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How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

How to ward off her husband from his mistress with the help of conspiracies and prayers?

In situations where there is a threat to family well-being in the form of intervention by an outside woman, the expectation that everything normalizes by itself leads to divorce. Tired of fighting for the attention of a spouse, women quickly accept defeat and put up with circumstances.

But in the arsenal of a legitimate wife there are a lot of proven methods to defeat a deserted woman and bind her husband to her forever. You can ask for help from the saints, who will definitely help if you pray sincerely and with a pure soul.

There is another option — to use conspiracies and ceremonies that have proven their effectiveness.

Not in all cases when the husband leaves the family or begins to change his wife, magic works with the expected result. It happens that spouses have lived together for decades without knowing the happiness of true love, and when the “same” destiny appears on the horizon, the man disappears without thinking.

Any magical actions taken against a runt will be useless, but they will have a negative effect on the most precious one, because it will be the “third extra” in the created love triangle.

However, such a development occurs rarely, and most often the rival turns out to be a simple karmic destroyer parasitizing the energetics of a powerful family egregor. To attract someone else’s husband she could with the help of a bewitching ritual.

And in order to break the spell, a woman will have to commit the villain’s bend against her lover.

Faced with the problem and deciding to fight for the integrity of the family, the deceived spouse needs to take a pause, during which she is free from scandals, and even better — not even submitting the fact that she knows everything, should think over the tactics of her actions. Turning her husband away from her mistress and tying him to her forever, a woman is obliged to realize that she will have to accept an indelible spot on the family past and take responsibility for building relations from a clean slate.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

Prayers and prayers of thanks to the patron saints help the woman to gather internal resources for overcoming such a difficult life obstacle, like the betrayal of a spouse. A true Christian approach to the problem will not solve it overnight, but will have a great influence on the worldview of the most deceived wife.

She realizes that she is capable of forgiveness and understanding of the situation. If the spouse repents his deed and realizes that all this time he loved only his wife, the spouse will be able to accept him back.

If he decides to leave, she will find the strength to release him in peace.

Orthodox prayers do not have a direct impact on the husband’s mistress, but divine punishment will find a divorced woman regardless of the desire of the deceived spouse. A woman who turned to the saints for help needs to completely get rid of thoughts of retribution and focus on invoking the conscience of her spouse through sacral texts.

It is imperative that before the beginning of each prayer, a woman should thank the Lord for all that he has given her in life and for the trials that she honored.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

Waking up in the morning, first of all you need to light a church lamp from the church candle before the crucifixion or His face on the icon, then stand silently, collecting your thoughts and settling down, and only then proceed to the prayers. First, read the morning prayers of the prayer book, then any psalm or one of the apostolic acts to choose from. Having set yourself up in the necessary fashion, proceed to the main prayer:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

If there is no Savior icon in the house, then specifically for this occasion in the church shop you need to purchase an image "Savior, the Arms" or an image of the Lord with a blessing hand and arrange them in the eastern corner of the living room or bedroom.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

The image of Mary Magdalene for the prayer of the return of her husband to the family is bought separately, and after the entire course of the readings, it is necessary to hang out in the red corner or on the home iconostasis. At the time of the ceremony, an image is placed on the table, a church candle is lit in front of it, and a prayer is read.

Then the candle is extinguished, wrapped with an icon in a white napkin and removed until the next time.

In total, 40 daily readings should be made without missing a single day. Cinder from burned candles (for the course they will need 6-8 pieces), carefully collected and stored later for the icon.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

If a woman who wants to take advantage of conspiracies to return her husband to the family does not have practical experience in magic, she should contact a specialist at least at the stage of determining the real possibility of influencing her rival. The fact that the husband chose another companion for his life does not mean that this person originally had the intention to destroy the family and deserves the most terrible punishment.

Perhaps the diagnosis will show the unintended actions of a rival, and based on this, the magician will select a rite that affects the feelings of the spouse rather than those who are different.

It should minimize intervention in the energy space of another person and first use folk remedies that do not involve appeals to the Higher Forces. If this does not help, go to the more «heavy» methods — rassorkam and ostudam, adversely affecting both partners.

They are always read on the waning moon (the strongest period is the 29th lunar day).

The power of energy return on the magician as he increases the measures increases and can break an unprepared person. If a woman is determined to independently discourage her husband from her mistress, she needs to build a protective screen around her biofield and only then apply magic.

In order for the husband to hate his mistress and not have a single day without scandals, they conduct the rite to irreconcilable enmity of the parties. The conspiracy begins to act immediately and in 7 days already brings the situation into a relationship intolerable.

On the eve of the ceremony, the wife should get a piece of wool from stray cats and dogs and prepare such components and accessories:

  • a handful of small glass;
  • 2 church candles;
  • vinegar;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • zhmenyu garden land;
  • black cloth cut;
  • blank paper;
  • copper or porcelain mortar;
  • pencil.

