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How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

How to get rid of a rival and return the husband to the family: conspiracies, rituals, prayers

The lapel of a loved one from the girlfriend or the impact on the sinful relationship through the rasmorki and ostudy — these are effective methods to end the unauthorized relationship, but their use poses many dangers. Not the fact that the husband turned away from his mistress wants to return to the family and does not try to fill the spiritual emptiness with alcohol, and the spouse herself will forgive the traitor and accept him unconditionally.

Any magic action that affects the minds and actions of other people is compensated by the loss of emotional balance of all participants in the procedure, but the responsibility for the event is entirely on the performer. If a woman is sure that the enterprise is justified and is willing to take risks, she only needs to decide on the type of ritual and the key object of witchcraft exposure.

You can get rid of your rival in several ways, the softest of which are considered “ostudy” and “rassorki.” The disadvantages of such rituals aimed at the gradual destruction of an illegal connection are the need for multiple repetitions and the unpredictable remoteness of the desired effect.

Expect a break in relations between lovers have from two months to 2-3 years. During this time, spent in constant conflict, a man often becomes mentally unstable, loses interest in life and returns to his ex-wife from despair, not love.

The “lapels”, which are readable to one or both lovers at the same time and affect, respectively, the key person indicated in the plot have more powerful and unambiguous actions. At home, the cuffs are made from a photograph or a personal item of an object, less often — with just his name.

It should be understood that the lapel of love, even if it does not carry the goal of lime or punish an opponent, is the same damage. It’s very dangerous to start a ceremony without having magical experience or the necessary knowledge, because the final result, no matter how it turns out, will remain forever.

There are several important rules in the field of home magic, the observance of which will help not only to permanently remove the rival, but also to return the beloved man to the family:

  • no need to wish a rival disease or death;
  • lovers or outsiders should not be allowed to know about the rituals performed;
  • texts of conspiracies and the algorithm of the ceremony is learned by heart in advance;
  • strong, “black” cuffs are performed between midnight and three o’clock in the morning, the cuffs of medium strength, “rassorki” and “ostudy” — at sunset;
  • all rituals for braving rivals are held on a waning moon.

Believers will have to immediately abandon the idea of ​​forcibly preserving their family and thinking to defeat their rival with magic, since the Church deeply condemns such actions. The methods of marriage salvation permitted in holy Orthodoxy denied interfering with a person’s personal choice and only allow plea for prayer and appeal to the cheater’s conscience through thoughts of a spouse.

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

Making lovers feel disgust for each other and losing love in a constant showdown of relationships is best done when they affect their energy connection. Conspiracies of this type are the safest for the performer, since they do not direct the flow of negatives directly towards any of the participants in the sinful union.

The mental channel, which feeds the feelings of lovers, is gradually destroyed, and they complete the rest of the “work” themselves, creating unbearable conditions for living together.

The exception will be couples united “by fate”, that is, they are formed by people originally intended for each other. In this case, it will not be possible to get rid of the rival using neutral methods — you will have to turn to the rituals of dark magic or retreat and accept the inevitable.

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

The lapel «on the egg» is applicable in the case when the spouse does not have pictures and personal things of her husband, and the only thing that is known about the womb is her name. The plot is read with a lit church candle immediately after sunset.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. 1. A few minutes before sunset, the witch lights a candle on the table, sets a glass bowl with cold water in front of her, puts a fresh egg and a new bread knife.
  2. 2. After waiting for the right time, the woman takes the egg in her left hand and with a thin red marker or paint writes on one side of her the full name of the traitor, and on the other — the wedlock.
  3. 3. The egg is broken with a knife over a bowl in such a way that both halves of the shell with the written names break up separately.
  4. 4. The shells are laid out on the left and right sides of the bowl and the fortuneteer, looking at the egg yolk in the water, read the plot: “The shell will not be overgrown, I will not be born with a stranger, it’s not like the chicken, between the two The knife (the name of the husband) to (the name of the mistress) is no longer available. It split, broke, spread, spilled. Slaves (the name of her husband and mistress) are now apart. ”
  5. 5. In conclusion, the water with the egg mass is flushed down the toilet, and the shells are immediately wrapped in two pieces of paper and taken out into the street, away from the house, where they are buried at a great distance from each other.

