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How to learn about love compatibility in a pair of names

Secrets of compatibility names in love and marriage

Name compatibility is a very interesting and useful topic. If you, like me, are interested in it — then I suggest you conduct a fascinating review of the compatibility of names in marriage and love in this material.

How to learn about love compatibility in a pair of names

What are the power of the names?

Names at all times had a certain meaning, they were designed to focus on the character traits that parents would dream of seeing in their children. For example, the translation of the name Andrei from Greek means “bold,” and the name Helen means “chosen.”

Our ancestors were piously convinced that the fate of the child directly depends on the name of the child at birth. Interestingly, according to the results of modern research, such a theory is not only not refuted, but even, on the contrary, is confirmed even more.

What are the functions that the human name does?

  • tells about the relationship;
  • legalizes the person in society;
  • promotes self-identification;
  • performs the myth-making function.

Names contribute to creating around us certain vibrations that affect both the individual and those around him.

The latter should make a special emphasis. The name is a unique sound code, the vibration that we receive, being born to this light. In astrology, it is believed that knowing the name of a person is really a conclusion about his:

  • behavior;
  • habits;
  • tastes and hobbies;
  • interactions with members of the opposite sex.

Useful recommendation! When you have free time, try to analyze all your close surroundings.

Most likely, you notice that with some people who are namesakes, you communicate more easily than with others.

And, perhaps, sometime you just hear someone’s name and you can already tell something about this person. Or do you feel (always experienced) an attraction to people with specific names? How is a name able to gain power over human feelings?

Why can we only judge by the name of a person’s personality without even being familiar with it?

In order to find answers to the listed and a number of other questions, you should come to grips with studying name compatibility. Scientists have long proved that names create certain vibrations that spread to the outside world.

With some of these vibrations, you coexist much more difficult than with others — in this case, they talk about poor compatibility in love.

So, if you want to achieve harmony on a personal front, you should pay particular attention to the topic of compatibility in relationships.

What gives the name compatibility test?

Having studied the compatibility of partners by name, you can:

  • make a conclusion about the further development of relations;
  • analyze the problems of your couple;
  • Having received the necessary information in a timely manner, you will be able to correct some points in order to improve relations.

In total, a variety of methods for interpreting compatibility by name are known. But the most popular are:

  1. Carrying out analysis of numeric codes that are inherent in all names.
  2. The treatment of the letters that make up the name with its value.

Let’s further analyze these techniques «on the shelves.»

Review of the numerological method

Numerological compatibility is good because you can independently and without applying special efforts find out your compatibility with any other names.

At the same time, the meaning of the name or its origin does not play any role at all. The only important thing is his spelling and the number of the name.

Let’s look at the example of two names: Marina and Alexander. Pay your attention to the fact that in the process of calculations it is necessary to take the name only in its full form, and not in an abbreviated version.

The calculation itself is very simple — you will be required to take each of the letters of your name, find it by its ordinal number in the alphabet, and then begin to add all the numbers.

How to learn about love compatibility in a pair of names

Table of correspondence of letters of the alphabet to numbers is given below:

  • The letter A — corresponds to the unit;
  • B — two;
  • B — three;
  • G — four;
  • D — five;
  • E — six;
  • ё — seven;
  • J — eight;
  • N — nine;
  • And — a dozen;
  • Y — number eleven;
  • K — twelve;
  • L — thirteen;
  • M — fourteen;
  • H — fifteen;
  • O — sixteen;
  • P — seventeen;
  • P — eighteen;
  • C — nineteen;
  • T — twenty;
  • U is twenty one;
  • F — twenty-two;
  • X — twenty three;
  • C — twenty-four;
  • H — twenty-five;
  • W — twenty six;
  • U — twenty seven;
  • The solid mark is twenty-eight;
  • S — twenty nine;
  • B — thirty;
  • E — thirty one;
  • U — thirty-two;
  • I’m thirty-three.

Then for Marina the calculation will be as follows:

Now we should add the numbers of both partners, as a result of which we get their personal number of love:

It turned out the number 149, however, in numerology there are extremely simple numbers from 1 to 9. Therefore, to get the real number of your love, you need to add the number again as follows:

1 + 4 + 9 = 14, add the numbers again:

1 + 4 = 5. It turns out that the number of love couples will be five.

And if you have not yet met your soul mate — then you can try to pick up names in such a way that you have the most acceptable indicator.

Otherwise, you will simply learn in advance about possible problems, as well as prospects and failures.

How to decipher the numbers

We now turn to the most interesting — deciphering the result.

Unit characteristics

The unit is the number of unity and harmony. Previously, numerologists often conducted disputes concerning the true meaning of the number one.

