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How to make the guy follow you?

Many girls dream that the guy ran after them. It is unlikely that such a desire can be called reasonable, but to cope with it is always very difficult. Therefore, many young ladies use various magic tools to attract the attention of the guy.

But even experienced magicians do not recommend this, because it is very dangerous. There are many other ways in life that will allow you to pay attention to yourself and at the same time cannot cause harm.

First of all, if you like the guy, you need to try to understand what he likes in girls. In addition, you should get information about his hobbies, eating habits, clothing style. And then you should become the one and only in his life in accordance with his requirements and taste preferences.

You need to make a guy get interested in yourself and fall in love with yourself. But at the same time it is important that all actions were natural and did not look fake.

How to make the guy follow you?

In practice, it has been proven that most guys like girls who:

  • It looks accessible, but it’s not always easy to achieve their location;
  • They can agree, but not let them do it;
  • Look mysterious, even after a long conversation.

In no case when dealing with a man should not be intrusive. You should know that guys are different in that having met a girl, they never plan for a future relationship.

Most of them live for today, so any obsession can kill a relationship and alienate the person you like forever. It is important to understand that the desire to be with a girl develops gradually, so patience and time are needed.

Only if it was not possible to make the guy follow you using everyday ways, can you resort to conspiracy. Prior to this, you should decide whether you really need this guy and whether you are ready to maintain a long relationship with him.

But in any case, in order to make a guy run after you, you need to use only conspiracies related to white magic. Their action, as a rule, is removed after a certain time has elapsed, which is quite enough to finally determine the feelings and understand the relationship.

One of the most famous conspiracies of white magic to attract the attention of a guy is a ritual performed on drinking. To do this, take any soft drink and warm it slightly.

After that, you need to speak the following words:

The drink must be given to the chosen one for any reason. Remember that the success of the conspiracy depends entirely on your faith and sincerity.

The conspiracy is very effective, aimed at reinforcing the feelings of the guy you meet. This will force him to run after you, and who knows, maybe your relationship will soon move to a higher level.

This rite has the greatest strength in the full moon or in the period of the rising moon.

For the ritual you need to prepare the following items:

  • Church candle;
  • White sheet of paper;
  • Pencil or pen.

The rite should be held at midnight in a secluded place. In a separate room you need to sit at the table, set a candle in front of you and light it.

After that you should take a pen and write on the sheet the full name of the loved one and his date of birth.

After that, focus on the image of the chosen one and try to present a variety of scenes with him, for example, a romantic dinner or a moment when your chosen one gives you flowers. You can also remember the first date with a loved one, which, as a rule, are filled with special tenderness.

When you feel that you are ready to utter a magical conspiracy, it is necessary to set fire to the leaf from the flame of a candle.

Then say these three magic words three times:

How to make the guy follow you?

Ashes need to carefully collect and dispel it downwind through an open window with the words:

After that, you need to sit and wait until the candle burns out naturally. Wax from her need to collect and hide in a secret place.

It is very important not to tell anyone what you were doing the rite, otherwise you may incur the wrath of higher powers.

In order to force the guy to run after you literally after the first acquaintance, you need to conduct a ceremony using silver.

In the ritual will need to use:

  • A small silver spoon;
  • Holy water, but it can be replaced with water from a spring or well;
  • Glass cup

The rite must be held after sunset in an empty room. In a glass you need to pour water and put there a silver spoon.

After that, you need to focus on the image of your favorite guy.

After which speak such a magical conspiracy:

After that, a glass of water and a spoon should be left in the same position until the morning. The next day, the water should be quietly spilled in the place where your darling will step over it.

A spoon with a glass must be hidden in a secluded place, away from prying eyes.

How to make the guy follow you?

You can hold a strong rite, aimed at forcing the guy to run after him, with the help of a special pie for melancholy. In this case, you can bake any cake that will suit your boyfriend.

For the cake you need to talk flour. For this you need to take a sieve and ground cinnamon.

Flour need to sift through a sieve with the words:

When the word “cinnamon” is spoken, add some cinnamon to the flour. From the conspiratorial flour should bake a cake and treat them to your chosen one.

At all times, the girls sought using magic to make the guy run. Therefore, many conspiracies have come to us since ancient times.

As a rule, they are not complicated in execution, but it is very important to put the soul into every word and believe in success.

The magic words of the old conspiracy are as follows:

Such a plot must be pronounced in the early morning, looking to the east. The plot will work only if you sincerely love your chosen one.

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