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How to charm a married man at a distance: strong conspiracies against someone else’s husband

A conspiracy on a married man: how to charm a non-free man

There is a large number of love spells that allow you to charm a married man. Some of them require personal contact, the ability to feed or drink the victim.

Other ways operate at a distance. You can do them yourself or bring in experts.

If all the details of the ceremonies are observed, conspiracies and spells are read without errors, the correct day is chosen, then the spell will definitely work.

Before embarking on witchcraft actions, it is necessary to prepare for several days:

  • observe the post;
  • do not drink alcohol;
  • choose a suitable ritual;
  • collect all the necessary ingredients;
  • wait for the most suitable day.

You can not engage in witchcraft in a drunken state.

When choosing a rite or plot to a married man, you need to answer the following questions for yourself:

  • what result is expected from the magical intervention: sexual desire, the desire to marry, financial assistance;
  • how irreversible the impact should be: if there is no certainty that this man should be bewitched for life, rites should be chosen that allow their actions to be canceled;
  • decide how dark the rite should be: the rituals of black magic are stronger, but they have a negative effect on the mentality and health of the bewitched.

After all the preparations are made, you can begin the magical manipulations. This should be done with complete confidence in the result, be in a balanced state and follow all instructions exactly.

How to charm a married man at a distance: strong conspiracies against someone else's husband

You can do magic any day, but on some days rites and conspiracies work more effectively. Different factors influence magic:

  • Phase of the moon. For making love spells the most suitable third and seventh day after the new moon. On the waning moon make razorku with his wife, if you want to withdraw the husband from the family.
  • Day of the week. A more powerful plot will affect a man if you read him in "man’s" Days of the week — Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. On Sunday most magic rituals will be relaxed.
  • Times of Day. If the love spell is done during the day, then it will be stronger if you spend it in the morning or after dinner in clear weather during the rain. At night, such rituals go well in any weather.

Regardless of the phase of the moon and the time of day, rituals are successful during energetically saturated days: the old New Year, the days of the spring solstice and the summer equinox.

How to charm a married man at a distance: strong conspiracies against someone else's husband

When it is necessary to bewitch a person at a distance, his photo is often used in various rituals. Not every shot is suitable for this purpose. The worst is the impact, if you use a photo displayed on the screen of a monitor or a smartphone, but for photographs printed on paper there are certain requirements for quality and plot:

  • Through the photo, printed in the traditional way with the usual film, the impact is stronger than through a digital photo, printed on a printer.
  • The picture should not be strangers, if they are present, they must be cut off.
  • The person in the photo should look into the frame, hands and feet should not be crossed.
  • The less time has passed since the picture was taken, the better.

Since during many rituals the photograph becomes unusable, it should be done with a margin to last for several rituals.

How to charm a married man at a distance: strong conspiracies against someone else's husband

The live fire of a candle has a special energy, it helps to imbue any spells with power. Candles are used in many rituals and rituals, but there are omens, in which they act as the main driving force.

This love spell for three wax candles has a very strong effect, it works the first time even for inexperienced witches. To increase its influence, it is allowed to do it seven days in a row, in this case the red candle is used the same one for all seven times, and the candles and needles are taken new each time. For the love spell should be prepared:

  • 3 thin wax candles;
  • 1 red candle;
  • a piece of white cotton fabric;
  • a large metal or ceramic dish;
  • a sheet of white paper;
  • photograph

A dish is set on the table, and wax candles are placed on its edges in the form of a triangle so that one of its corners points north. In the center of the fabric, put a sheet of paper on it.

Closer to the top of the triangle on the left side should be a photograph of the bewitched. Candles are lit in a clockwise direction, starting with the right, which is closer to itself.

From the left candle a red candle is lit and dripped onto a sheet of paper so that the drops will fold into the silhouette of the person, the first drop should fall near the head. The figure should be clearly marked head, arms and legs. Then you need to leave three drops in the forehead, to the left of the center of the chest and in the groin area.

During this process, you need to constantly look at the photo of the victim. Red candle extinguish fingers moving on themselves.

