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How to know the color of your aura — an interesting creative method

An interesting way to learn the color of your aura

The aura is a thin, invisible to the outside eye, the shell surrounding each physical body. It contains information about the characteristics of a person’s personality, his life habits, health status, and characteristic features of the mental and sensual sphere.

Many people who are interested in bio-energy are worried about the question: “How can I find out the color of my aura?”. Read about it in the next post.

How to know the color of your aura - an interesting creative method

Interesting information about the human aura

  1. Aura tends to constantly vary in its color variations, but despite this, each person has some specific color, characteristic only for him.
  2. All changes to your state are immediately displayed on the color of the biofield.
  3. A process that is rather difficult to explain is the interaction of auras of different people with each other. Contacting each time, energy shells tend to lighten or darken. No contact remains unmarked at the human biofield.

It is for this reason that some people cause us sympathy on a subconscious level, while others, on the contrary, are antipathetic — it’s all about the similarity (or dissimilarity) of our auras. When the sound of two auras is harmonious, such people attract each other and easily find common understanding.

  1. Each person has his own unique body odor, which is caused by hormones and many other indicators. The smell acts as a true characteristic of the essence of a person just like an aura. There can be no such thing that a person with good energy smells badly or, on the contrary, that the evil person is fragrant.

How to determine the color of your aura

When sunlight enters into interaction with the energy shell of a person, the formation of new shades occurs, which most directly affect our destiny! For each person, the aura has its main color — red, blue, green, it is real as much as the division into blood groups is real.

Then we will tell you how to know your aura. This will help you a very simple experiment. For him, you will need to stock up on ordinary oil dyes in tubes of different colors.

The main colors will be yellow, blue and red. They can not be created by mixing other colors, but they are possible to obtain absolutely any shade.

The degree of color saturation correlates with the amount of a person’s internal energy. So, for example, choleric and melancholic in their temperament is very «bright.»

Such people by nature have a not too balanced nervous system, so at the subconscious level they try to avoid too bright saturated color variations, because the latter can cause a surge of emotions in them.

How to know the color of your aura - an interesting creative method

But to cold and closed people, on the contrary, with bright colors is very comfortable — they emotionally warm them thanks to their inner warmth.

After reviewing the theory, you can proceed to practical action.

  • Spread one tube of yellow, red and blue dye in front of you;
  • Put your thoughts in order — calm down and harmonize the mind;
  • Squeeze paint from each tube in the amount you wish and mix the dyes. Your task is to create such a picture that will make you feel a sense of inner warmth and comfort;

Now you will need to establish with what tinge your inner “I” is associated. This information will help you learn more about your own inclinations and even to some extent predict your future.

  • Tie your eyes with a bandage that does not transmit light. But you can not fix it too tight — otherwise, in the case of increased squeezing of skin receptors, you risk getting unreliable results.
  • Seeing nothing, you need to mix tubes with yellow, red and blue dye. Keep the tube covers well closed.
  • Continue to drive over the tubes with the palms of both hands until you begin to feel the heat from them. Using your intuition, choose the paint that seems to be the most “warm”.
  • Remove the bandage and squeeze the dye as much as you want from the selected tube to the previously obtained color spot.
  • Now it is important to mix the shades evenly and can be taken for interpretation of the final result.

What do the different colors of the aura

For the validity of the experiment, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with what experts in the field of color therapy think about this or that tone.

  1. If you get more red — you are undoubtedly a bright, easily impressed person who often suffers from heightened emotionality and expressiveness. But pronounced artistic abilities help you to achieve harmony with the surrounding reality.

You are the very person without whom it will be very boring, you always create the atmosphere of a show wherever you go. There are a lot of celebrities among people with a red aura who live by the principle of “pan or disappeared” and often take risks.

Red color corresponds to the fiery element, therefore, most often “red” personalities come out victorious in different life situations.

  1. A blue biofield is typical for individuals who are more controlled by sound logic and not feelings. Often they become scouts, rescuers — they choose those areas where iron will is needed.

The carriers of the blue energy shell are distinguished by a good taste and a striving for perfectionism. They like to go to museums and attend sporting events.

  1. Aura blue — indicates meekness and hard work. It should be noted that this color is quite rare, «heavenly», gives its owner (or owner) a truly angelic patience.
    How to know the color of your aura - an interesting creative method
  2. Yellow — symbolizes the mind and harmony. It is very similar to the white color, which combines all the tones of the solar spectrum into one. In general, the yellow aura is a fairly harmonious option, but some «catch» lies in its various varieties.

For example, owners of lemon aura are depressed consciousness.

Those whose biofield correlates with saffron or orange hues, have a sharp mind, are quick-witted and have a tendency to exact disciplines, but at the same time show excessive meticulousness in everything, making them a bit “boring”.

  1. Brown is obtained by combining red, blue and yellow dyes. Brown tones combine in themselves the passion of red, as well as the coldness of blue and the sharp mind of yellow.

It turns out a very interesting option — an excellent communicator that will easily find a common language with anyone. A wonderful traveling salesman, negotiating on the highest level with the ability to solve even very complicated life situations.

People with brown aura can easily feel and reveal the intrigues of others due to the fact that their biofield hides another color in itself — green, which is formed as a result of mixing blue and yellow dyes.

  1. Green color symbolizes eternal youth, love of life and youthful fuse. People with a green aura tend to accept the surrounding reality exactly as it is and adhere to established by other orders. Thanks to this quality, they will easily find positive moments in any, even the most dismal situation.

This is a very optimistic personality. It cannot be said that they always think soberly, but their originality and amusement cannot be taken away from them. “Greens” are distinguished by almost childlike sincerity and gullibility.

But they rarely suffer from deceptions, because they are very good, loyal and devoted friends.

Communicating with them is a pleasure, but sometimes people around can suffer a little from their “cute pranks”.

  1. Purple is the color of successful people. People with a violet biofield live according to the principle: “First make a deal, and then walk boldly”.

They prefer to live by their own rules, which also have the courage to dictate to others. And if you break them — you will have a very hard time. «Violet» may be tough, but for them it is uncharacteristically long to be offended by someone.

They like to philosophize, so they often occupy posts of state officials, scientists or (at the lowest stage of development) become cunning and deceivers.

The violet biofield at the same time gives its owner both passion and composure, and this is due to the complex combination of energetic red with vibrations of aristocratic blue.

Knowing the color of your energy envelope and the characteristics inherent in it, it will be easier for you to understand yourself, your behavior in this or that situation. Perhaps you will thus open your eyes to certain moments that previously caused you to be surprised or indignant.

We recommend that you finish reading the article by viewing an informative video.

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