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How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

How to protect yourself from damage, evil eye, envy and damage

Today it is no secret that each of us is subject to different energetic and even magical influences. In this article we will talk about how to protect yourself from damage, evil eye, envy and damage.

The most powerful and dangerous of them is damage.

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

What is the evil eye and damage

Damage is an energetic or magical attack on the human biofield, which is always deliberate and deliberate. Depending on the strength of the attacker, damage can lead to serious illness, trouble and even the death of the victim.

The evil eye is understood as a negative energy impact, which was rendered unintentionally or under the influence of negative impulses and outbursts of anger. In any quarrel, there is a potential threat to jinx your loved ones.

Children are especially affected by this negative influence, therefore it is very important not to raise the voice of the child and not to tear its evil on it.

Signs of damage and the evil eye

The main signs of damage and the evil eye include: a sharp decline in vitality, inexplicable aggression and outbursts of anger, insomnia, health problems. The child may begin to stutter or he may experience urinary incontinence, a nervous tic.

If you have the feeling that someone has jinxed, you can try to remove negative energy on your own or call for help from a professional in this field.

It must be said that for cleansing from the evil eye and envy are usually quite simple rituals that you can conduct yourself. To remove the serious damage, it is better to turn to a professional magician.

Here you will need a deep knowledge of all the subtleties of the magical sphere.

Cleansing from the evil eye

Most often, children and people with a weak energy field suffer from the evil eye. The cleansing rites for the victims of the evil eye are fairly simple and can be performed by all. For example, in the people it is believed that it is possible to protect a child from the evil eye and envy, just holding it for a couple of minutes under the mother’s skirt.

And in order to remove the negative impact from an adult, it is enough to walk around the pond or take a cleansing bath with herbs. At the same time it is necessary to imagine how water takes all the negative away from you.

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

Ways to protect against the evil eye and damage

  1. Spitting over the left shoulder or knocking on a tree can be the most famous way of protection.
  2. So that no one could jinx a small child, a mother must periodically lick his temples and forehead. Oddly enough, this method is very effective.
  3. When dealing with people who possess heavy energy, it is recommended to cross limbs, “close” from the interlocutor and not look him in the eyes.
  4. Prepare silver-plated water: leave the silver item in the water for the night. In the morning, use it for washing.
  5. If you visualize a high fence or a mirror when communicating with an envious person, all the negative will be reflected back.
  6. Use infusions of medicinal herbs that protect against negative energy: garlic, St. John’s wort, celandine, root.
  7. Carry a small bag of table salt in your purse. Salt is able to take over all the negative, directed in your direction.
  8. Wear horseshoe-shaped jewelry or hang it by the door.
  9. Stones such as agate or jasper can protect against any negative energies. You can also wear the stone that suits you according to the horoscope.

Warding against negative impacts

To protect against envy, damage and the evil eye are also used various charms.

Preserved red thread

This is a well-known object that protects from the evil eye, come down to us from time immemorial. It is believed that it also clears a person wearing a red thread from internal negative, anger and negative emotions. This charm can also serve as a stylish accessory.

This is also one of its advantages.

A prerequisite — the thread should be made of natural wool. Wear it like a bracelet on your left hand, since it is the left side that is responsible for the penetration of the negative.

In order for the thread to become a powerful talisman, it is necessary to make a ritual and utter a conspiracy over it. Let a man whom you trust and who loves you tie her to you.

You need to make 7 knots and read the words of a conspiracy by Ben Porat or Ana Beco.

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

At the end also need to read the plot. During the period of the ritual, think only of the good, so that love and good will enter your life forever and protect you from any negative.

Preserve pin or button

It is well protected from the evil eye by a simple pin, which is pinned to clothes from the front or wrong side near the heart, after reading a plot above it:

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

Conspiracy words are read over an open pin. After these words, pin her to the clothes with an eyelet to the bottom.

Also, to protect against the evil eye and envy, you can use a button made of copper, which is sewn on the wrong side near the heart. This ritual is done in the first three days, when the moon is in the full moon phase, after sunset.

A button is sewn on with threads of blue or green color, performing such a rite.

Collect the fallen needles of spruce or pine and set it on fire. Hold the pin or button you want to talk over the bonfire smoke. Read with this conspiracy:

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

After that, attach your charm to the clothes, and develop the ashes of the fire.

When conducting these ceremonies, do not forget to concentrate your mental energy on the desired result. Thus, you can get a powerful talisman to protect against the evil eye.

How to protect your photo from damage, the evil eye and envy

Since the time of the first photographs, it was believed that each photograph is energetically associated with its owner. Therefore, the pictures did not show and did not give to strangers to whom they did not have much confidence.

Today everything is just the opposite. Our photos on social networks are viewed by hundreds of strangers who are not always sincerely disposed towards us.

But the photograph is a great tool for any energy and magical influences.

In order to protect against the evil eye and damage follow these recommendations:

  1. Do not show photos of the family, children to strangers and do not give them to strangers.
  2. If there is a person with a “bad eye” in your environment, avoid getting your photos to him.
  3. Do not carry photos of people dear to you in the wallet where you keep money. Through the negative energy of the outgoing money can be transmitted to the evil eye or damage.
  4. Do not take pictures with unpleasant people who do not wish you well, do not give them your photos.
  5. You can not be photographed against the backdrop of dead people. Do not store photos of the living and the dead in one place.
  6. Do not keep torn and worn photos, photographs with various defects.

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye, envy and damage: rituals

In this article, we told you how to protect yourself from negative energy impacts with the help of simple tips, rituals and amulets.

To find out what other ways you can protect yourself from the evil eye, damage and envy, look at the interesting video:

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