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How to find out if a man really loves you

How to check if a guy likes you

Perhaps there is no such woman who, being in a relationship with a man, would not have asked the question: «Does he really love me?» After all, the most terrible feminine disappointment is to find out that she was deceived in thoughts about her chosen one, and in fact there were not light feelings, but completely different intentions.

Therefore, I suggest you in this article to dispel all myths and consider recommendations on how to find out if a man loves you.

How to find out if a man really loves you

Signs if a man truly loves

With their help, you will be able to analyze your relationship with the MCH and draw appropriate conclusions for yourself. Does his heart really burn with sincere love for you, or is something else taking place — habit, profit, self-interest, etc.?

Let’s figure it out.

Love is several levels of connections between a man and a woman, namely:

  1. Physical attraction, desire. Initially, it is characteristic for men that relationships begin precisely with physical desire. At the initial stage, this is the main driving force that motivates the male sex to develop relations further.
  2. Emotional sympathy — “I like her” or “I like him” — but from this level relationships usually begin at the female sex.
  3. Level of connections between individuals — this includes respect when it is interesting to spend time together.

These 3 aspects are fundamental to the formation of love. It is clear that the more connections are built with the partners — the more harmonious their couple and the stronger their love.

I propose to check your relationship at the listed levels. You just need to ask yourself questions and give honest answers to them.

To check the level of desire

  • Is the man taking the initiative in your union? Does he invite first to meetings? Calls, writes, is interested in your affairs? If a man has feelings and sexual attraction — he will act proactively, not waiting until the girl herself begins to take the first steps towards him.
  • How to check if a guy likes you? Take the initiative of the meeting itself (several times) and observe the reaction: does it support it? After all, if you occupy a significant place in his life, he will sacrifice his plans and meet with you. He will not put at the very end of his long list of affairs after work, friends, etc. A woman is, if not in the first place in his life, then at least at the top of the list of priorities.
  • The third point — a man in love tends to do more for his mother of faith than she does for him. Here his hunter instincts are manifested — in this way he tries to “catch up” with his “victim”. How it works? In psychology, the phenomenon is known that when we give something to a person, we invest our energy in him — he has an unconscious need to give something in return. Therefore, the man and tries for his beloved, unconsciously seeking to win her favor and get from her what he needs.

If you understand that in a relationship you have changed roles with your man — you need to urgently save the situation. What to do? Calm down, relax, exhale and give up the ardent initiative.

Allow the man to appear as a male, and do not throw him on the neck. Believe me — if you really need him, he will act, and not wait!

To check the level of sympathy

How to understand if a guy has a hearty affection for you?

  • The very first sign — he wants to communicate with you. Constantly goes to the contact, and also supports the dialogue, if it was initiated by you. He is really interested to know how you are doing, what you are wearing in cold weather, whether your cat recovered from an illness, etc.
  • A man tries to bring joy, a state of happiness, to give positive emotions. He listens to the wishes of his beloved and always takes them into account. If you once told him that you are dreaming of a large bouquet of pink roses, he will soon delight you with such a gift. Or noticed that the stubble does not attract you, and now he comes clean shaven for all dates.
  • The third point is that a man who has serious feelings is ready to change himself in something, to give in to his beloved, since he trusts her infinitely. I am ready to correct my behavior, my character in order not to cause negative emotions in a woman.

How to find out if a man really loves you

If, after analysis, you understand that everything is far from ideal, you should think about what is the reason? Perhaps, in your couple there was a sexual discord, intimate relationships became worse, sex became less frequent, which for a man carries very bad consequences.

After all, the worse the sexual life, the less he will experience sympathy and personal interest in his woman.

Or you are to blame for the fact that you often criticize your MCH, scold it, compare it with your ex, in general — “press on sore blisters”. It is clear that in this situation it is not necessary to talk about lightness, harmony and love.

It is worth doing improving relationships and working out each type of relationship if you want to restore your old feelings.

To check the level of personality (respect)

Signs that you are loved:

  • The first sign — a loving man shares with his other half not only his achievements, but also failures. This signals a high level of confidence of the couple, as well as the fact that the MCH is important to hear your vision of what is happening.
  • He listens to your point of view, it is important to him. Even if on the basis of it he acts in his own way, but he takes the opinion of his beloved woman into account.
  • The third sign — even disagreeing with the position expressed to him by the girl, he will never express himself roughly on this score. Do not mention the notorious «female logic», do not call you stupid. Just respectfully accept that opinions have diverged. He will not try to convince, impose his opinion or humiliate, proving his own right.

Of course, you can create and develop relationships without mutual respect between partners, but you can hardly really call them happy. In such a relationship, women suffer from the fact that their husbands do not listen to them at all, do not respect, do everything in their own way.

How to fix this situation? First of all, you need to learn to appreciate and respect yourself.

To this end, it is recommended to increase your own self-esteem, find your purpose and start to be implemented in this direction.

A happy, self-realized woman simply cannot cause disrespect to her man. On the contrary, he will feel sincere pride for her.

Well, if you yourself doubt your abilities, consider yourself to be nothing, you will get the same attitude to yourself from a man.

How to find out if a man really loves you

How to understand the seriousness of the intentions of men on one issue

If you have been meeting with MCH for some time now, but everyone is wondering how serious he sees your relationship in the future, whether he wants to start a family, you can check it with one single question.

What is this question?

“What happens if I get pregnant?” How do we do?

And then follow the reaction — will he get nervous, twitch and try to move out of this topic by all means. Perhaps, he will say, something vague in the spirit of “Well, then we will decide” or “We will think of something” — this should be a disturbing bell for you.

It is unlikely that a man sees you as his potential life partner and makes plans for the future.

Or say “Of course, this is a load, but it will be our child. So, we will bring it together. ”

Draw conclusions on the answers and think about whether this person is really yours and you can count on him in a difficult moment of life.

These were the main signs if a man truly loves. Carefully analyze your pair on them, and you will find out the truth!

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