In those places where they caused three drops, needles are inserted alternately with the words:

  • Forehead. "(Name) Your thoughts about me are strong. Your thoughts are close to mine. Your mind is obedient to me. Think about how to meet me, kiss me in the mouth, do not let go of myself. One dumka how to see me!"
  • Chest. "Fly arrow boosted, pierced red heart. With love for me, burning with flour, creeping like a snake with a snake. The sting is a zealous heart, a love for me indomitable".
  • Groin. "The lust of the slave (name) has fallen apart, the stanetus lived straighten up, pour blood on it, and throw at the slave (name) (at me). The fire of blood is burning, the arrow is booming, and the slave (name) is lusting about. Desire in the blood, to lust love".

Then put the palm of the left hand on the heart, hold the right palm over the needles and read the conspiracy three times:

"Walked around the world Maeta, on thoughts, on the heart, on the flesh threw. Tummy mackerel graciously caught it, and the forest itself fell into black stone, and the old man caught the black gyrfalcon. Feathers plucked him, Maetu stole.

Black old man on alatyr maetya folded, nailed with iron nails. Ah you old man, black as night, bows to you bisov daughter, damn sister.

From love neither alive nor dead. Give me a break to the eternal destiny, be a brother to me, a bloody matchmaker.

Let the maeta slave (name) torture, send me a slave (name). As five fingers on my hand, so 5 years be with him.

And who shestopal, that neither Maets, nor the matchmaker, nor the devil’s brother. As it was said, it was settled!"

Then the needles are pulled out in the same order as they stuck with the words:

They take a sheet of paper, lay the cloth and the photo to the side, set fire to the paper from one of the candles and put it on the dish to burn it off. Ash and needles are collected and carried to the intersection at night and thrown away.

In the same place leave something — a small bottle of vodka and five five-ruble coins. Something put on the ground with the words: "Elder, brother, black matchmaker."

After that, without turning around, go home. The first results of the love spell should be expected the next day.

The impact will last five years, it is impossible to cancel it earlier.

It is very easy and quick to make a mowing with a hairpin and a candle, for this ceremony you will need:

Done at midnight on the growing moon. You should pin your hairpin on the photo of the beloved guy, light a candle and, looking at the photo through the light of this candle, read the plot:

"Our two hearts will merge and be together: you and me. To me you are pulled faster, not sleeping and waiting for my speeches. Your love is always with me, so be it, my love".

A photo with a barrette is kept under his pillow. He begins to act the next day.

If the need for impact is no longer necessary, it is enough to detach the hairpin from the photo and the spell will completely disperse in seven days without a trace and consequences.

With the help of church candles, a very strong spell is performed, but it can be done on a married man only if he does not have children and is certain that he is unhappy in this marriage. In order to conduct this ritual, one must go to any temple and purchase there the smallest candles that can be found.

You need to buy them as many pieces as your loved one has turned.

All candles must be placed at the icon of any saint that you like; the most preferred are saints Nicholas the Wanderer or Peter and Fevronia. First you need to pray with the holy words that come into your head, ask for help in your intended, then lighting candles, read the spell:

"Burn, holy candles, church, burn bright light. And you, my beloved, the Slave of God (the name of a bewitched person), with passionate love for me, the Slave of God (your name), sigh.

Dream about me from evening to dawn. Candles will burn out, and no one will cancel my word.


It is necessary to wait for the candles to burn out completely or go out by themselves. After that, you can leave the temple.

The effect of this rite is very strong and fast, but without harmful consequences.

One of the most traditional is the spell with a mirror and two candles. For him, at midnight, a mirror is set on the table, and two candles are lit on either side of it. On the left with a sharp object you need to scratch your name, and on the right — the name of someone else’s husband.

Candles should be reflected in the mirror. They sit for a while, peering into the mirror, then read the plot three times:

"My dear (name) sits behind a mirror glass, my words are not in his ears, but in the soul, he will be obedient to any order. He will reject his wife, he will accept me only as a wife.

Scream, talk, whisper, word, deed, key, lock".

After that, it remains to wait until the candles completely burn out and go out by themselves. To remove such a love spell is very difficult even for a specialist, he begins to act on the third day after uttering a conspiracy.

Since ancient times, for a love spell for a married man, any food was spoken. On love and prisuha you can charge and any drink.