At midnight, from one match, both candles are lit and attached to the table behind a spread piece of cloth. A mortar is put on the fabric, and the prepared ingredients are put into it: salt, splinters, soil, wool.

From above everything is poured 2-3 spoons of vinegar.

Now, on paper, one under the other, they write the names of lovers and burn a sheet of candle. While the paper is burning, you need to have time to read the spell three times, then shake the ashes into the mortar and put it on the windowsill between the two lit candles from the table (they should burn out).

At dawn, all the components from the mortar, together with candle stubs, are poured into the jar, tightly closed with a lid and, if convenient, buried near the house where the razluchnik lives.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

If the tragedy that has happened is an exceptional phenomenon and the elimination of the separation woman will definitely return the husband to the family, then it is possible to break the sinful union by suggesting to the spouse a sense of disgust for passion. After such a conspiracy, the man will forever turn away from his mistress, and he will soon return home with a guilty head.

The given spell is very powerful, but it requires strong emotional costs from the witch. It is necessary to find fresh dog feces on the street (better on the ground, not on the asphalt), and, looking at them with disgust and anger, let out a whistling whisper:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

With a good ability to visualize, you can do without a visual attribute, but simply to clearly imagine a disgusting sight and read the plot on it.

It is possible to ward off a husband from his mistress, forcing him to yearn for his wife in the arms of a love mate, if the connection between the traitor and his passion is not very strong. To do this, every wife needs to retire every night before going to bed and read the following conspiracy in the light of a church candle:

"I will stand up, blessing, go out, crossing, from my house, from all the doors, from the last door to the gate, and from all the gates to the blue sea, the wide expanse. There are twelve brothers, all have twelve wives.

I’ll scream, call their names: one — longing, the second — dryness, the third wife — heart trouble, the fourth — headache, the fifth — mental illness, the sixth — desire, the seventh — torment, the eighth — stance, the ninth — inactivity, the tenth — dull the eleventh is hot blood, the twelfth is ardent love.

Oh, you devils of twelve wives, may the servant of God (name) be surprised by my article, wounded with my mind, with this conspiracy word subdued, captivated for now, forever and everlastingly. Let you, wives, give him sadness, longing for me, God’s servant (name), to be sad, to miss, to shout in a loud voice, I could not live without a minute, be a second, not a day, not a single night the moon is clear, nor is the sun red.

In the morning I would get a little light, mind-mind took my name, missed, missed, shouted in a bad voice.

Let him another girl would seem a terrible tigress, as fiery are frequent, like an owl a head, and I would be him in the hot afternoon — water, in a strong hunger — food. Be all my words, strong, strong, sticky. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen»".

Having learned about the relationship of the husband on the side, you should contain your negative feelings and take advantage of the old way to keep the lovers in mutual affection. In order for the ceremony to work, it is necessary that two conditions coincide at once:

  • lovers are bound only by carnal pleasures;
  • the love of his wife for her husband is higher than the insults, and she obviously forgave the betrayal.

Getting up at dawn, having washed and dressed cleanly, the woman cooks a delicious, hearty breakfast, which she repeatedly says the following words during the preparation and setting of the table:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

The conspiratorial meal should be eaten only by the spouse, it should not be given to anyone else. Scraps from the table are collected in an old rag and buried away from the house. After a while, the sinful passion will abruptly decline, and everything will improve in the family.

It is very important that no one and especially a spouse ever learn about witchcraft.

So that the person in disarray was not at ease during the intimacy with a stranger’s husband, so that she would lag behind forever and no longer fit into the family, personal psycho-emotional forces that are able to work real miracles on the subtle plane call for help. For the ceremony will require dried hawthorn fruits, which are first crushed in a mortar, and then scattered on the floor of the room.

There, on the floor, throw a note torn to shreds with the name of the opponent, and if there is her photo, then his too.

By investing in their actions all the available anger, all the rage against the offender, the deceived wife should trample down and pound paper scraps with berry crumb for as long as possible and scold the casualty with the last words. It is important to feel the border and, insulting a certain person, do not curse her or wish her death.

Feeling inner devastation and powerlessness, the woman stops the ritual, sweeps up the garbage and washes the floors with a solution of table salt. If in this way you manage to return the spree husband, then the wife should immediately go to church and put a candle to the health of the former rival.

This will block the channel through which a negative wave can reverse rollback.

The “pin” plot is applicable when the wife has no definite opponent, but the frivolity of the polygamous husband constantly threatens marriage. We must take a new pin, speak it and imperceptibly pin up to the lining of the spouse’s clothes.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

Apply the cuffs can not in all cases of betrayal of the spouse, but only when it is reliably known that the ruler has tied a man to her through bewitching magic. If the husband left at will, then the wife has less reason to put all the blame on the opponent and it is better not to take sin on the soul, but to use less “tough” means.

