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How to become more feminine, showing your feminine nature

How to become feminine and correctly fulfill your mission in this world

Femininity. Many people confuse it with sexuality, flirtation, sensuality. Of course, real femininity includes all of the above, but is not limited to them.

It hides a much more powerful force that can not just attract the attention of a man for one night, but make her literally dissolve into this woman, want to be close to her, be inspired by her, and without much action.

How to become feminine? The question is relevant to our not quite correct world, in which the mixing of the sexes has been taking place for a long time.

I propose to deal with him in the following material.

How to become more feminine, showing your feminine nature

What is femininity

Femininity is by no means a beautiful model appearance, nor feet from the ears and a chest of the fourth size, as well as no sticky sexuality in the eyes. In fact, this is a special internal state, energy, which is transmitted by the fair sex to the outside world.

A real woman men feel for miles. It may not be something special in appearance, she may not wear haute couture, not visit beauty salons, but it is simply unrealistic not to notice this magic, the magic power that she possesses.

Interesting, possesses by nature or has learned? And the one and the other in the aggregate.

Indeed there are very feminine from birth girls and women. But there are those who have discovered their inner potential through the right behavior and actions. After all, everything that trains is developing.

To argue with such a statement is meaningless.

How manifest

Female energy is characterized by smooth and soft qualities that can be seen in the appearance and manner of behaving. In the feminine nature hides the real softness and delicacy.

It lacks male signs, rough aggression, competitive spirit, fearlessness, strength and desire to cope with any life problems on their own.

Why is true femininity so charming and attractive to the opposite sex? Because it contrasts sharply with masculine power, with manifestations of typically masculine characteristics.

When a man observes this contrast, he begins to feel his strength and masculine energy against the background of a weaker girl. Thus, he realizes and opens even more in himself the male power, improves his abilities, which gives him a big tide of joy and allows to truly manifest himself in our world.

How to become more feminine, showing your feminine nature

In addition, with the help of her femininity, a girl or woman is able to awaken in her chosen one the most tender romantic experiences. Accordingly, with the disappearance of female magic, feelings are also lost.

A man will feel a sense of respect and appreciate a lady who has lost her femininity, however, she will no longer be able to evoke previous emotions in him.

In the soft faces of the weaker sex, the real femininity is most pronounced. They feel a sense of pride because they were born in such a body, with love and delight, fulfill their duties as spouses and mothers.

We are always ready to give our household (and not only them) a good mood, to charge them with our calmness, to heal the soul.

Female energy and the opposite sex

What interests the feminine representative of the beautiful half of humanity? First of all, its own female nature.

She very subtly gives a man to realize who is next to him and how to treat her. For this reason, these girls are always open the door, give a hand and try to provide any possible assistance …

A woman with a capital letter shows her intellect (which can be very high), but does not seek to compete in this regard with the male half. She has a special ability — to express sincere admiration for her man, his success, strength and life achievements.

Being in her company, the latter feels taller, clever, attractive, charismatic and courageous.

On the other hand, this does not mean that a true woman needs to feel depressed or insufficiently educated. She demonstrates her high mental abilities every day, but in her own way, for women. She inspires her chosen one, which is extremely important.

And he pays tribute to her great feminine talent.

Such a person has never sought and does not strive to have a greater income or to surpass her faithful in her career. What is the point in this?

She does not need this at all, because she prefers to give a man the opportunity to take care of herself. But he constantly praises his success in order to inspire to conquer new, higher heights.

A feminine woman is not afraid to be under the care of a courageous protector who provides her. She realizes that female power is very expensive.

However, a logical question arises: why is it so difficult for women to be … women?

How to become more feminine, showing your feminine nature

Yes, because femininity is not just a gift from above, but acts as a skill that is important to improve day by day. This is the whole art of “manifesting oneself in the female role”, which is one of the spiritual destinations for the weaker sex.

How to understand if you are feminine enough? After all, there may be an illusory desire to deceive yourself in order not to work on your life. There is a basic criterion by which to really get a reliable result.

According to it, you will understand whether you are realizing your feminine energy in reality.

Next to the feminine woman there is a courageous man who loves her and improves in his male role, achieving ever greater success in his career and realization. And their pair is getting richer, and in every sense of the word.