The only disadvantage is that you need access to a person to feed or drink his love potion.

To speak any food, they take it on an even day of the week in both hands, and imagining how power penetrates the food through the hands, saying softly:

"My word is in me, my business is in food, food in slave (name of man). As the food in it becomes, so will not be for (name) neither wife, nor sister, nor mother. Just me and my word and deed.

As I order, so be it. Amen".

If you feed a man with this food for a day, he will be completely obedient to the woman who conspired. Any desire of hers, not even expressed, will be captured by them and will become mandatory.

You can tell a long-term storage products, such as sugar or salt, and then add them to any food.

Take any amount of sugar, after sunset pour it on a dish in front of you, holding the dish with both hands, quietly utter the words of the conspiracy:

"Cuddle, stick to my sugar. Body, heart, head.

Like a fly sticks to a sweet syrup, so do you, the slave (the name of the victim), turn to love me a slave (your name). Advice hold, in my absence, torments, appreciate me, as they appreciate the most beloved and dear. Let it be so!"

This sugar can be stored for a month and added to any treat, both during cooking and in the finished dish. Such an impact is not very strong, but it tends to accumulate.

If you feed a person with a sugary sugar for a long time, he will be completely subordinate.

Love potion based on alcohol has a pronounced and long-lasting effect. To cook it, you will need:

The bottle and glasses are set in front of them, behind them is a lighted candle and they read the words of the conspiracy:

"Earthly and unearthly charms, help me, love dear (the name of the victim) tie. Let our destinies be joined together by invisible bonds, so that no one forever can break them either in words or deeds, neither at night nor day.

As soon as he (the name of the victim) drinks this drink, so in his blood, his head and heart, the love for me will arise, and for (the name of his wife) let all feeling disappear. So be it from now on!"

After that, it remains to meet with this man and at the same time drink a loaded wine from prepared glasses.

If the one you want to bewitch doesn’t drink alcohol, you can use a light plot on any drink. After sunset, take a glass of water or any other liquid in your palm and squeeze it tightly (as far as possible). Not relaxing hands, read the plot:

"As people cannot live without water and drink, so you, (the name of the bewitched), without me (your name) cannot, you will dry and yearn".

Spoken will have a magical power of thirty days. During this period, you can add a love potion to any drink, in what happens.

This way makes a man want to be close to bewitch him and aversion to all other women.

If you managed to get for a short time any item of clothing that the man you liked wore, you can make a love spell on the thing. You should get a needle and pick up a thread of such color that will be invisible on the chosen clothes.

It is necessary to make as many stitches in your pocket or lining as the length of the thread allows, it is important that this seam does not catch the eye.

During sewing, the conspiracy words are continuously repeated:

"As I sew a thread to my clothes, so I will bind a servant of God (name) to myself, and I will connect his fate with my own! That is not the usual thread, then his / her life. How not to be now without this thing, so not to be alone.

I call upon the forces of heaven to help, the moon, the patroness of love, I ask for help! So that we would not live without each other, so that he would miss me, thoughts would be thought, love was born! Amen!"

The thread can not be cut with a blade or scissors, you can tear off or bite off. Not later than after three days, the clothes should be returned to their owner, and he should certainly wear them at least once.

After first putting on the witchcraft begins to act and the more often this thing will be worn, the stronger the effect. If you need to cancel the spell, you will need to carefully pull out all the threads and burn.

It happens that a man meets a girl, but continues to live with an old wife. In this case, a love spell on a silver ring, water and a cute shirt will help.

From the evening a bucket of pure water is gathered, a silver ring is placed on the bottom of it. The bucket must be placed near its bed.

In the morning before sunrise the ring should be taken with your left hand, put on your lover’s worn shirt and pour all the water on yourself with the words:

"As the shirt of the servant of God (name) is on me, the slave of God (name), so is his love on me. I pour water in it, forever my dear twist around. With love I dovevy be only love him alone.

This water is spilled, according to my come true. Amen".

The shirt must not be removed until it is completely dry. To cancel the effect of such witchcraft is almost impossible.

Strong binding is achieved with the help of the rite, which requires a Russian stove and a clay pot. In extreme cases, the pot can be taken ceramic, and the oven can be replaced with an oven.