Excessive emotionality when performing cuffs is unacceptable, especially when there is an appeal to the Higher Forces. It is impossible to add anything «from oneself» and «overload» the rite with extra attributes.

Rituals that are performed once, it is better to perform in the energetically strong days of the waning moon: 9, 23, 26, 29th lunar day.

If repeated reading is required, then it is possible to begin from the first day from the beginning of the decrease of the night star.

Remove the rival from the life of her husband and make them avoid meeting each other is easy, using a universal component of love magic — salt. The ceremony can be held at home, better — in the first three days of the waning moon.

A church candle and a plate with a handful of salt are placed on an uncovered table. The room is fumigated with incense.

Having sat down at the table in front of the plate and putting both palms on the salt, the beast begins without stopping, monotonously pronouncing the plot, plunging into a trance.

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

It is necessary to read all the time until the candle burns out and goes out. The bite is buried in the morning under a tree, and the salt is poured into a cloth bag and tried to be used before the new moon.

Conspired crystals put into the food of an unfaithful husband, sprinkle a pinch under the rugs in his car, wash his clothes with them. If you know the place of residence of a female worker, then you can periodically throw up a few grains of salt on her door.

It can be done in such a way that the rival herself loses interest in another’s husband and abandoned him. For the ritual, you need a photo of a woman (a printout from the Internet is suitable), a church candle, a large pinch of dry poppy, and any Oriental incense.

After midnight, the wife lights a candle on the table and puts a photo in front of her. Then she takes a pinch of poppy and carefully, so that only the face of a separated woman is covered with grains, pours them onto the image.

The incense stick is set on fire from a candle and brought close to the poppy’s face covered by a rival. At the same time, the spell quickly reads:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

After the ritual, the poppy poppy is wrapped in a photo and in the next few days belongs to the villain’s house. It is necessary to scatter the grain so that the ruler strikes them, going beyond the threshold.

It is possible to get rid of evil from home with Ladan, but if the spouse does not sleep under the same roof with his wife or rarely steps on his native threshold, this method will not help.

The ceremony in order to discourage her husband from his mistress, it is better to hold after a major church holiday, during which you should visit all the main services and confess. At the end of one of the services, you need to buy a candle and incense (if there is no amulet at home, then it too).

When the holy dates pass, you can proceed to action: at home on an empty table set a candle and amulets with Byzantine powder or tar. First, light a candle, then from it — amulet and wait until a thick aroma fills the room. When the spicy smell starts to spin slightly, say the text of the conspiracy:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

Immediately after reading the lapel, it must be “weathered” — open the windows so that the smoke will go out.

In order for the husband to forget his mistress and her charms lost charm for him, you will have to buy 7 large (at least half a meter high) rectangular mirrors and place them in an empty, uncluttered room with a right circle, with a reflecting surface inside. In the center of the formed arena, a woman throws away everything in the house, single photos of her husband, and she sits down from above in a pose that is convenient for meditation.

After sufficient relaxation with the confident voice, the words of the prayer are pronounced:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

Then you should leave the room and return in an hour. It is necessary to quickly, without hesitation, take one photo from the floor and at random choose one of the mirrors. The rite is considered complete when both of these items are destroyed and taken out of the house in a trash can.

The rest of the photos are cleaned in the old places, and the mirror is better to distribute the familiar.

Having settled an inexplicable fear in the soul of a separation girlfriend, which will appear in her during each meeting with someone else’s husband, it is not difficult to ensure that she herself will start avoiding unwanted meetings. Such a plot is read on a black candle soon after sunset.

Vorozheya, sitting at the table facing north and looking through the flame of a burning candle, mentally visualizes the interior of the church. If a woman does not know how to perform the wedding sacrament, it is enough to present a loving couple in wedding attire, standing in front of the altar.

Gradually, she needs to merge her own image with the image of the bride, and present her husband at the groom’s place.

When a woman begins to feel a spiritual union with the created illusion, a conspiracy is pronounced in a whisper:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

The candle is allowed to burn out to the middle and is tidied until the next cycle of the waning moon, when it is lit again and is already left to full melting. From the candle then get rid of.

To wean the opponent to run after other people’s husbands, a broom is purchased on the growing moon on the market, which is not used until the night light shrinks. After the sunset of the chosen day, the hostess begins to sweep the flooring throughout the house, saying all the time that the cleaning continues:

How to discourage her husband from his mistress: strong conspiracies and prayers

Collected garbage is swept behind the porch or (when the rite is held in a city apartment) is taken out onto the street.

If, in an effort to get rid of an opponent, women are guided by such feelings as revenge, resentment, hatred, or self-pity, the most correct decision would be to step aside and let the lovers arrange their life as they like.

Only a sincere love of a wife for a husband who has been mired in sin is considered an excuse for resorting to witchcraft powers. Not to punish the unlucky spouse, but to save him should be the goal of all actions taken.

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