This rite can be strengthened by producing it on the sixth lunar day. The reading is done once, but with a weak effect it can be repeated after 2-3 months.

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

The conspiracy on daily quarrels and mutual cooling of lovers is pronounced in the first three days of the descending of the Moon and repeated 2-3 times before the onset of the new moon.

Before the onset of midnight, you need to go outside (outside the gate of your house), turn your face to the clear star and say clearly three times:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

The holy water ritual is very effective at the stage of the husband’s free relationship with his passion, when the man continues to live with his wife, but occasionally changes her. Even better, the spell will work if the ruler from time to time invades the space of the spouses and the energy of the home is in direct contact with her biofield.

In the first days of the waning moon, the deceived spouse must bring a candle from the church and find a photograph of her husband in full growth at home. Exactly at midnight, you need to turn off the light in the house and begin the ritual:

  1. 1. A church candle is placed in the middle of the table and lit.
  2. 2. A glass of water is placed in front of her, against which a photograph of her husband is leaning.
  3. 3. Looking at the flame of a candle, a woman relaxes and mentally merges herself with fire, letting it in at a point at the level of the eyebrows strictly above the bridge of the nose. There should be felt heat, spreading gradually throughout the body.
  4. 4. Having fixed the sensation of heat in the body and mind, you need to slowly look at the image of the husband and say: “The holy water will not converge with the fire, and the Lord’s servant (name) will not turn away from me. Never will God’s servant (name) lead him away, in my grief you cannot find happiness. Amen!».
  5. 5. At the word “Amen,” you need to take a candle in your right hand, turn it over and quickly dip it into the water with a burning end.

After all the actions are performed, when the light is on, the water from the glass is poured into a jar, and the candle is wrapped in a white piece of paper. Before dawn, you need to get rid of both attributes: pour water into any natural reservoir with a strong current, or drain it into sewage, and bury the candle into the ground where people do not walk.

Ostuda on the waning moon is read three days in a row, if the husband has just begun to cheat on his wife, 5 days — if he has seriously become interested in his mistress, and 9 days — if he has left the family. In advance you need to buy an oval mirror in a simple frame and a thin church candle.

A prerequisite for the ritual is the presence of personal belongings, hair, or photographs of the separation woman and the spouse.

The rite begins after sunset, in clear weather:

  1. 1. The fortuneteller sits at the table and on his left hand places a glass of water, and on his right a lit candle.
  2. 2. A photograph (thing) of a mistress leans against a glass, and items that belonged to her husband to a candle. If it is hair, then it is twisted by rings and put near a glass and a candle.
  3. 3. Focusing on the images of an explosive and a spouse (they need to be imagined separately, with gloomy, dissatisfied persons), the fortune-teller takes a candle in his right hand and extinguishes it in a glass of water with the words: “Water and fire each other shun two servants of God (names) will avoid each other. «
  4. 4. After that, the candle must be dried with a paper napkin and again lit it.
  5. 5. After 1-2 minutes the manipulations with the extinguishing of the candles will be repeated, but with other words: “The fire runs from the water, and the servants of God (names) escape from each other.”
  6. 6. Again the wick is thoroughly dried and ignited.
  7. 7. The final time, the flame is extinguished with such a sentence: “Fire and water will never converge, just as the two servants of God (names) will not be together anymore.”

After the ceremony, the thing, hair or photo of lovers is wrapped separately in two pieces of cloth (a candle candle is placed in the female bundle) and buried in the ground at a distance from each other.

Having access to the house where the former spouse lives with a new passion, it is easy to make a magic lining and thereby get rid of the opponent faster. As it successfully serves simple salt, which speaks on the first day of the waning moon.