Then, finally, they were able to make the correct conclusion that 1 symbolizes complete harmony at the level of feelings.

If the number of your pair has become one, then this is a sign from above, indicating the need for the most active and rapid development of your senses. Let no difficulties and life troubles confuse you on this path.

Just tell each other the words of love and try to protect your loved one from any unpleasant events. You are lucky, because you are one.

And the only nuance that can ruin your relationship is the appearance of possible difficulties with the relatives of your loved one. But with the help of a diplomatic approach, you will cope with this difficulty in two ways.

How to learn about love compatibility in a pair of names

Characteristics of two

The number “two” indicates that the spirit of rivalry is clearly visible in your relationship. Such relationships cause an analogy with military actions, you are constantly competing with each other.

Of course, at the expense of such constant rivalry, you will increase your success in life, however, this will increase the likelihood that everything will start to spin out of control.

During the first years of living together, you can even feel that everything is in order, however, over time, quarrels begin to arise like mushrooms after rain.

Characteristics of the three

The triple is an obvious indicator of spiritual love. Of course, there are chances that you will feel bored by the moments, however, it is quite possible to cope with this problem if you have enough patience.

You will face in your relationship with the fact that something will not go out. Some of the participants in the couple want to give up a little earlier, because the story of this love and the subsequent marriage are faced with a lot of experiences.

Therefore, wanting to preserve your feelings — it is worth learning to optimistic thinking. Let the focus of your attention be directed solely forward, not backward.

Characteristics of four

Your relationship is too material and superficial. Most likely, you will be satisfied with the physical side of your love for a long time, but with the spiritual connection there will be difficulties from the very beginning stages.

Participants in such relationships have different priorities, just as different moral principles.

Most likely, that in such a union there will be difficulties with the partner’s parents. Plus, the beloved are not too many mutual friends and friends, which also contributes to the separation from each other.

Characteristics of the five

The number five represents the middle ground. Such relationships and love can live for a very long time without any particular difficulties.

True, sometimes in such a union, people may become a little bored — it will become a kind of payment for the calm and regularity that prevails in your life.

The five correspond to a strong, stable family, as both partners manage to make compromise decisions. Enamored quarrel not very often and at the same time perfectly understand each other.

It will be just fine if you are additionally connected by some other common cause or hobby. Then your relationship will be filled with even greater harmony, and you can be very happy in them.

How to learn about love compatibility in a pair of names

Characteristics of the six

The six symbolizes a friendly beginning. Most likely, the birth of love in your couple was gradual.

In any case, this number says that you can safely maintain complete confidence in yourself and in your loved one.

Such a union is very favorable, because in it both of its members adopt mutual experiences of each other. However, be vigilant — if you turn on the wrong track and begin to solve your problems with the help of quarrels and conflicts, Mrs. Luck will stop helping you.

This is not an ideal compatibility option, but also quite good.

Characteristics of the seven

Seven in the question of love relationships is responsible for the energy of passions and emotions. Often, emotions may even be too much, so the share of reasonable sanity will never become redundant.

You will need to correctly evaluate each situation.

Also take care of equality in your union. Indeed, otherwise it will be very and very difficult for you to achieve the desired harmony.

Try to do all the classes together and not leave each other for a long period of time.

Characteristics of the eight

Eight traditionally symbolizes infinity. But as for love compatibility, here, unfortunately, everything will not be so optimistic.

Such a pair is characterized by walking in a circle with alternating endless conflicts and life difficulties. If you want to leave the vicious circle — take a break from each other more often.

Sometimes it’s helpful for you to bore a little bit of your loved one.

But if you for a moment feel a surge of indifference — a bad sign, signaling that problems are coming. For relationships with the figure of “eight,” manifestations of egoism are very characteristic, but it’s important not to overreact, otherwise your relationship will always be “on the verge”, like sharp ice under your feet.

Characteristic Nines

Nine is designed to indicate a fairly good love compatibility in a pair. You match each other by name, and therefore you should not waste time. Such a pair is very successful and let you not be afraid of problems — they will not be able to give you too much discomfort.

Love between people in the union “nine” lives for a long time, but, of course, remember that no relationship can be perfect. In this case, we can talk about differences in the perception of the world.

An important point! In no case should you make any decisions based on the compatibility of names alone.

This information should be taken more as a reference and as a guide to improve their relationships.

How does the sound of a name affect compatibility in love?

Adherents of the following method advise analyzing the further development of relations, having studied the meaning of all the letters of the name. A name, like any other word, is a collection of sounds, all of which we perceive in different ways.

So, different names (and accordingly, people who bear them) are also associated with some specific things.

