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How to remove the evil eye from a child?

Today it has been proven that energetically small children are poorly protected. Therefore, they are completely defenseless before any negative impact. Babies are especially susceptible to the evil eye.

In order to be able to help the baby, you need to know how to remove the evil eye from the child?

How to remove the evil eye from a child?

It should be remembered that jinx a newborn can not only envious word or glance, but also praise or admiring the crumb. Usually, a child who has been jinxed begins to scream for no reason, and it is impossible to calm him down.

In this case, the mother, who is energetically connected with the baby, should provide urgent ambulance.

The easiest way is to lick the baby and then spit it out. If the evil eye was applied unintentionally, then this is enough for the child to begin to calm down. But these methods are acceptable only for newborns.

But even older children may be exposed to the evil eye. It is proved that the natural energy protection of the child begins to work after about 7 years.

Signs of the evil eye in an older child are, as a rule, the appearance of fatigue from minor exertion, causeless anxiety, or bad dreams. In this case, water should be used to remove the evil eye.

But it is necessary to know how to wash a child from the evil eye.

There are many ways of washing, here are some of them:

  • If the signs of the evil eye appeared after the walk, then after coming home the child must be washed with cold running water, while sentencing: «Like a goose water, so with my child (name) thinness and evil eye» ;
  • You can also wash the child with water from a glass, to which three pinches of salt are added with a request — asking God for help in removing the evil eye from the child in any form. After washing with this water, do not wipe the face of the child;
  • If there is holy water, then you can wash the child with it. Then wipe his face with a hem and lick his forehead in the form of a cross three times.

If you feel that the evil eye has been deliberately applied, and you have not been able to help the child with simple ways, you should follow these steps:

  • Pour into a glass of spring water;
  • Thrice read our Father’s Prayer over her;
  • Speak the plot three times: “Water is from the glass, from my child the evil eye and thinness” ;
  • Blow cross on the water;
  • Wash baby three times with the back of your hand clockwise;
  • Leave the rest of the water on the mirror;
  • After that, you need to ask the child to sit quietly, so that the water has dried.

The actions independently carried out by the mother and aimed at removing the evil eye from the child, in most cases, help. But if this does not happen it is necessary, do not hesitate to seek help from the master.

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