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How to learn to control your emotions

How to control your emotions — the use of relaxation techniques

Every day we experience dozens of emotions and can not always resist them. Regardless of the source, emotions have a huge impact on our lives.

They determine our mood and attitude to the environment, affect our relationships with other people. If you find it difficult to control emotions, be sure to read this article!

It presents effective relaxation techniques.

How to learn to control your emotions

The difference between emotions and feelings

Emotions are experiences that are short-lived. They are caused by everyday situations of varying intensity. The main emotions that a person experiences:

Emotions go faster than feelings, although they are often confused with feelings that we “learn” throughout life, communicating with different people. Attachment can include many feelings, among them:

However, we have no influence on the emerging emotions, we feel them regardless of our will. We have the ability to influence thoughts and behavior caused by emotions, but we must recognize and immediately respond to them.

An example is the prohibitions often used by parents. For example: a teenager lied to his mother, so she takes away his mobile phone as a punishment.

Besides the fact that one has nothing to do with the other, the emotions of the parent took over — the mother became angry because she was deceived. As a result of anger, an idea arose of punishing the child.

Parents do not want to admit that they feel, especially if these feelings are unpleasant. They mask their helplessness, guilt, excessive activity.

Therefore, those who want to change their upbringing of children for the better, should encourage them to experience what they feel in their emotions and feelings.

Fighting emotions and feelings

Each of us has the right to experience different emotions and feelings. Learning to recognize what we are experiencing is difficult. When we are calm:

  • body relaxed;
  • soft muscles;
  • deep breathing

It is worth paying attention to the signals of the body to clarify the internal state. It is well known that stress reduces immunity, increasing the risk of colds. Emotions and feelings can be so intense that the behavior as a result of these experiences becomes ill-conceived.

If we allow ourselves to get involved in emotions, we usually regret it later.

Emotions that are not controlled can cause tremendous harm. For example, tireless anger, often caused by helplessness and lack of support, causes fatigue.

There is a vicious circle — the more fatigue, the more anger.

How to learn to control your emotions

Lack of or lack of mutual awareness in the relationship between parent and child affects the deteriorating behavior of the child. Accordingly, the worse the child behaves, the greater the likelihood that the parent will react violently.

If the parent does not stop and enjoys emotions, they accumulate, begin to control him, as a result, self-control is lost. The ability of the parent to self-control allows you to have a great influence on the behavior of the child. As a result:

  • the parent cries less or does not scream at all;
  • the child does not strike;
  • the child is not subject to punishments that are “disproportionate”.

Ways to help control emotions and feelings

Consider the most effective.

  1. Think about what you feel at the moment. Speak it out loud. For example: I am angry, I am unhappy, I am weak, I hate …
  2. Breathe deeply, let the belly rise and fall like a chest.
  3. Count in your mind on the number 100, skipping every 3 digits: 100, 97, 94, etc. Focusing on counting can restore your ability to calm thinking.
  4. Keep your fists tight and shake them off.
  5. Think about the consequences of your actions,
  6. Think about your needs.
  7. Praise and reward yourself for having managed to control negative emotions.

There is nothing to fight with feelings, they still appear, but you should not give in to them every time!

Tips to help cope with negative

Smile! Smiling, we send ourselves a positive signal, the mood changes for the better. As a result of the experiments, the close connection between feelings and facial expression was confirmed.

Listen to yourself: you are sad and bad, but you start (with a little force) to smile. Changes in this case are guaranteed!

Feel like a child. Take off your shoes and stand on the grass, close your eyes, turn to the sun. If possible, go out into the forest, hug a tree.

Sitting at home or in the office, listen to relaxing music. The soothing effect of singing birds.

Watch people. I calm down, watching people, for example, in a bus or subway.

I think I wish them all the best, I would like them to get what they lack from fate. I see a woman in a wig, without eyebrows and eyelashes — I wish her health.

I see a beautiful girl in high heels — I wish her true love.

Bring the body and mind in motion. Unfortunately, I am not an athlete, but I love two things: swimming and cycling. These hobbies help get rid of bad emotions.

Movement is the best response to stress. I experienced it on myself!

When I walk or run, I mentally move to solve a problem.

How to learn to control your emotions

Create an oasis of peace. I mean a place where you will feel as comfortable as possible.

You can decorate your “oasis of the world” with bells, hearts, flowers. Close your eyes, stay in your favorite place and after a while your mood will improve.

As a child I spent a lot of time in the hospital. Then I imagined that I had a space ship at hand, filled with pillows and puffs. I could fly as I wanted.

The imagination of a warm, soft and safe place helped me a lot. Some call it visualization.

How to learn to control your emotions

Focus on what depends on you. Well, unfortunately, not all.

I cannot stop the war, but I can support people who are in a difficult situation. I can do charity.

I can not avoid the disease, but I can find out its cause by consulting a doctor.

I can recover and prevent the development of the disease in the future. I can not protect my child from all the evil that exists in this world, but I can teach him wisdom.


I would like to note that controlling emotions is really difficult. But if you cope with such a task, then you are a strong-willed person.

The presented relaxation techniques help to distract from bad thoughts and concentrate solely on good ones.

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