Work is carried out after midnight:

  1. 1. Pour the salt from the new pack into a white dish.
  2. 2. Behind him light a thin church candle.
  3. 3. Put palms on top of the salt and read the plot.
  4. 4. The text is pronounced without pause until the candle burns to the end.
  5. 5. Salt is poured into a dry jar.

Words of conspiracy to salt:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

All conspired salt must be used until the next full moon, and pouring it in several grains is possible wherever lovers appear: in their home, at work, on the road they usually walk.

The lapel in the photo gives a good result, even when the lovers formed a strong love affair or have already entered into a marriage.

It is impossible in this way to destroy the relationship enshrined in the wedding ceremony, since the union consecrated by the church is under the protection of God and the former wife will receive nothing but a painful magical recoil.

The reading takes place on a joint photo of lovers or a collage created in a graphic editor using different photos of a husband and a female wedlock.

The ceremony is started in the first minutes after the onset of midnight:

  1. 1. In both hands, a woman lights a thin church candle and picks up a photograph of lovers.
  2. 2. The picture needs to be broken from one strong jerk so that the images of people on it are divided. At the same time, with pressure and anger, a conspiracy is read: “I tear not the picture, but the feelings of God’s servants (names). In order not to be together, not to baptize children, not to wait for grandchildren! Happiness they can not see together, dawn does not meet, do not pass the night! Tearing up! Tear up forever! Amen! «
  3. 3. A half of the photograph with her husband is put aside (then hidden in a secluded place), and the second piece of the photo is torn into small pieces with the words: “Throw it away! Cleaning up I am separated! «

Before dawn, you need to get out of the house, holding snatches of the photo in your fist, and at the nearest intersection dispel them downwind to all four sides.

If in the relationship of lovers, the initiative role is played by a woman, then it is necessary to influence her with strong conspiracies that cool the passion and cause indifference to the partner. Having lost the supporting fire, the union will collapse by itself, and it will be easy for the guy to return to the family.

If the initiator of communication was made by a man, but the spouse still does not wish to direct a magic blow in his direction, then spells will help with which the ruler will feel discomfort next to someone else’s husband and will avoid meetings in every possible way. This effect is promoted by spells with appeal to dark forces that awaken feelings of anxiety, fear and disgust in the bewitched person.

Cool lover mistress and make her stay away from her husband’s simple conspiracy into the wind, which is done in two stages.

First you need to emotionally charge a piece of paper with the name of the person apart from written on it. To do this, after the onset of midnight in the first days of the waning moon, when the burning candle of a black color, the fortune-teller writes on one side of the paper everything that she knows about her opponent: year of birth, place of residence and work, favorite color — everything that can be remembered.

On the other side, the name of the competitor is written in capital letters.

The procedure is carried out with a strong emotional lift — filling the page with information, the fortune-teller can even curse and scold the spouse. Then the sheet is cleaned up before the first windy night, during which (after sunset) the woman should go to a flat place and break the leaf identified with a razluchnitsy into small pieces.

Scattering the fragments in the wind, the creeping words in the direction of the wind say:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

For the plot, you will need a photo of your opponent (a printout from the Internet is suitable) and a taper brought from the morning Sunday service. This lapel, readable to a runt, is considered one of the lightest, therefore it acts well on breaking a purely carnal love without serious sensory experiences from both partners.

At midnight, you need to light a candle on the table and warm it well so that the wax becomes plastic. When the candlestick camp softens, a picture of the opponent leans against him and the plot is read nine times:

“The flame of a candle burns, burns out, and my dear from coarse passion cools. Wax melts, love decreases. God’s servant (the name of the opponent) goes away, does not lead a man behind him.

They shouldn’t lie in bed anymore, they don’t meet old age together. As said, it will happen.

My word is strong. Amen».

On the last word of the spell, you need to blow out the candle and quickly, while the wax is warm, form a ball from it (or tie a wax rod to the knot). Then the photo of the female wedlock folds in four, facing inwards and hiding in a dark corner of the house until the love affair disappears.

A candle knot is taken away from the house and buried in a vacant lot.

