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How to find a lost thing: folk ways, conspiracies, prayers

Effective ways to help find the lost thing: conspiracies, prayers, rites

Plots and prayers allow you to find the lost thing in a short time. Any of the conspiracies can be read 3, 7, 9, 12 or more times depending on the energy. If in doubt, you can increase the number of repetitions.

Conspiracies to find the loss are considered to be a relatively safe form of magic, but they are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as this can harm an unformed baby’s soul.

The rituals described below imply the use of the simplest attributes. Before you utter the necessary words, you should calm the spirit and mentally tune in to soon find the loss.

How to find a lost thing: folk ways, conspiracies, prayers

Candles of this color is useful to keep in the house in case of loss. If any small object has disappeared — a flash drive, a gold ring or an important notebook — you should light a purple candle and set it in the center of the room.

Mentally, you can turn to her for help, talking about why it is important to find this item. When the candle burns to the end, you should thank her with kind words.

Thing will be found in the coming hours.

How to find a lost thing: folk ways, conspiracies, prayers

A proven way to find a lost thing is to use a handkerchief for this. Taking a handkerchief, you should say in it the name of the disappeared object, then at one end carefully tie the knot.

You can tie a scarf to the leg of the chair. When the object is found, it should be untied.

How to find a lost thing: folk ways, conspiracies, prayers

If you need to find the hidden thing as soon as possible, it is necessary to set fire to one end of the match, extinguish it, and draw a cross on the left palm with a burned end. After a few minutes you should wash off the drawing with milk, uttering the words of the conspiracy: "All that is lost will return to me.

With me the Lord Christ and the heavenly host. Amen".

After that, you need to stand in the center of the room and listen to your feelings. Loss will be found soon.

Before going to sleep from the white coil unwind the thread length in its own height. Then they fold it three times, imagining how the right thing will be found. After that, the thread folds three more times.

Three small knots are tied on it (not tight) and placed under the pillow. At night a dream should come about where the thing lies. If this does not happen, you should get a thread in the morning and begin to untie the nodules.

After performing the ceremony in the memory there will be information about where the missing.

If it is authentically known that the necessary thing is at home, and not lost or stolen, the following ritual can be performed:

  1. 1. For one pinch of dried motherwort and lavender to put in a copper bowl.
  2. 2. Drop some alcohol there.
  3. 3. Ignite the grass and smoke fumigate the whole room.

The rite will allow you to find the loss in a short time.

In the kitchen you need to take a washed faceted glass. In the room where the object is supposedly lost, you should put it upside down and say the words three times: "Devils, frolicking, and that’s enough!

Give away thing".

After that, it is recommended to pretend that everything is in order — to do everyday activities, to distract. After some time, the object itself will fall on the eyes.

The next way is aimed at scaring the unleashed vermin with fire and water and forcing it to return the thing. They take a small container with water, put a cross in it and set it in front of them. Matches lit one by one and quenched.

Spitting over the left shoulder after every match, spell words are pronounced: "Damn to play a big whale. Stop, roll over, here’s a cross for you!

Let it be so".

Take a ball of wool of red color. Standing on the threshold of the room where the object disappeared, hold the ball in his left hand. The end of the thread begins to wind on the ring finger of the right hand.

At the same time, it is necessary to represent the lost object in colors and pronounce the plot: "A ball, a ball, I make a sack of you. I’ll put a thing in that bag, I’ll never give it to anyone else. Tell me a ball, where (the name of the object) lies.

Lend me some help. And in return, all merit will be yours.


After that, throw the ball on the floor, gently twitching the thread with his right hand. Where he will stop, and you should look for the loss.

Red wool has a strong energy, so this method is especially effective for finding gold jewelry, bank cards, car keys, wedding rings and other valuable things.

In case of loss, you can ask for help and brownie. This will require coins, candy or other sweets in order to appease the little house.

Standing in the center of the room, they say: "Brownie, brownie, play and give". You can show a coin or candy and promise that if he gives the thing, he will receive an award.

In the event that this is his trick, the missing object will appear before my eyes as if from nowhere. And if the brownie is not guilty, he will assist in the search.

When a thing is found, you should thank the brownie with the promised sweets, putting them out the door. A stack of vodka or playing cards will also work for this purpose.

If valuable documents or papers are missing, you can use the following popular method. Of the items you will need an ordinary home dressing gown.

