in the water crosswise. After that, say:

«Mother Vodichka, cleanse me of all that is bad, superficial, alien.»

While bathing, read the prayer «Our Father,» or better, psalm number 90 by heart. When you flush the bath, say:

«Go away, evil, whence it came.»

At the end, wash yourself in the shower, and rinse the bath well with salt residue. Now you can go to bed.

Rid the child of the evil eye

The old way to remove the evil eye from young children — water from the spoons. Pour clean water into a faceted glass and take three or five teaspoons in your right hand. Now scoop the water with spoons and pour it back into the glass, while saying:

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

Let the water stand in the room, and before bed, wash the baby with it. After washing, the mother should wipe the face of the child with the hem of the robe.

This ceremony can be carried out for yourself — do the same with spoons and wipe your face with the hem of your clothes.

How to remove the evil eye - simple and effective rituals

Damn incense afraid

This rite helps to eliminate a fresh evil eye from a person. Remove the animals from the room, turn on the recording of the bell ringing or church service and sit comfortably on the bed. You need to completely relax the body and stop thinking about the real things.

Immerse your mind in the sounds of music and inhale the aroma of incense.

In about 40 minutes you will feel better, because incense has the ability to “patch” holes and breakdowns in the aura. Grasses have the same property — St. John’s wort, juniper, pine needles, root of devèce.

Herbs need to burn and extinguish — let smolder on the coals.

Another popular way to remove the evil eye, see the video:

Simple methods of protection against the evil eye

It is easier to get rid of harmful energy on this day of its introduction in the biofield. As soon as you feel unwell, immediately perform any of the rites below.

  • Read psalm number 90 every day three times, until you feel better.
  • Wash your face with holy water and drink a few sips, thanking God for help.
  • Visit a prayer service in the church — the vibrations of church chants remove the top layer of negative from the aura.
  • A cat can cure the evil eye — let it lie on your body, it will find the right place by itself.
  • Well removes the negative energy of the bell ringing — you need to stand at the walls of the church when the belfry rings.

Cleans aura well open fire meditation (candle, fire) or flowing water. If possible, spend it in nature — lay out a fire or sit by the river / stream. Imagine that the heat of fire penetrates into every cell of the body and cleans it.

You can wash your face with water from a stream / river.

Such meditation can help to improve the mental state, to align energy. You will return home with renewed vigor and peace of mind. If it is not possible to meditate in nature, you can light a candle at home and meditate on the flame.

If at this time you listen to the audio recording of birds singing and the stream, the sounds will help you to relax.

Remember that you can protect yourself from the evil eye. To do this, wear pinned pins, amulets made of stone, read special plots. When evening washing, ask the water to take any negative with you, bathing in the shower — in your own words, ask the water to save you from all bad things.

Constant energy hygiene helps maintain health.

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