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How to become attractive in the eyes of the male

How to become attractive for men

Each person of the fair sex wishes to learn how to become attractive and constantly catch on herself the rapturous looks of men. And this is a natural female need, because all girls dream of creating happy relationships in which they will receive a lot of attention and love.

In this article, I propose to find out the secrets of the female male charm.

How to become attractive in the eyes of the male

How to become attractive to men: secret weapons

In nature, there are many women. Some men idolize, showing readiness to throw various trophies at their feet, while others have to be content with discussion and condemnation of the first, guessing: “What is so special about it?”.

There is also the category of «aunty», not causing any positive emotions to the opposite sex. What is the reason for this?

Just some ladies know and skillfully use the secrets of attractiveness, while others for some reason ignore them.

Although in reality everything is not as sad as it seems: each female person can look and behave attractively. If only she knows and regularly follows the commandments of feminine charm and charm.

Therefore, it is worth a little effort, give up laziness, take care of self-care, as well as follow other recommendations: then your attractiveness for men will increase by several times, which simply can not please!

Let’s get acquainted with all the secrets of female attractiveness.

Secret 1 — Ukhozhennost

It was not for nothing that the catchphrase was that “there are no ugly women, but there are women who do not know that they are beautiful”. Accordingly, they are not able to properly care for themselves and emphasize their own charms.

It is safe to say that «attractive woman» = «well-groomed.» And indeed, if you wish, anyone can turn into a beauty, if you are not too lazy to follow the following recommendations:

  • Bounce back your figure. First, those extra pounds are not very aesthetic and do not attract the stronger sex at all. And, secondly, they cause harm to health. What is not the motivation to say goodbye to them once and for all?

To do this, you need to learn the basics of proper nutrition, give up bad taste preferences (chips, soda, chocolate bars, etc.), forget about cigarettes and alcohol in large doses. And be sure to sign up for physical activity: whether it is a gym, fitness, yoga or oriental dance — here you are already guided by your own preferences.

  • Follow the rules of basic hygiene: wash your hair so that it does not begin to hang down with fatty lifeless strands; go to the shower twice a day, use deodorizing agents, brush your teeth after each meal. Make sure you always smell good.
  • Once every 3-4 weeks, perform a manicure and pedicure procedure. — these are, above all, manipulations that are important for health, but also add to the greater external attractiveness. It is much better to enroll to a professional in the industry, rather than trying to trim the cuticle with blunt nippers on your own.

And very few people are able to really apply nail polish evenly and beautifully on nails in the same way as craftsmen do in salons.

  • Provide meticulous skin care.. To do this, it is important to determine the type of your skin (oily, dry, normal, combined), to acquire a range of cleansing and moisturizing agents, based on the needs of the skin. Also, it will not be superfluous to carry out special masks and periodically visit a cosmetologist while doing the cleaning.
    How to become attractive in the eyes of the male
  • Eliminate excess vegetation from the body. It is necessary to take care that the area of ​​the legs, armpits, bikini area is free from excess hair. For sure, dark hair on delicate female skin is the last thing that attracts men in women. Fortunately, now there are a million different ways to solve this problem (wax hair removal, shugaring, photo epilation, laser).
  • Use decorative cosmetics. With the help of cosmetics, it is really possible to disguise many external flaws (pimples, dark circles under the eyes, oily skin, and so on) by adding points to you in the men’s eyes. Therefore, sign up for self-expression courses or learn lessons on it on the Internet yourself.
  • Choose a good perfume. From a real woman should smell delicious — this is one of the important rules of attractiveness. Do not save on perfume, choosing for yourself a truly high-quality perfume with the most pleasant for you fragrance.
  • Dress nicely. No wonder they invented the famous saying that “they meet on clothes”. Men are so sure! They very much pay attention to what is worn on the girl. Therefore, if you want a man’s look to you more often — follow the trends, listen to the recommendations of stylists, study fashionable look-and and arrange yourself an effective shopping.

And, of course, do not forget to take care of your clothes: time to wash, iron, clean.

How to become attractive in the eyes of the male

Secret 2 — Self-Sufficiency

Of course, shared hobbies in a pair are very important, but in principle are not mandatory. It is much more important that a woman has her favorite work in which she is implemented.

This may be a job, and a hobby, not generating income, but giving a sea of ​​positive.

Of these hobbies stand out: sports activities, knitting, tailoring, the ability to make beautiful makeup, hair, tasty cooking, and so on. A girl with her own world and hobbies will be much more interesting for a man.

And besides, it is impossible to be together all the time: each partner must have their own interests and have their own personal space.

You can not try to please men in everything: in food, clothing, hobbies, fully adapting only to him. You are also a full-fledged person with your opinion and vision of the world.

You can not diminish its importance in the relationship.

And do not turn into «easy prey», it is better to leave a man the opportunity to conquer himself, to unravel you and make his own.

Secret 3 — Femininity

All persons of the weaker sex are feminine by nature. It is just that some of them spoil their femininity by choosing the wrong position in society, trying to compete with a man at work and in a relationship.

That does not give a positive result. After all, only by showing maximum femininity, gentleness, tenderness, pliability, care, flexibility of thinking, politeness can be motivated by the MCH to perform feats for you and the conquest of your person.

It is very unlikely that he will do the same for the lady, from whose mouth obscene words that communicate and behave rudely, like men, constantly fly out.

How to become attractive in the eyes of the male

Secret 4 — Optimism

The stronger sex prefers easy-to-communicate women, cheerful, who look at everything that happens in life with optimism. And vice versa — it will completely scare away the always crying, irritated or complaining person.

Also not like the arrogant upstart, clearly demonstrating its independence and superiority, degrading manhood.

Secret 5 — Natural

Yes, wanting to attract a man, you can use your coquetry and seductive appearance, the main thing, just do not overdo it. After all, feigned, cutesy, excessively sexual manners are more likely to be scared away than attracted.

Most likely, by behaving in this way, you will receive many obscene sentences than add to your attractiveness in the eyes of men.

Secret 6 — Honesty

It is absolutely pointless to try to put on the mask of a completely different person. Firstly, this is likely to be revealed with high probability sooner or later, and secondly, men hate lies.

It is better to show maximum honesty, of course, in acceptable measures.

Secret 7 — Ability to keep up the conversation

You can learn more about each other just by starting to communicate. If a girl cannot connect two words, speaks unintelligibly and uncertainly, then she risks to spoil her initial sympathy for herself.

But one should not be too harsh, intrusive, speak loudly and fall asleep to his interlocutor with a million questions a minute. Keep the middle ground.

Men are crazy about a gentle and not too loud female voice. And they are impressed by the ability to listen and maintain a conversation.

Just perfect when all this is accompanied by a pleasant smile and good mood.

In conclusion

Wanting to be attractive to the male sex, it is not enough to have a beautiful face and a model figure. Every man wants to see in a woman not just a beautiful doll, but a sincere, kind, well-mannered, caring person.

This may explain the phenomenon when outwardly unattractive person successfully married much earlier than her more prominent girlfriends.

The stronger sex always evaluates a woman in a complex, paying attention to all parameters. And sometimes certain inner qualities (mind, gentle nature, warmth) can make you forget about the imperfections of your appearance.

While the manifestations of bad character, pamperedness, hysteria, on the contrary, minimize all external attractiveness.

And according to numerous polls of the stronger sex, it becomes clear that the most attractive in women is inner harmony, self-confidence, a positive view of the world and of those around them.

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