He is worn on the left side and so bypass the apartment three times. In the bathrobe, you can spend some time, doing distractions.

Documents will be found until the end of the day.

No special items are required for the following methods. Choose a conspiracy or prayer based on your own preferences. For example, prayer will help the Orthodox Christian faster.

Ordinary lay people can use the request for a house or a conspiracy.

Go to the place where, according to the assumptions, the thing should lie. There are three conspiracy words: "Holy God!

Let me find (name of thing). With Your holy hand, remove the veil from my eyes, cast upon by unclean forces.

I thank You, the All-Holy and the All-Good! Amen".

Usually the prayer is valid for a few minutes. If this does not happen, you should calmly do other things or drink a cup of tea.

Item will be found before the end of the day.

The owner of the thing may not remember where it lies, due to the load of short-term memory, stress due to searches. The following method allows you to get rid of the mental block. The method involves a three-fold reading aloud prayers. "Symbol of faith".

Its action is based on the fact that the person praying moves from a restless state to a peaceful state. This frees the mind, opens the doors of the soul to insights and insights.

The effect of this prayer is similar to the action of a cool soul. Removing from the problem in some cases is enough to unleash unconscious memory and recall the place where the desired object lies.

If the house has not been cleaned for a long time, it is useful to use the following folk method. Instead of searching for things you need to start cleaning up the dwelling.

First of all, dismantle the old rubble, accumulated for a long time. At the same time the words are pronounced: "My house is good, my house is cozy!

For the mess, please forgive. The thing I need to let go.

And in return, I will give you the care. I will wash, clean, tidy up".

Cleaning allows energy to circulate more freely, which will help in the short term to find the thing.

If you have lost money or a wallet, you can use the following plot. Go to the pedestrian road.

Stepping on it, immediately begin to count the steps to 21. After taking the 21st step, utter the words of the conspiracy: "I go, and I go to meet me.

Money has been waiting for me for a long time, they run joyfully back to me".

The plot is repeated 3, 7 or 21 times. Then you should also count 21 steps back and go home.

Money or purse will be found until the end of the day.

If the object is lost on the street, you should go to the place where it is supposed to be, and utter the words of the conspiracy: "Prophetic warlock-father, come out. Losing my find help.

The red sun sets, and my loss finds me. Thing sorcerer helps, the sun shines brightly in the afternoon. The sun went down at sunset, and mine found me.


With the help of magic, you can force the stolen thing to return, punish the thief or see him in a dream. Dthese rites suggest something to the spirits that assist in finding the loss. This is necessary to avoid the negative effects of the ritual.

Something is done immediately after the procedure. To do this, go to the pedestrian intersection, throw three coins there and clearly say: "Paid!".

To conduct this powerful ritual will require:

  • black new tablecloth;
  • a bowl of water;
  • wax candle from the temple;
  • black thread;
  • three drops of your blood.

It is performed as follows:

  1. 1. The table is covered with a black tablecloth.
  2. 2. A few minutes before midnight, they sit down at the table, put a container of water on it.
  3. 3. Three drops of own blood are dripping into the water.
  4. 4. Candle wrapped with thread 13 times.
  5. 5. On each of the coils utter the words of the conspiracy (see below).
  6. 6. When the candle burns out, the candle is thrown into a container of water.
  7. 7. Water is poured at the intersection.
  8. 8. In the same place leave something.

Plot text: "Pour, pour, burning tears, steal on the eyes of boiling water, sulfur and fiery fire. Let the body stink his day and night, and the soul boils alive.

My good has been hard won and stolen. Black roots, good, let them in the ground, grow into a thief.

In his whole camp, and in a rotten mouth, and in an animal belly. Righteous my good, torture the thief and try. Stolen will give me back.

And if he does not return, he will die a dashing death. Smol, burn, chadi, thief dirty izvesti.

From circle to circle".

After some time, the thief will appear himself or throw a stolen item to the owner.

For this popular way follows blunt knife "chop up" a burning wax candle with the words: "The thief has stolen good, mine illegally took. In the dream to me, thief, come, take the knife.

And not that I will hack your filthy soul, as a butcher cuts a pork carcass. Do not forget to steal me, how not to forget the flame and fire.

As long as the good does not give, do not see him rest. Amen".

After that, the knife is placed under the pillow. It is forbidden to talk to anyone until the morning.

The person who stole the item will appear in a dream.

