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How to remove damage at home

How to remove damage at home

How to remove damage, and whether it is possible to do it yourself? Damage is a negative program that is in the human aura and destroys his life and health.

Sometimes, along with damage, sorcerers attach demons or souls of the departed to a person — in this case, they get rid of the negative for a long time. Consider some effective rituals to help get rid of black energy at home.

How to remove damage at home

Cleaning damage on photos

How to remove damage and the evil eye at home? For this you need to prepare a photo and a blank sheet of paper — A4.

There should be no lines or cells on the sheet. Place your photo face down on a sheet.

Then make a movement with your right hand, as if you want to press the photo into a piece of paper — you do not need to touch the photo. Say a few times words:

How to remove damage at home

Speak as many times as you think necessary. Focus on the inner feelings — it became easier for you or not. After the paper needs to be burned, but not in the room.

Do it on the balcony or on the street — the smoke should not fall on you. Cleaning can be carried out for several days in a row, as needed.

Healing from damage by earth and water

How to remove the evil eye? The black energy of an unfriendly person breaks through a protective biofield and leaves “holes” in it.

Through these holes any negative information penetrates — viruses, diseases, troubles. A person becomes unprotected against environmental aggression.

You can remove the negative with the help of the cleansing power of earth, water and fire.

Take two white candles and a new faceted glass. Come to a spring or natural source in a poorly populated place, find a flat stone.

Place candles on the stone and place a glass of spring water. Light candles, hold the palms of your hands over a glass of water and say:

How to remove damage at home

Keep your hands above the glass as long as you present the black energy coming out of your palms. This may take three minutes, and may last 20 minutes.

You have to give all the bad water, so do not rush to remove your hands from the glass.

When you feel that inside has become easy, overturn the glass. Water should be poured onto the stone and drained from it to the ground. Put out the candles and go home.

All items left on the stone. You cannot turn around on your way home, and you can’t talk to anyone either — you will interrupt the rite.

How to remove damage at home

Removal of cemetery damage

How to remove the damage done through the churchyard? To do this, leave a negative in the cemetery. On the waning moon, buy a knife with a black handle (if you don’t find one, paint it with black paint).

Buy a knife should be on a certain day, corresponding to the floor — male or female. Women’s days are Wednesday, Saturday and Friday.

The rest are male.

Knife is better to buy on the market so that you can leave the change to the seller. Give money with your left hand, saying the following words to yourself:

How to remove damage at home

Take the knife with your right hand and leave quickly. On the way home, one should give alms to three beggars, in silence.

If you utter at least one word on the way home, the ceremony will not take place.

In the evening of the same day, light a simple wax candle. If you can do it yourself, it will be best.

Buying a candle in the church is not necessary. Sit at the table, covered with a clean tablecloth and take a knife — turn the blade towards you, and point it at the floor. Hold the knife by the handle and say three times on the candle flame:

How to remove damage at home

Put out the candle with your fingers, leave everything on the table and go to bed. The next evening, light a candle, take a knife in your right hand and “scrape” them with your photo or yours of another person with the words:

How to remove damage at home

Words need to be pronounced 12 times, making scrape movements on the photo from top to bottom. Candle extinguish, leave a photo and a knife on the table — and sleep.

It is necessary to clean a photo with a knife for three evenings in a row (before bedtime).

On the third evening after cleansing, go to the cemetery, stand with your back to the fence (not the gate!) And throw the knife over your shoulder — it should fly over the fence and be in the territory of the cemetery. At the same time talk:

How to remove damage at home

The knife should be thrown over the left shoulder with your right hand. Do not confuse anything! After that, without turning around, go home silently and go to bed.

The action of cleansing will manifest immediately — there will be drowsiness and fatigue, possible exacerbations of chronic ailments. Rest, strength will soon be restored.

This cleansing can be done for another person.

How to remove damage mirror cleaning

How to remove damage from yourself at home? Negative can be sent through the looking glass. Prepare the following items for the ceremony:

  • 4 new square-shaped mirrors;
  • own photo in full growth;
  • 4 small church candles;
  • incense — sandalwood or incense;
  • black cover on the table and reflective surfaces in the room.

