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How to remove the evil eye and damage?

Very often in life there are situations when an established life collapses and, despite the efforts made, it is impossible to restore anything. In this case, you need to understand that such a state is associated with the negative impact of ill-wishers.

The evil eye or damage is a strong negative program that can not only harm a person, but also completely destroy his entire established life.

Very often, the action of an invisible force is initially aimed at ruining the victim. Thus, a person does not have the opportunity to turn to magicians or parapsychologists.

Therefore, it is very important in such cases to know how to remove the evil eye and damage yourself.

Russian people for centuries accumulated knowledge to remove damage and the evil eye. He combined the ancient rites with belief in God, they helped people over the centuries to remove the negative impact.

How to remove the evil eye and damage?

The evil eye is more common than damage. He has less negative power and often leaves with time.

You can get rid of it by washing with cold water and pronouncing popular conspiracies against the evil eye.

“A silver raven flew into the sky, and turned to the bogatyr the Red Sun. The hero of the Red Sun appeared, consecrated the whole earth with his rays. He touched all living things, warmed everyone with the warmth of his heart.

Touched for those who have famously come. Ripped all the shackles of spoiled life.

A holy work done for us. We are grateful to the hero of the Red Sun! «

“I spend on the forehead of the servant of God (name) with a feather of a bird, I remove the evil eye. I spend on the brow of God’s servant (name) a burning candle, I remove the evil eye. I spend on the forehead of the servant of God (name) with a knife edge, I remove the evil eye.

I spend on the forehead of the servant of God (name) a transparent stone, I remove the evil eye. I stamp my foot three times, I invoke the spirits and give the order: take the evil eye away from the servant of God (name) to the one who sent him.

Evil should be punished, but well supported. ”

Damage is always directed to one or several spheres of human life, therefore, the removal procedure must be treated responsibly. As a rule, when removing damage, the evil eye is always removed at the same time.

For example, if the damage was imposed on the house, it was necessary to collect litter in all corners of the house, add ash from the hearth to it. The whole mixture had to put a handkerchief, sprinkled with tears of family members, tie it in a bundle and bring it to the intersection at midnight.

As a rule, after this ritual misfortune left the house.

But the worship of miraculous images and holy relics has always been considered the most destructive influence on negative forces. There are places on our planet, where thousands of pilgrims rush, in order to heal not only from various diseases, but also from sent damage and the evil eye.

In such Places of the Power of God, it was necessary to worship the holy relics and ask for their blessings.

If it is not possible to visit holy places, then it is recommended to visit the temple to remove the damage, where you can ask God for forgiveness for all earthly transgressions and prayer for help.

Also, the damage and the evil eye are removed with the help of various items. The essence of the magical rituals is that the negative program is transferred to a specific object, after which it is neutralized by burying in the ground. Most often for these purposes a chicken egg is used, with the help of which damage or the evil eye rolls out.

The effect of special rites is enhanced by reading prayers and conspiracies.

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