A plot of boiling water will bring a rival many unpleasant experiences, if she does not leave her husband in peace in time. In order not to incur serious misfortune and not to pay for it with a strong negative pullback after the ritual comes into effect, you need to go to church and pray for the health of your rival in front of her nominal icon.

Any day of the waning moon is suitable for ritual. Immediately after sunset, the woman should boil the water in a small saucepan and, looking at the boiling liquid, say:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

Then the pot should be quickly rearranged into a basin with cold water and periodically, as the boiling water cools, approach it and recite: “You, water, quickly cool down, and you (the name of the opponent) will always be left behind my (name of my beloved).” Cool down, cool off, turn away from my (beloved name). ”

Before dawn, cooled corners generously shed all corners of an apartment or house, moving counterclockwise. During the procedure, you need to read slander forty times: “Go forever, do not even be near him, even forget about him forever.”

To ward off a husband from a husband who is visiting her house in the absence of his wife and feels that she is the mistress will be helped by a very simple ritual. On the day of the ceremony you need to buy a small padlock on the market and spoil all but one of the keys included in the kit.

At midnight, you need to take a good key in your right hand, and a lock in your left hand and stand on the threshold of your apartment with your back to the front door. The lock must first be latched, then opened with a key, then closed again and said aloud:

“I lock the castle, I call the brownie. You rival chase a filthy broom so as not to fool your beloved head with a hoax. Cross the threshold — the trouble primchitsya with all legs.

If the lock opens, it will calm your heart. Amen! «

On the same night, the lock is carried away away from the house and buried in a secluded place, and the key must be thrown into a river or lake.

Eliminate rival for 1 day by inviting your lover for dinner, dedicated to any event. Only one dish is served at the table — fish bought live in the morning and baked in the oven.

Prepare the fish like this:

  1. 1. Having come home, the sleepy fish is immediately gutted, and the insides, the head and tail are thrown to street cats.
  2. 2. The washed and cleaned fish is placed on the table, a plate with salt is placed next to it and a spell is recited.
  3. 3. Now you need to rub the fish with salt and spices and bake whole.

The more the conspirator eats the husband, the better the result will be. You can take the rest of the food with him — it will be good if the lover of this fish tries.

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

In order to arouse rival intolerance towards the man she led, so that she herself left or kicked him out of her home, the wife must buy a handful of poppies on the market and sprinkle him near the threshold of her home.

As soon as the first birds sit on the ground and begin to peck the seed, the woman quickly spells the conspiracy three times:

“Birds fly past the house, past the poppy. Sit near my doorstep. Peck poppy.

So let the one that the servant of God (the name of her husband), stole and steal, disappear from our life, our family, as soon as the poppy is eaten by all the birds. Amen!»

Then the fortuneer quickly goes into the house, so as not to frighten the birds away and quietly waits for the result.

The black plot on the pin, readable on the blood of the performer, has a powerful recurring power, so a woman, inexperienced in magic, is better to refrain from such a ritual.

If everything is done correctly, the competitor will quickly let the alien man away from him, since he will begin to feel depressed and broken next to him.

Having waited until midnight of the first day of the descending of the Moon, the fortuneteller lights a black candle and in its light with a new disinfected pin pricks himself with the ring finger of his left hand. When a drop of blood comes through, a conspiracy is read:

“Iron is cold, blood hungry, as with a needle it hurts me, and even a slave (the name of a runt) with (name of a man) hurts more than three times, yes a hundredfold, and a thousand times. As I suffer, so it suffers, once and ten, and a hundred, and a thousand, as the needle pulls out of the finger, so (the name of the woman) from (name of the man) will forever reject, henceforth and forever.


The pin needs to be thickened in the blood, then dried and, if possible, put it into the house where the ruler lives, so that the villain does not find the lining.

In order to eliminate the separation in unfavorable circumstances and to open the husband’s eyes to her negative qualities, they use conspiracies that address the feelings and mind of the spouse.