Mirrors need to buy on the growing moon, the rite to conduct — on a waning or at full moon. Prepare a room for the ceremony — clean, ventilate well, clean the candle.

In the evening, cover the table with a black bedspread, as well as all the reflective surfaces — furniture, windows. Light candles in candlesticks, place a photo between them — candles should surround the picture from four sides.

For each candle, place a mirror so that the photo is reflected in it (you cannot look in the mirrors!). Now light the incense — sandalwood stick or incense. Look at the candles and slowly repeat the spell:

How to remove damage at home

Repeat the words until the candles burn out. You should be in a state of easy trance and think only about one thing — to get rid of the negative.

In the room, except for candles, there should be no other lighting. No one should disturb you — lock the room.

At this time should not ring the phone, the animals from the room must be removed.

When the candles burn out, go to bed right away. Do not remove anything from the table. In the morning, despite the mirror surface, hide the mirrors in the box — they will be useful for the next ritual.

Roll black canvas, remove the photo in the album. Important note — these 4 mirrors can not be used for domestic use, it is dangerous.

How to remove damage at home

The rite of removing demonic damage

Sometimes warlocks can send demons to a person. This is done on the order of a client who wishes to take revenge on a competitor or enemy. The life of a spoiled one becomes unbearable — all affairs collapse, diseases overwhelm, money disappears and other troubles occur.

There are so many troubles that a person does not want to live. How to remove damage from itself?

This will help the ceremony with church attributes.

This rite can be held on certain days:

  • On Christmas;
  • on the Trinity;
  • on the birthday of the Virgin;
  • on your birthday;
  • in the day of the angel.

The rite is so powerful that it will remove any black impact. The same rite gives protection from black magic for a year — it becomes a powerful amulet. You need to prepare the following items:

  • Church candles — 7 pieces;
  • leg mirrors — 2 pcs;
  • vessel with holy water;
  • Thursday salt;
  • white tablecloth;
  • the icon of the Almighty;
  • icon of the Vladimir Mother of God.

Cover the table with a white tablecloth or linen. Place the mirrors opposite each other so that you are reflected in them.

Icons and 4 candles should be placed between the mirrors, put the remaining 3 candles close to you. Place a vessel of holy water on the right.

Now you need to make a protective circle. To do this, sprinkle holy water in a circle so that the table and chair are in it.

You can sprinkle with a bunch of parsley / dill. Further close to yourself, sprinkle the Thursday salt in a thin line in a circle — you will get a double circle of protection.

Holy water should be external, salt — internal protection.

Sit on a chair and recite the plot by heart. For safety, you can write the words on paper:

How to remove damage at home

The plot must be read in a low voice, clearly pronouncing the words. Candles must be completely burned out.

The ceremony should be carried out in a light cotton shirt without sleeves, ideally naked to the waist, so that the holy water should dry on the body.

Special conditions: three days before the rite you need to keep fasting on black bread and water. The post to continue after the ceremony for three days.

After the ceremony, go to church and place 12 candles: three each for the icons of Panteleimon the Healer, the Trinity, the Mother of God and Jesus.

Recommendations for the treatment of damage

A negative impact is easier to remove if you observe the following rules:

  1. An unbaptized person must be baptized in the church — in the rite, every Christian receives a guardian angel to help.
  2. It is better for unmarried spouses to get married in order not to live in sin.
  3. Any treatment of damage should be begun with the reading of prayers — buy the Prayer Book.
  4. Visit the holy places and monasteries where the miraculous icons and holy relics are located.
  5. Sanctify the apartment — invite the priest to conduct the ceremony.
  6. When cleansing, exclude animal products from the menu — sausage, lard, meat products.
  7. You can not smoke and drink alcohol in the process of removing damage.
  8. Take daily baths with the addition of holy water — pour a little water crosswise into the bath and bathe with the reading of prayers.
  9. Always wear a cross.
  10. Before leaving the house, wash with unclean water — take water into the bucket and wash out of it.
  11. Every day, light church candles in the house and fumigate the room with incense.

Observing these simple rules, you will be able to get rid of the negative.

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