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How to find out if there is a brownie in the house: signs of his presence

Brownie in the apartment — signs of presence

Modern people have less and less faith in otherworldly forces. Interest in computer technology makes it difficult for us to notice the most incredible things that often occur around us.

There is a brownie in my house and I determined this far from immediately. Thanks to the main features, you can understand that such a neighboring spirit really lives quietly in your house.

How to find out if there is a brownie in the house: signs of his presence

Signs of presence of a brownie

Usually brownies are also called drummers and their presence in the house is not as dangerous and scary as it seems at first glance. The most important thing to understand about such a creature is that they are kind, able to help with the housework.

In the case when you get a negative impact of the brownie, most likely this suggests that you have angered him, which is why he holds his dirty tricks.

What this entity looks like is really impossible to say. If you believe psychics and magicians, then the house is a clot of energy that is not covered with a shell.

The human imagination is so developed that everyone will perceive this little drum as he pleases.

Soviet cartoons instilled in us the image of a brownie in the form of a short old man with a kind soul, who most of all loves sweets. For the most part, it is.

Brownie has a short stature and a great love for sweets. Signs of the presence of drums in the house should be considered in more detail:

  1. These creatures are nocturnal and can only be felt at night. Most often, you can hear the movement of a brownie after midnight and most likely in the kitchen. If you hear footsteps and rustles, then your night neighbor just makes his rounds.
  2. The love for sweets makes it so that in a vase with sweets or cookies there will definitely be something to disappear or to be eaten faster than usual.
  3. Brownie perfectly keeps home. Please note that if your home is always clean and comfortable, and you do not take special measures for this, then it is the merit of your invisible neighbor.
  4. If there is a brownie at night, the residents sleep well, they are not afraid to walk around the house in the dark and everyone feels comfortable at night.
  5. In the house almost never quarrels. Even if disputes are obtained, they quickly subside and are forgotten. Brownies do not like swearing and abuse, and if they treat you well, they will help to keep peace in the family.
  6. If you have a cat and it often stares at one point, and sometimes even begins to purr, it is a clear sign of the presence of a brownie.

What are brownies?

Not one kind of entity can live in the same house with you, but as many as 3. In fact, they can be divided into a larger number of groups, but this is enough so that many can understand exactly who shares shelter with them.

Under the first type is usually understood the spirit of a brownie in the classic version. This creature does not belong to our world, it is interested in ordinary peaceful cohabitation with man.

Brownie cares and even protects all residents of the house, it helps to cope with household chores and avoid conflicts. In turn, for such care, the houseboy gets a roof over his head, respect, and often a lot of sweets.

Such an entity is usually only good, because he himself is on hand to keep the positive energy in the house. The better things are in the family, the better the drummer itself feels.

You can hear that such house-goers themselves have a family with children.

How to find out if there is a brownie in the house: signs of his presence

The second category includes dead people who work out their karma. Do not be afraid of these spirits, in most cases they are calm and have a good attitude to those in whose homes they live.

Higher forces leave such dead men as a brownie in the event that during their lifetime they cared a lot or on the contrary did not care much about their own home and family. The purpose of the spirits is to correct the mistakes they made in their lives.

The dead help the family’s peaceful existence, its well-being and order in the house.

Such spirits can only be good, but why are they then punished? For example, the spirit of the former entrepreneur will help you to become more successful, and all because of his permanent stay at work during his life and indifference to home and his family.

Signs of the presence of such a spirit are in many ways similar to the brownies.

The third type is often also mistaken for a brownie, but with a bad temper, loving to bring negatives to the place where he settled, but this is a big mistake. These entities can be of the most diverse origin, they use the fact that there is no brownie, and they simply settle in its place.

Such spirits feed on the negative and try to do everything so that there is as much as possible in his house. Usually they do not lead to tragedies in the form of deaths, because then they have nothing to feed themselves.

In this case, you need to clean your own house in any way from such negative creatures.

How to check the presence of brownie

Many people want to check whether there is a brownie in his house? Make it very easy. Leave as a treat for the tenant a few chocolates, but without wrapping.

Better to leave them overnight. In the literal sense, these sweets will not be eaten by the brownie, but it feeds on the good intentions and wishes that you left for it.

In the morning you can see that the sweets are not in the position in which you left them, and in some cases they may even disappear.

Few people know that house spirits love card games. Who the brownies are playing with at the same time remains incomprehensible.

Take a new deck of cards and put it in a place inaccessible to the eye. After a while, see how the cards are. Usually you can see how the cards are easily scattered or turned upside down.

Also act on the brownie variety of jewelry and jewelry. If you leave such toys, then soon you will make sure that someone plays them.

Provocation of the spirit

If you just can not wait to reliably find out whether there is a brownie in your house, you can bring it to the reaction with a variety of provocations. The most favorite places for brownies are in the kitchen, they spend most of their time in this very room.

It is necessary to provoke a brownie in this part of the house and best of all in the warm season. In the cold, the brownies sleep a lot and show little of themselves.

Provocation should deal with someone who is considered the master of the house, usually this is the eldest man.

How to find out if there is a brownie in the house: signs of his presence

To carry out a provocation, just take a sheet of blank paper before bedtime and write “I am the master of the house” on it. Such a trick brownie can not miss. This paper should be put in the middle of the dining table, and put a glass of water on the sheet.

Everything else from the table should be removed. Turn off the lights and go to the bedroom.

After such a note, many often hear a knock, the clatter of dishes, even a push through a dream. How strong the answer was will depend on the strength of the brownie.

For the owners it is important that the brownie is strong.

Especially strong house spirits often respond with words. He still will not be very offended and annoy you; he just wanted to show you that he is present in your house.

Try to be friends with your invisible neighbor, so that peace and quiet prevail in your home.

In custody

  • knowing if your home is homey can help you mentally cope with any difficulties;
  • Such a spirit can not only help the family, but also cause harm, so you need to recognize who exactly lives in your home.

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