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How to find out whether the wife changes or not

How to recognize treason — the right signs

For eighteen years I have been working as a psychologist. During this time, I studied different moments and worked with different cases, but ultimately focused only on one area — family psychology.

Ten years of my practice, I worked with married couples, mostly those who have long been together.

Do you know what the most common reason for their treatment to a psychologist? Treason. And if earlier it concerned more often men, now girls also began to destroy their own family.

In general, the situations are very often similar — after several years of marriage, especially with children, the partners cool down a little and women are drawn to fresh impressions. They often can not control these feelings and very clearly reveal their secrets behavior.

In this article I will describe the signs that may indicate that the wife is cheating on you.

Are there any passwords on the gadgets?

In the era of phones and social networks, it became very easy to learn about treason — just a couple of minutes in a partner’s social networks. If a person suddenly became a lot of sitting in the phone and does not leave him anywhere, it means that there is something to hide.

A rather typical and very obvious sign.

  • Before there was, now there is. Your wife has never had a password all her life. In her phone, the memory was occupied by photos of children and cats. And now she has set a password and asks for personal space.
  • He used to stand and she refuses to talk to him. It is not very clear why live with a person who refuses to show you his social networks on demand. Probably there was no trust between you from the very beginning.

How to find out whether the wife changes or not

Sharp image change

Classic and strict things changed bright and trendy? Training pants suddenly changed into dresses?

Think about why this change? Most often, men like it — the wife becomes beautiful and blooms.

It is important to understand — did it happen for some external reasons or did she just fall in love and try to be beautiful for someone else?

Friends unfamiliar to you \ friends

Your wife had three friends with whom she met once a month. And now many others have suddenly appeared — the mysterious Masha from the gym, Katya from the kindergarten of the child. If your wife has new friends — try to meet them, be friendly and open.

If she refuses to acquaint you with them, then they either do not exist and she lies to you, or she is ashamed of you. Both are reasons for questions.

How to find out whether the wife changes or not

She stops with you swear

The trap that men regularly fall into. Wives suddenly cease to be aggressive shrews and turn into affectionate and docile.

They do not shout, do not saw and do not swear on trifles, begin to follow the house and talk in a quiet and gentle voice. Men think that relationships are getting better and relaxed.

And the reason is actually that a woman is in love and satisfied, petty domestic issues stop worrying her. She is not so keenly aware of your shortcomings or does not notice them at all — this is the reason for such a sharp change of character.

She has new things or decorations.

The obvious sign is that if your wife has, especially regularly and a lot, new expensive things — jewelry or clothes, then you should definitely ask the question — where are they from. Men often miss this attribute simply because they do not really look at their women and do not distinguish one dress from another.

Be careful — because expensive gifts just give only beloved and loved ones. If the wife refuses to say where her new pendant or earrings came from, then most likely they were presented by her lover.

Sharply changed preferences in sex

If you have been together for a long time, you probably know everything about your wife. What carts she loves, what pace, what speed and how often she wants sex at all.

The moment that owes you immediately — if it has drastically changed for no apparent reason. There are actually three options for what exactly could happen:

  • Doesn’t want sex at all. This happens regularly in families and without a lover, but if your wife did not refuse you for five years, and then suddenly began to abruptly — this is an occasion to ask questions. First, check if she has any problems with intimate health and does she feel well. If she says that everything is fine — perhaps she has a lover.
  • He wants an unusual lot. The other side of the medal is your wife, who for the last three years has agreed to have sex once a month, has sharply begun to want him several times a week. The reason for this is not always love or a lover, but this option is quite possible.
  • Change preference. The last ten years you have had sex from behind, and now she asks you to be on top? She never liked the rider’s posture, and now she climbs on you herself? Perhaps this is how another man made her change her tastes.

How to find out whether the wife changes or not

Briefly about the main thing

  • Remember that even all these signs are not 100%. If you are suspicious and you have noticed some of these signs, it is better to talk to your spouse cleanly, perhaps she herself admits. Note that the cause of unusual behavior can be anything, a change of job or hormonal failure. Therefore, do not rush to chop off the shoulder and blame your wife only if you are sure.
  • You should be alarmed at all by any abrupt changes, if you do not see the reason for them. If the wife sits on maternity leave for a year, nothing has changed in her life and she has suddenly and visibly changed — this is a reason to think.
  • Do not hammer on the wife even if she herself does not swear at you. Talk to her, find out how things are going. Perhaps this will not help save the marriage, but you will notice betrayal on time.

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