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How to find out your totem animal: find your personal totem

How to recognize your totem animal with meditations?

How to find out your totem animal and why do you need to do this? There are many techniques with which you can determine which animal most closely matches your personality.

Consider the topic in more detail.

Why work with totemic animals?

There are several techniques that help you know what kind of totem animal you have:

  1. Calendar
  2. Astrological
  3. Meditative

You can choose one method, the most suitable and liked, or you can combine all the techniques.

How to find out your totem animal: find your personal totem

Why you need to understand the totems:

  • Totem animal — a symbol that personifies certain aspects of your personality
  • With the help of working with totems, you will be able to establish contact with those sides of your nature that you were not aware of.
  • Gain access to certain energies, making working with consciousness more flexible
  • Learn how to solve problems arising in life efficiently and effectively, with minimal costs.

Example: in case of health problems, totemic animals associated with the energy of the Earth should be used. If the problem situation lies in the field of intelligence and psychology — totems corresponding to the energy of the Air.

How to identify a totem animal: the calendar method

This is the simplest method. To learn a totem animal, you need to use special calendars: Zoroastrian, Celtic, Turkic and others.

The principle on which such tables are made is based on astrology — you need to know the year and month of birth.

How to find out your totem animal: find your personal totem

The calendar method is best used in conjunction with the meditative method in order to obtain the most accurate result.

How to recognize a totem animal through meditation?

Thanks to this method, you can most accurately determine which animal is totemic for you, taking into account the individual characteristics of the personality and character traits.

There are certain techniques. Consider in detail.

General method

You need to act in the following sequence:

  • Find a place suitable for meditation. No one should stop you
  • Sit down, relax. You should feel as comfortable and calm as possible.
  • Make sure your breathing is calm, free your mind from extraneous thoughts, concentrate only on meditation
  • Imagine a huge black space in front of you. This is your Universe of which you are a part. Try to feel all its power and fullness as much as possible.
  • As soon as you manage to concentrate, draw in your imagination a small dot that appears in the dark. It pulsates and gives off a bright light. Watch only her, peer attentively and intently.
  • Gradually, the point should be transformed, transforming into a figure of an animal, bird, insect. Try to see the image of the creature in detail.
  • As soon as you succeed in visualizing the exact shape of the animal, send a mental message — ask for the name of the totem. It must appear in consciousness. Or «emerge» in thoughts, or appear in the form of letters. It all depends on your personal perception of information.
  • Then say the name of the totem in a whisper. Several times so that it is imprinted in the mind
  • Contact the animal by name again — ask them to tell what abilities it has, what assistance it can provide.
  • After completing the virtual dialogue, say goodbye to the totem and sit silently for some time with your eyes closed.
  • Watch the sensations — as soon as you feel ready to end the meditation, open your eyes

Important: all information obtained in the process of meditation must be kept secret. Do not share knowledge with anyone.

How to find out your totem animal: find your personal totem

How to find out your totem: a method of searching for three totem animals

Meditation begins in the same way as in the previous case. Sit comfortably in a quiet place, relax and cover your eyelids.

Calm your breathing, abstract from extraneous thoughts.

  • Try to feel every cell of the body from the feet to the navel.
  • Shift the focus of attention to the stomach and imagine how dark red color comes out of this zone. It fills all the surrounding space, which begins to transform: the earth, the sky and the hole appear
  • From this norm a wolf will appear — a totem animal, or a bear, or a raccoon, or some other

Important: There may be several animals. This is normal.

Each person has 2-3 totem animals.

Watch a video on how to recognize your totem animal:

The way to search for the middle sphere totem

For such a meditation, proceed as follows:

  • Relax and concentrate on body sensations — from chest to abdomen
  • Shift the focus of attention to the heart and imagine that a dark green light is coming out of your chest, filling all the surrounding space.
  • Enjoy this state and feel it as fully as possible.
  • The next stage of visualization: imagine that you are surrounded by a bright glade with lots of greenery. At this place a living creature should appear — an animal, for example, a bear — a totem that protects you

Finally — some tips:

  1. Meditate either in the early morning, just waking up. Or in the evening, before going to bed.
  2. Take a shower or bath before meditating. It is advisable to at least wash your face so that the energy of water takes with it all the negative
  3. But after meditation, it is impossible to start water procedures for half an hour.
  4. The less clothes you have, the better. Ideal if you have the opportunity to meditate naked
  5. Ventilate the meditation room and keep it in order.
  6. Remove all jewelry and accessories.

As for the posture for meditation, there are no clear limits. The most important thing is to be comfortable and relaxed.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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