The criterion is quite simple. And if you currently lack such a man, then you lack a feminine. Or another situation — MCH is, but it does not differ in the pronounced male «vein».

It also speaks of reduced femininity.

The meaning of the problem lies in the fact that it is the woman herself who does not allow the appearance of the courageous MCH. She or herself makes efforts so that her man is feminine or, using hypertrophied «masculinity» scare away the stronger sex from himself.

The solution to the problem is to change your familiar worldview and begin to develop new female qualities.

What prevents to be feminine

There are some things that slowly but surely destroy femininity. Examine them to know the enemy in person.

  1. Wearing pants, trousers, jeans. Since ancient times, young ladies could not use such clothes, and their traditional wardrobe was made up of skirts with dresses. And not in vain! After all, this style helps to accumulate female fertile energy from Mother Earth. What can I say: when we put on a beautiful dress, we automatically begin to feel softer and flirty.
  2. Wearing a short haircut. One can argue by citing the girls, who, and those trimmed to be a boy, have not lost their inner charm. Of course, it happens, but then we are talking more about the exception to the rules. And by nature the woman is supposed to be filled with power from her long braids.
  3. Scruffy appearance. Many ladies after long years of marriage forget about caring for themselves. And at the same time they make a double mistake: firstly, they risk losing their husband’s disposition, and secondly, they deprive themselves. After all, when a weaker woman takes care of herself, she increases her female energy potential.
  4. Neglect of decorations. With the help of accessories, we focus on our attire or, on the contrary, we add to it restraint and chastity. And if it is wrong to select them, or not to use them at all, a lot of possibilities of manifesting one’s nature are lost.
    How to become more feminine, showing your feminine nature
  5. Emotional tightness. By nature, the female half of the population is supposed to be very sensual and show emotions. If you try to suppress these qualities in yourself — cause yourself a lot of harm. First of all, you will begin to destroy your true nature, plus worsen your health. Psychologists have long argued about the need to get rid of emotions, because they still break out or destroy a person from the inside.
  6. Lack of communication with tribeswomen. Yes, constantly chatting incessantly is harmful, but at least occasionally you need to contact with a couple of close girlfriends. Through this communication, you spill out positive emotions and can discuss issues in which a man can not help.
  7. Overweight communication. From extreme to extreme, as they say. Speech is a way to release energy, and when you have to talk a lot, and even with often unfriendly-minded people — a woman drains her strength.
  8. Labor activity Strange as it may seem, for someone to realize it, but even now, in our age, the equations of rights of a woman, by nature, have to be the guardian of the hearth. For its correct implementation, it is important to be at home more, taking care of others. If, however, to work, only by doing what you really like brings not just finances, but a feeling of pleasure and joy.
  9. Internal potential is not disclosed. Women are creative creatures, it is important for them to create the beautiful next to them. Therefore, creative activities for them is akin to meditation. They add calm and satisfaction. If you constantly do not have enough time for creativity — do not be surprised when one day you lose interest in life.
  10. Lack of hobbies. All I will give different interests, but the main thing is that they were and implemented in practice. Do not be limited solely to domestic issues. If you wanted to go to the workshop, do dancing, yoga, and so on — do it.
    How to become more feminine, showing your feminine nature
  11. Rejection of yourself. Wearing the most beautiful clothes and doing cool make-up will not add femininity per gram when there is no inner love for yourself. To improve the situation, it is worthwhile to increase self-esteem.
  12. No love. Loneliness — she is also the cause of self-confidence and her nature. It provokes complexes, clamps, interferes with opening up and finding a soul mate. After all, no one will love you until you yourself do this!
  13. Rude behavior. According to surveys, the stronger sex means by the concept of femininity a calm, measured voice, smooth movements, softness of character.

Manifestations of rudeness, aggression, hysteria scare men. It is necessary to refuse in speech from the use of swear words, words, parasites, do not gossip about other people and do not cling to trivia.

Everyone has a bad mood and nervous breakdowns, but do not take out the evil on the closest people. In addition, practice shows that a man is more likely to fulfill a request made in a tender voice than in the form of an order.

Use these tips every day and soon you will find that there is not a trace of the former “Iron Lady”. Give the Universe softness, tenderness, harmony and beauty — after all, this is the true women’s mission.

In conclusion, I propose to view a thematic video that tells how to become more feminine:

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