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How to find out who caused damage?

Of course, the victims of damage, first of all, seek to remove it. But, if everything ends well, then many have a desire to find out the name of the ill-wisher from whom the negative impact emanated.

Therefore, the question of how to find out who caused damage is very relevant.

How to find out who caused damage?

If the negative impact was filmed with the help of a magician, then he naturally knows the source of the negative impact. But due to professional ethics, magicians are reluctant to disclose this data. First of all, this is due to the fact that sorcerers understand that such information is unlikely to benefit the victim.

It will cause negative emotions that will significantly weaken the body’s energy defense. But in principle, in this case, it is always possible to insist to find out who your abuser was.

If the damage was filmed independently, then it is very easy to answer the question of how to recognize the person who caused the damage. Namely, if you managed to remove a negative impact, then the person who brought it will soon come to you.

And even if you do not let him, he will make every effort to get into the house. At the same time, he will most likely come with some treats.

It is important to remember that you should not let him into the house and take his offering. This behavior of the ill-wisher is explained by the fact that he subconsciously senses that you have got rid of the damage that he has induced, and she returns to him according to the laws of magic.

To avoid this and redirect it, he needs you to take something from his hands. And very often the ill-wisher himself does not understand his irresistible desire to see you and treat you to something.

You can also find out who caused damage with the help of wax. After you are convinced that you have been adversely affected, you need to purchase several church candles and melt them. Next, focusing on the thoughts of damage, you should slowly pour the wax into the bowl with clean cold spring water.

If the wax hardens in the form of a female figure or any feminine object, then a woman has damaged you. And if a male wax figure or male object appeared on the water, the man responsible for your troubles is man.

After that, it is enough to take a close look at your surroundings, analyze the behavior of your friends and listen to yourself in order to identify the ill-wisher.

To find out who caused the damage is necessary in order to exclude in the future any communication with this person. If you remain in ignorance, you may be repeatedly subjected to an energetic attack.

But remember that removing damage, you should never resort to revenge.

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