Despite the fact that these rituals work very quickly, they have a strong negative side: the returning husband will keep himself aloof for some time and not perceive his spouse as a woman.

By showing patience and not aggravating the situation, the fortune-teller will be able to return the former passion to marital relations, but with the wrong behavior, she risks losing the man’s interest forever.

When soft methods for eliminating annoying rivals do not help, they resort to a radical means to save a marriage — a conspiracy on the growing Moon on seven candles. For this, seven thick short candles are bought in the church, as for a home altar.

From Thursday to Friday at midnight, candles are set on the floor in an even circle. In the center of the figure put a photo of her husband, where he is depicted in full growth.

Then the candles are lit.

Vorozheya, stripped naked, walks counterclockwise on the outer edge of the ring of fire and chanting a plot:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

The text is pronounced as many times as the full years of the spouse. After the ritual, you need to wait until all the candles burn out and go out, put the candle ends in a bag and later bury them in the wasteland.

A photograph of her husband must be carried everywhere with you until the plot works.

If the relationship of the spouse on the side is still at the very beginning and you can protect your marriage from adultery, without resorting to black magic, it is better to use the home plot «on the knife.»

In the morning you need to go to the market and purchase a new knife with a wooden handle. With the help of the purchased tool preparing a festive dinner in an odd number of dishes. In the process of kitchen work, a plot is pronounced:

“I will go, God’s servant (my name) in the morning to a distant grove. I will catch there a clear falcon and send him to the spirit of the unknown. Let the falcon fly, unknown, don’t know where my betrothed lives (man’s name).

Whisper falcon in his ear beloved, you need to get rid of my rival. Let the servants of God (the names of lovers) quarrel. Let the hubby on that woman no longer look.

Let him think only of me. Amen».

At the end of cooking, the knife blade should be slightly blunt — with a file or on a grinding stone. When it is time to have dinner, the husband is asked to sharpen a knife and cut something into it.

At this, the ritual is considered complete, and you can get rid of the tool unnoticed, but before that you can break it so that no one uses it anymore.

On the eve of the descending moon of the spouse, who wants to get rid of her rival, cooks sweet pastries. When the muffin is already taken out of the oven, they read the plot:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

Next morning the next day, the bread should be crumbled in the hands and fed to the birds in the yard.

If there is a suspicion that the husband was taken away by his love spell, then he must begin immediately with a conspiracy capable of driving away obsession, and not wasting time on ostudy, which are useless in this situation.

On the eve of the day of the ritual (but not earlier than three days), you need to draw water from a natural spring and buy red and white candles in the esoteric shop. At midnight of the chosen day, the fortuneter lights both candles on the table, puts a portrait photo of her husband between them, and puts a glass of spring water on top.

Leaning over a glass and looking at her husband’s face through the water and glass, the woman says three times: “Water is a reflection of life. Through it appears and leaves obsession. It sanctifies our love, and drives away rivals into the distance.

As the key water is spilled, the young witch will leave, returning my happiness back. Amen! «

After the last reading, the candles are blown out, and water is splashed out through the open window.

Calling his beloved bread, so that he began to yearn for his wife and turned away from his mistress, read at sunset, and end the ritual at sunrise.

After the sunset on the waning moon, the wife takes a few pieces of stale bread into a handful and after the prayer “Our Father” in her own words asks the spouse to leave the illegal connection and return to the family. At dawn, you need to go out with this bread into the yard and crush it thicker.

As soon as the first birds start pecking at the crumbs, you should whisper:

“Fly, birds, fly above the sky, fly above the sun! Bear to my faithful the news that they are waiting for him at home, that they miss him, that his love for him, as before, is hot! ”

This conspiracy works according to the law of justice — if the wife is meant for her husband according to his further fate, then he will soon return to her with a guilty plea and will love even stronger, and if he is destined to be with a different person, then there will be no positive result.

In the early days of the growing moon at dawn, you need to plant an apple tree under the window of your bedroom, in the courtyard. If the spouse with a separation is a namesake, a spruce sits down.