From the evening they gather in a pot of pure water and put their silver ring. At sunrise, the ring is pulled out with his left hand with a slander:

"Vodichka-sister, in the oven you stand, give me a thick steam, kipi-kipi, servant of God (name) to me, slave of God (name), attach. Amen".

Then put the pot in the stove or oven, wait until the water boils, then get out of the stove, baptized three times and prayed three times "Our Father". Next you should read another conspiracy:

"Water boils, and the pot burns. In the same way, the heart of God’s servant (name) burns after me, the servant of God (name).

Without me, he can neither eat nor drink, nor live or sleep. Key-lock sim words.


Wait for re-boiling, remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. The contents of the pot are poured into an opaque bottle and used as a love potion: they add food, sprinkle cute clothes, wash it with this water.

You can add a little bit to the bath. In full force this rite enters gradually, but acts very strongly.

If you managed to get a comb of your beloved man, you can dry it on this object, for which you collect several hairs from a comb and roll it into a ball of wax. This ball should always be kept with you. The comb is returned to the owner beforehand having said:

"Comb comb, comb your favorite hair. Dental brother, help, bring your loved one into the arms.

You will be cherished, cherished, but I will meet your beloved. Instill the servant of God (name) love for the servant of God (name).

Day after day, night after night let them recognize me, and after a week he comes. Key-lock sim words.


As long as the man uses this comb, he will be under the influence of a conspiracy, in order to dispel the effect of the spell, just pick up the comb and destroy it in any way.

The spell on paper does not require any special tools or skills and is easily done at home. In order to attract the man he liked to himself, they write the words of a conspiracy on paper:

"As the month of May toils, so the servant of God (the name) will suffer according to the servant of God (the name). Will go after her, will ask her.

As a person cannot live without food-water, so the servant of God (name) cannot live without the servant of God (name) for a minute. Now and ever and forever and ever.


In order to get the result, it is necessary to provide a contact for this note. You can gently hem it under the lining of clothes, sew in his pillow or hide in the car.

Magic will work as long as the beloved is in contact with this piece of paper.

If it became known that the beloved will soon come to visit, you need to prepare a new towel in advance, the man should be the first to use it. When he will wash his hands and wipe off this towel, he should leave for a minute while the fabric is still wet and tie it into a tight knot with the words:

"My favorite hands washed, on the towel inherited. I twist this towel tightly, I pinch my heart to the slave of God (name). The towel is raw, and the soul is sweet for me, the servant of God (name), whines.

Towel dry, sweet for me to sigh. No forces will untie the towel, they’ll tie me a sweetheart to me.


The towel is then removed to a place where no one will see it. The impact of the ceremony is very powerful, it allows you to bind to a virtually stranger, but if necessary, it is easy to cancel it — just untie the knot on the towel.

Strong blood binding is done by plotting on the ring. For this ritual you will need:

  • a new ring without stones, acquired on the growing moon;
  • red candle;
  • a photograph with the image of a loved one;
  • sterile needle or scarifier.

After sunset, they lower the ring into a glass of spring water, put a photo on the table and put a lighted candle. The ring is removed from the glass and wait until it dries. All this time one should look at the fire of a candle and imagine how the flame of passion inflames in the chest of his beloved.

Then put the ring on the photo so that it falls on the region of the heart of the bewitched. Read a conspiracy three times:

"I will speak the ring this night, the fire will help, the spell will be cast. The candle’s fire is burning, he tells me about love, soon you will (love) name (name), you will love me (name). Every day your love is stronger inflamed, it is filled with passion for me.

You can’t, (name), without me, (name), you can’t sleep well, you can’t live. All your thoughts are now about me, I am alone in your destiny, only you alone now belong to me.

Happiness is with me, not being with you. With me only peace you will know, you forget your longing.

As she said, so be it, my love will never forget me, never leave me, will soon live with me. Amen".

Then they pierce the skin on the pillow of the ring finger of the right hand and drip blood three times through the ring on the photo so that the drops fall on the left side of the loved one’s chest. You should wait until the candle completely burns out, and the blood in the photo does not dry out. The ring is put on the ring finger of the right hand and worn.

