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How to read a person in the face: physiognomy

Chinese physiognomy: how to read a person’s character in the face

Physiognomy is a science whose knowledge helps to “read” the character and temperament of a person according to the features of his face. Understanding even the basics, you can easily learn to guess the behavior and actions of other people.

Chinese physiognomy

Chinese physiognomy divides people by types of energies, which are reflected in their appearance and character. There are five types: Fire, Water, Tree, Soil and Fire.

We will understand how to read a person in the face based on this concept.

How to read a person in the face: physiognomy

Water Energy

«Water» people are very calm, wise and reasonable. They are incredibly sensual.

Communicating with them, it seems that they see the very essence of things, they understand everything deeper than other people.

According to external signs, a person with the energy of Water can be considered according to the following features:

  1. They usually have very thick hair with a soft wave.
  2. The most prominent part of the face is the eyes. They are usually large, look very calm, full of wisdom. Under the eyes there is always a blackout, even in childhood. If the person does not live his energy, edemas and bags appear.
  3. The chin with all the external smoothness and softness of the face is usually allocated, it is clear and noticeable.
  4. The figure is usually very fluid; these are smooth, rounded thighs, feminine forms.
  5. «Water» girls prefer a very feminine style of dress. These are dresses from flowing fabrics, delicate shades.
  6. The movement of the water is very soft, smooth, slow. They never fuss and are in no hurry.

How to read a person in the face: physiognomy

  1. Do not tolerate the framework and restrictions, it is people of freedom. And they choose work with a free schedule, and in relationships they value personal space very much.
  2. If a water person came home from work, he will first go to the bathroom — he needs to be alone with himself, avoiding inquiries from his family.
  3. Endowed with great willpower, wisdom and prudence. They love to develop spiritually.

Fire Energy

Fiery people are desperate livelihoods and optimists. Above all, value new impressions, need constant emotions. Very amorous: fall in love and are disappointed to infinity.

Very attractive and seductive for the opposite sex. Loneliness for them — the worst punishment.

The appearance of fire can be considered as follows:

  1. They have curly hair like a lamb. This is the brightest and most obvious sign in appearance.
  2. With age from the constant smile, deep, strongly pronounced nasolabial folds appear, and wrinkles-rays form around the eyes.

Such people always smile full of optimism and never succumb to difficult life circumstances.

Tree Energy

This energy is highly valued in our world. These are purposeful, active people who value above all the high social position in society and achievements.

They are incredible workaholics, able to work for wear. Therefore, most often it is the “wooden” ones who end up in the hospital with heart attacks.

How to read a person in the face: physiognomy

Their problematic emotions are anger and irritation, which are reflected on the face by deep transverse wrinkles on the forehead and in the area between the eyebrows, because of what they look serious and constantly frowning.

How to count a person with the energy of the Tree in the face:

  1. He has very rough features, like carved from wood.
  2. Pronounced eyebrows, thick, bushy. The upper eyelid is often hanging, this part of the face is impossible not to notice.
  3. Heavy willed chin, also very noticeable.
  4. Sports figure. In men — squat, stable. Or, on the contrary, a very high growth «basketball player.»

Education, self-education, and career development are indispensable for “woods,” without which they do not see the point in life.

Soil Energy

Soil people are created to nourish, nurture and care. They are able to give a lot of love and care to everyone around them.

Incredibly hospitable, above all appreciate family and friendships.

The appearance of the soil is read very simply:

  1. Full, plump, sensual lips on a round, soft and smooth face.
  2. Women have a very feminine figure: pronounced waist, smooth rounded, noticeable hips. They are not thin and asthenic, on the contrary, more often than other energies suffer from excess weight.

The problematic soil emotion is a huge, deep resentment that is reflected on the face by drooping corners of the lips and an offended expression that does not come off. “I do so much, I try, but I don’t appreciate and thank me!” — this is what people most often feel with the energy of the Soil, but they are silent about it.

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Metal Energy

These are very thin, graceful people. They usually have a fragile figure, thin wrists and at first glance a regal, aristocratic look.

It is easiest to notice the metal, paying attention to the nose — it will be large, pronounced, visible on the face.

Also, cheekbones are clearly visible on the face — they are very clear. Cheeks may be hollow.

If the «metal» person does not live his energy, he may look too thin, tired and exhausted.

As for the character: these are people “on their minds”. Usually creative nature, very sensitive.

Estets, above all, appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world, surround themselves with exquisite things. Created in order to improve and improve everything around.

Can be arrogant, love to criticize and condemn. They do not tolerate noisy companies, the best rest — alone at home, doing creative work.

They love to dress stylishly and unusually, creating their own individual images.

Important rules when determining your energy:

  1. Absolutely all energies are manifested in each person, but 2-3 of them will be the main ones, which most affect the temperament and character.
  2. It is necessary to read energy first of all on the face, and only then pay attention to other, indirect signs.
  3. At different points in life, energy can change. For example, in maternity, “soil” traits are enhanced in women.

Knowing and understanding how facial features affect a person’s personality and character, you can always better understand him and also understand yourself.

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