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How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage: good tips

How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage: good and effective advice

In this article we will tell good tips on how to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage. Take advantage of them if there is a suspicion that your life is under the influence of a negative magical effect, and everything will return to normal.

How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage: good tips

How to understand that you have been jinxed

To determine if damage has been brought over you, or some detractor has jinxed you, read the following signs. If they are present in your life, with high probability it can be argued that the evil eye is.

  1. Physical discomfort. You may feel constant weakness, you will constantly feel drowsy. Frequent headaches, incomprehensible fever for no apparent reason are also possible. This feature appears almost immediately.
  2. Financial losses. This can be expressed in the loss of work, theft of money, failures in financial affairs. If suddenly profitable deals began to break down for no apparent reason, and customers leave you, you might think about the evil eye.
  3. Trouble sleeping. It can be both insomnia, and constant nightmares, restless sleep. You wake up tired and completely rested.
  4. The desire to do something disappears — work, communicate with friends, engage in your favorite hobbies and devote time to a hobby that has always pleased you and energized you
  5. Negative attitude. You constantly experience irritation, self-pity, a desire to «sink down», you become vulnerable and sensitive.
  6. Decreased sexual activity. Sexual desire disappears, you stop wanting intimacy with your loved one
  7. Traction to bad habits. A person who has been jinxed may suddenly start consuming alcohol constantly, and in severe cases becomes addicted to drugs.

To avoid such problems in your life, you need to know how to protect yourself from damage and the evil eye and protect yourself from negative magical influence from the outside.

Protection against damage and the evil eye: proven methods

Any problem is easier to warn than to try to get rid of it. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to protect against the evil eye and damage, so that in the future you do not have to suffer seriously and look for ways to get rid of evil slander.

Pin protection

This is one of the most effective people’s means of protection, which is known to all. An ordinary pin can be an excellent amulet, a talisman that protects against the evil eye.

But it is important to know how to use it properly.

  • Need to buy a new pin. This must be done strictly on Friday afternoon.
  • Pin up need clothes in the heart or in the location of the solar plexus
  • In the evening, before going to bed, be sure to break off a pin and carefully examine the point of the needle. If it has not changed, set aside the amulet until the morning.

But if the tip of the pins darkened and blunt, it is worth the guard. This means that someone, intentionally or unintentionally, tried to direct the evil eye to you.

But the pin worked, taking all the negative on themselves.

You need to spit three times over the left shoulder, and then bury the pin in the ground where no one will accidentally dig it up and find it. After that, you have to buy a new amulet.

Security lock

This method is called «closure of fear.» It is very simple and does not require special skills.

During the day, you constantly button up some locks, buttons, tie shoelaces. It is necessary while making these simple manipulations to mentally pronounce the following conspiracy each time:

How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage: good tips

Also speak a conspiracy when you lock the door lock and all others that come across during the day (for example, a door lock in the office).

This simple method will help to protect from the evil eye not only you, but family members with whom you live in the same house. It will also save from damage in the workplace.

Red bag protection

Red color has a very powerful protective energy, so it is often used in the manufacture of amulets and talismans that protect against the evil eye. We offer to buy a bag of red color, made from natural fabric.

Great if you sew it yourself.

Put the following magic components inside the pouch:

  • A pinch of salt — it is a powerful conductor of energy
  • Pinch of Dill
  • Dried clover leaf
  • Sprig of vervain

Once you have made the amulet, it must be charged to protect against the evil eye and damage. To do this, take the bag (after tying it) in your left hand, close your eyes and imagine that warm sunlight emanates from it, like a barrier to all that is bad and negative.

After such a kind of meditation, hide the cooked amulet in the secret pocket of the bag so that no one can see or reach.

Watch the video on how to protect yourself from damage and the evil eye:

Protection from the evil eye by the power of thought

Often a person directs the evil eye to himself. The reason for this — the negative thoughts that accompany him throughout his life.

If feelings such as resentment, envy, anger, lack of love for yourself and others overwhelm you, you should take care of a change of thinking.

In psychosomatics, it is not for nothing that it is believed that the cause of any disease lies in negative thoughts and attitudes. It is necessary to get rid of them, then the risk of self-eye is reduced.

First of all, this practice will help. You need to close your eyes, concentrate as much as possible and imagine how bright golden and silver threads come out of your body. At the same time, mentally sentence the following:

How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage: good tips

At the end of the practice, you should be relieved and feel how negative thoughts leave your mind. In the following days it is necessary to refrain from criticism, condemnation, swearing and quarrels.

Also try to forget the old grievances, complain less and learn how to find pleasure in small things. This way of thinking fills a person with energy and provides the most powerful protection against negative influence.

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