If in the names of partners there are a lot of identical letters — this indicates good compatibility in love. That is why it is believed that people with the most similar names as possible are more successful in relationships (for example, Victor and Victoria).

What are all the letters of the alphabet in the names?

  • A — tells about the authoritativeness, inner power, energy of a person;
  • B — associated with the ability to achieve goals, allows you to feel the information more than others;
  • B — unification with the surrounding reality with a certain degree of overhead;
  • G — tells about the scrupulousness, passion for mysteries;
  • D — will indicate the presence of extrasensory abilities in a person, will tell about openness in communication and small capriciousness;
  • E — the ability to cope with obstacles, the desire to talk, a person sees the true essence of things;
  • E — the letter serves as an index of emotion, allows you to express yourself;
  • F — speaks of a rich inner world, which, however, diligently hides from others because of disbelief in their own strengths;
  • H — developed intuitive abilities against the background of dissatisfaction with the level of their wealth;
  • I / I — peacekeeping life position, the presence of a fine mental organization;
  • K — tells about the stability, insight;
  • L — the ability to invent something, a person has developed acting abilities, is very scrupulous, pedantic;
  • M — an index of shyness, hard work, desire to care for someone and love for trifles;
  • Н — tells about a lively mind, high ambitions, interest in a healthy lifestyle;
  • O — increased emotional excitability with a certain amount of incontinence;
  • P — the letter is associated with loneliness, isolation, care, but only about its appearance;
  • Р — desire to adhere to established canons, faith in one’s own strength;
  • C — the presence of a sharp pragmatic mind, the desire to constantly keep the situation under control, gusts of jealousy;
  • T — a tendency to self-development and sensitivity;
  • Y — high intuit abilities, the presence of a fine mental organization, the ability to empathize;
  • F — an original approach to life, unwillingness to live according to the framework established by society, the desire to exaggerate everything, but against the background of tender nature;
  • X — a passion for change, dissatisfaction with the intimate sphere of life;
  • C — pride, the presence of developed leadership qualities;
  • H — ambition, complemented by loyalty;
  • Ø — a great sense of humor, a desire to dominate, inability to find compromise solutions to problems;
  • U — wonderful intellectual abilities, the desire to achieve goals, a wide soul;
  • Kommersant — the desire to find compromise solutions in love, delicacy;
  • Y — the letter tells about practicality, earthiness;
  • B — the desire to get to the true nature of things;
  • E — the presence of oratorical qualities, the person is very curious;
  • Yu — tells about a strong character, the ability to sacrifice themselves for the sake of someone else;
  • I — the letter is responsible for a sense of pride, intelligence, creativity.

Note! The length of the name you can get additional information about the nature of the nature of its owner.

So the more letters in the name — the more rigid and complex nature the carrier has. And from this it follows that short and monosyllabic names indicate the softness and harmlessness of people.

Exceptions to this rule are only a few names: Peter, Irina and Olga.

What distinguishes the sound analysis of the name

Proponents of the study of the names of the sound analysis suggests that:

  • The presence of “growling” letters in the names will indicate obstinacy, a strong-willed character of the person. And the more of them in the name — the stronger these features appear.
  • It should be noted that in addition to the name itself, the nature and perception of a person’s life will also be greatly influenced by the middle name. It either strengthens or, on the contrary, weakens certain personality characteristics.

For example, a couple whose members are soft Valentina and tough Oleg at first glance does not look too harmonious, however, if we consider their union together with the middle names, then there is a much more pleasant picture:

Valentina Leonidovna and Oleg Maksimovich. In both patronymic words the stress is on the second syllable, which contributes to smoothing the dissonance in the names, due to which mutual understanding between the partners increases and the success of their relationship increases.

Useful recommendation! If you love each other with your chosen one, but according to compatibility analysis by names, the low probability of success in relationships is shown, then you can make a tricky and “give” your beloved a new name — in the form of a tender nickname that you will constantly use in everyday life .

How to learn about love compatibility in a pair of names

Finally I would like to add that even the most positive result of the compatibility of names in love is not capable of 100% to insure you from the gap. Even if you and your partner are fairly well compatible — still keep your ears open, since God alone knows what the next turn is hiding … Therefore, even in the case of good compatibility, we do not advise you to relax and passively treat your relationship.

Love and relationships are always the result of the efforts of both lovers. With the help of compatibility by name between a man and a woman, you will know which way you need to move in order to protect yourself from mistakes.

Success in the love sphere of life will accompany you, provided you have a sober assessment of your capabilities and goals.

At the end of such an interesting topic, I recommend that you watch a not less fascinating video:

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