Photos tidied up in a secret place. This rite is gaining strength during the week, but then it acts powerfully and quickly.

Cemetery love spells act very strongly, quickly, they are very difficult to remove. In order to attract someone else’s husband to oneself, one should look after two graves in the nearest churchyard, one for men and one for women. The names of the people buried in them must coincide with their name and the name of the bewitched.

It is necessary to purchase two new wedding rings, male and female, without fitting.

At night, the rings are hidden on their respective graves and left there until the next day. At noon, the rings should be dug out and in the same place in the cemetery to find a place where no one goes.

They dig a recess and put the ring in it. Cast a spell:

"(The name of the deceased) and (the name of the deceased) lie in the graves, they do not see the light of white. (The name of the beloved man) and (your name) are alive and well, love, respect and honor each other. How many of these rings lie here, so much (the name of the deceased) and (name of the deceased) lie in the graves, do not see the light of white, and (the name of the beloved man) and (your name) be alive and healthy, love each other, respect and honor".

The land is leveled and stamped so that it is not visible that something is buried here, and without turning around and not talking to anyone, they go home. As long as the rings are in the ground, the love spell will work.

As an additional measure, you can put a spell on your wife that will make her constantly lust for all the men around her, it will distract her and ruin their family relationships. Sorcerers call such a love spell bitch.

The dog, which is in the period of estrus, take a shred of wool and smear on a rag from under the tail. Nine candles are lit, wool is placed on the left side, and a rag with a brush on the right.

In front of him have a picture of a rival. Without taking my eyes off the photo, they read the plot seven times:

"On the left side in the demonic kingdom the river measures the red path. Yes, in the river of that red the whirlpool is black, but in the whirlpool of that terrible black water boils, boils, it throws foam. Yes, in the slough of indecency human lives.

Bludina, demon dashing there master. Bitch whirlpool demons his magnify.

Yes, a woman’s share, and a whirlpool of body swirling with boiling heat, so are you a demon, a harlot, my words are to be known, and you can raise the water of a black pool. Let the streams come out of the edges, your river will flow to human lands, and yes (the name of the opponent) into the pool will let them inhale. Yes, in a whirlpool with a branch, let the impure goods strike her, fornication let her suffer from day to day, let him wish fornication, indecency.

And if he wishes, so let him do it, let him burn with passion. In the pool of black, fornication fornication, nepotreba, yes everything in it.


Drop on a photograph of liquid honey and the middle finger of the right hand (clockwise) smear it. Sprinkle wool and pronounce: "As the bitch knew the flow, I didn’t know the rest for the males, so you, (name), the thecs, but don’t know the rest for the males.


Then cover the photo with a rag and say: "As a dog has covered a bitch, so will you cut. Forever and ever.


Wait until the candles are completely burned through and put the photo in a secret place. After this rite Be sure to take to the crossroads of something. They take a small bottle of vodka and nine coins of any denomination, leave them at the crossroads with the words: "Elder, brother, black matchmaker".

This effect can not be removed, so they make it only with the firm intention to get someone you like.

The runic way is good because it allows you to do without a photo and the need to feed or water the victim. At a minimum, for a foreign husband’s love spell, you only need to know his name and the name of his wife.

Also, the runes are less demanding on the day of the week or the phase of the moon.

On a piece of paper write the name of a loved one and the name of his wife. Between them draw the Hagalaz rune with their blood.

How to charm a married man at a distance: strong conspiracies against someone else's husband

This rune is responsible for the destruction of anything. If you write it between two names, it will destroy all the connections between these people.

During the inscription of the runes it is necessary to represent the beloved and his wife.

Then they take another piece of paper, write their name on it and the men to be bewitched. Between these names also the runic love spell is drawn with its blood. "Forced love".

How to charm a married man at a distance: strong conspiracies against someone else's husband

"Forced love"

Both sheets are taken in hand and say the wish, in any form, with any additions:

"I want (the name of a man) to part with (the name of his wife) and love only me (his name)".

Leaflets stored in a secluded place. If you need to cancel the action of the runes, it suffices to burn both pieces of paper, and the magic will stop working without any consequences.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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