Watering a young tree, you need to sit next to him and quietly say the following text: «Pray for me about God, holy servant of God (the name of his holy namesake), I rush to you, a quick helper and prayer-book for my soul.»

In the next 40 days, every morning you need to take a pinch of earth from the hole and read a prayer to it:

“I rose at the dawn, my holy cross on me. Mother Earth is in front of me, Christ the Savior is with me.

Go, my longing-sadness, close, in the distance, find my servant of God (husband’s name), take the left hand handle, bring me to my doorstep. You, demon, do not strike. You, servant of God (name of the rival), do not rejoice.

The Lord is with me, the earth is before me. As long as this tree lives, the servant of God (her name) will not be together with the servant of God (his name).

The holy icon, the crown of God, the Mother of the cheese is the land, and for the servant of God (his name) is only me. Key, lock, tongue. Forever and ever.

Amen. Amen.


After the reading, the plotted plot of land is folded into a bag in which a large handful is gathered in 40 days. In the morning of the 41st day, this handful must be taken to the home of a wedlock and scattered at her doorstep.

Rituals at Christmastime are traditionally used to attract love and preserve family relationships.

After all the collar plots and rassorki act and the relationship of the husband and his passion worsen, the man will need to bewitch to his wife and force him to return to the family. For the rite of the spouse must buy a new wooden comb.

Shortly before midnight from January 7 to January 8, the wife washes her hair and dries her hair with a towel. Tangled curls should be combed, sitting on the marital bed and saying:

How to get rid of a rival and return your beloved man: the most powerful conspiracies, prayers

The text is read nine times, after which you need to hide the comb under your pillow and fall asleep. At dawn, all the hairs stuck between the teeth of the comb are removed and then burned on a white saucer to obtain a powder. It should be poured into a paper envelope and in the first case poured into the food cheater.

If you do this before the end of the Svyatochny period, the result will be guaranteed.

Orthodox prayers cannot be hurt — they appeal to the justice of God with the willingness to accept any decision from above. Often it is the fond memories of the abandoned wife and the persistent reproaches of conscience, forced by the Orthodox readings, help the traitor to realize his mistake and return to the family.

The first to whom they come to pray in the church for deliverance from a rival and the insight of a spouse from delusion are Saints Peter and Fevronia.

The first prayer to the saints is read in the temple after keeping the weekly fast and confession indicating sins “for life”, and subsequent readings can be carried out already at home, in front of the home altar.

“Saints Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia Rusalnitsa! I call upon your grace, I trust in your goodness.

Do not leave the slave (your name) with your grace, ask our Lord Jesus Christ for intercession. According to your permission, according to our Lord, let my beloved husband (my husband’s name) return to me, I pray you day and night, do not back down from me, return your beloved (husband’s name) to your wife. May we live together — I, the slave (my name) and my husband (the name of my husband) in grief and in joy, now and in my whole age.


Before approaching the image of the Son of God and asking him for intercession, you need to put candles about health in front of the nominal icons of the spouse and separation girl. If you can’t sincerely pray for the husband’s mistress’s good health, it’s better to put a candle in silence and immediately move away from the icon than to read the holy text with anger in your soul.

The third candle is lit in front of the image of the Son of God, and here a prayer is said:

“Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Do not be angry at my request, but do not remain silent.

Help me get rid of a rival who breeds me with my beloved man. Forgive her for all the sins and do not punish hotly.

If you let go of separation, give me strength to recover quickly. If he is a man of mine, bring him back to the family with light grace. Thy will be done.


It is wrong to assume that all problems in the family will be solved immediately, as soon as the divorced woman disappears forever from the life of her husband. If the marriage union initially satisfied the spouse, a third person would never have arisen in him, and, therefore, conspiracies to eliminate a rival alone might not be enough.

In magic, there are many ways to improve the relationship of spouses through reducing the threshold of irritability, the removal of moral fatigue, the elimination of stress and black negative life. Having learned how to properly handle this category of useful magic tricks, the owner of the hearth almost certainly will not face the problem of a love triangle in her family.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

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