Find a lost item can be using numerology. For this call nine arbitrary numbers.

After that, they are added and added to the resulting amount of 3. This number indicates the location of the object.

Given that a finite number can not be less than three, the numerological interpretation begins with it.

Numbers from 3 to 20:

  • 3 — the item is among the rubbish that should be thrown away long ago;
  • 4 — the item is moved, you should ask the household where;
  • 5 — in the jacket pocket;
  • 6 — among the old shoes;
  • 7 — the item moved during cleaning;
  • 8 — above the head, above the level of the eyes;
  • 9 — among toys or children’s things;
  • 10 — within the premises, in the work area;
  • 11 — item lost in rural areas;
  • 12 — close to the desktop;
  • 13 — in the linen closet;
  • 14 — if things are not in the corridor, she will not be found;
  • 15 — if there are pets at home, you should look in their immediate vicinity;
  • 16 — one of the household knows exactly where the thing is;
  • 17 — not far from the documents;
  • 18 — the subject of the house, you should look carefully;
  • 19 — the thing was found by the neighbors;
  • 20 — missing accidentally moved.

Interpretation of numbers from 21 to 40:

  • 21 — the item is packed in a bag or suitcase;
  • 22 — in the closet or at the entresol;
  • 23 — among the clothes intended for washing;
  • 24 — the item will be found by itself;
  • 25 — in its usual place, should look more closely;
  • 26 — one of the elders in the family took the item;
  • 27 — in the back seat of the car;
  • 28 — the item will not be found;
  • 29 — the item was taken without permission, it is not in the dwelling;
  • 30 — location is known to some of the children;
  • 31 — among cosmetics;
  • 32 — the item is lost during cleaning;
  • 33 — in a coat pocket;
  • 34 — not far from the plate;
  • 35 — the item was lost during the morning toilet;
  • 36 — soon someone will give up or return to the right place;
  • 37 — under the cabinet;
  • 38 — among the working inventory;
  • 39 — the item is cluttered with other things;
  • 40 — loss will be found by itself.

Numbers from 41 to 60:

  • 41 — in the shoe shelf;
  • 42 — near the tap or water supply;
  • 43 — in the garage;
  • 44 — in or near the car;
  • 45 — behind the glass;
  • 46 — the husband or wife is aware of the location, but does not speak;
  • 47 — the thing was stolen;
  • 48 — in the cupboard;
  • 49 — the item will not be found;
  • 50 — in a bag or suitcase, among old items;
  • 51 — in the bathroom or in the toilet;
  • 52 — someone found the item and assigned it;
  • 53 — the thing was taken by someone for a while;
  • 54 — should ask children;
  • 55 — not far from water;
  • 56 — at the place where the owner last spent the night;
  • 57 — right at hand;
  • 58 — subject changed master;
  • 59 — in the refrigerator;
  • 60 — in the utility room, at the entrance to the old barn.

From 61 to 86:

  • 61 — the item is outside the house;
  • 62 — it is required to search more carefully;
  • 63 — missing will not be found;
  • 64 is a thing on the floor, but it is extremely difficult to notice;
  • 65 — the child will find the loss;
  • 66 — a sick person knows where the thing is;
  • 67 — on the windowsill;
  • 68 — high on the shelf;
  • 69 — the item was missing at a party;
  • 70 — in the bathroom;
  • 71 — under another subject;
  • 72 — about the canister;
  • 73 — the item was stolen;
  • 74 — friend will help to find the item;
  • 75 — the item will be returned broken;
  • 76 — at the dinner table;
  • 77 — should ask a recent guest;
  • 78 — the chances of finding a thing are small;
  • 79 — on the bookshelf;
  • 80 — to find the item, you should remember the details of the last cleaning;
  • 81 — among the items of clothing that were worn on the day of the loss;
  • 82 — in the kitchen;
  • 83 — a girl will find a thing;
  • 84 — to find the item, you need to carefully inspect the storeroom;
  • 85 — in an abandoned corner of the house;
  • 86 — among forks and spoons.

After the subject is found, it is necessary to thank those forces that contributed to the return of the loss.

If you used one of the prayer methods, for this you can visit the temple, give alms to a beggar. If a thing is found after applying the plot, it is advisable to put a pile of vodka and bread around the corner of the house door.

This will serve as a gratitude to the house spirit or those spirits who were involved in the disappearance.

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