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How to become an energy vampire: bad advice

How to become an energy vampire: bad advice

Few people are interested in how to become an energy vampire. Such interest is most likely caused by not wanting to feed on the energy of others.

And so as not to allow yourself to «vampire» on loved ones, complicating their lives. Let’s talk about what needs to be done to turn into a person, after talking with whom people lose energy.

How to become an energy vampire: a short master class

We give a few «bad advice», by following which, you will surely turn into an energetic vampire that does not leave others a chance to remain filled with strength and energy.

How to become an energy vampire: bad advice

So, if you want to turn into an extremely unpleasant person, an energetic vampire that others avoid, your actions should be as follows:

  1. Complain more about life. Tell everyone about how you live badly. The boss was a monster, the husband was a loser, the dog was shitting, the child was naughty, the work was tired, he got nasty in the tram. If you try, you can find a lot of reasons to pour out the negative
  2. Criticize one and all. After all, only you know how to live and act in any way. Condemn anyone whose opinion does not coincide with yours. You also know what is good and what is bad.
  3. Frequently blame others, especially family members. After all, only a disgruntled person, coupled with phrases like «and that’s all you can do?» Motivates others to become better and do something for you.
  4. Never praise or thank anyone. Good deeds are taken for granted, and praise and compliments are false flattery. There is nothing to pamper people, let them know their place
  5. Intervene in any conversation, interrupt the interlocutors, often begin phrases with “I think”, “and I”, “and I”. Let them get annoyed and “feed” you with their discontent, this is the perfect food for an energy vampire.
  6. Jealous husband, carp at correspondence, check the phone and pockets of clothing. Daily suspect him of treason with other women. Let him be afraid to even look at the side!
  7. Demotivate others. If they share plans and ideas — say that they will not succeed, that they see the world in rose-colored glasses and want too much. Affirm that only one who steals lives well in our country
  8. Think negative attitudes and stereotypes. All women are mercantile, all men change, all blondes are stupid, after thirty do not get married, and so on. Actively believe in it and inspire others
  9. Encourage conflicts. Let the other person feel like insulting you, hitting you. In the meantime, he is angry, laugh at his face and feed on his negative energy. More scandals from scratch!
  10. If you are a leader, you simply have an uncultivated field for energy experiences. Criticize and humiliate subordinates, lower their self-esteem. Let them think that they should be grateful that you took them to work, such disgusting and mediocre

We hope that it would not occur to you to use the above tips. However, now you know at what point you start to “vampire” and catch yourself thinking that you do not need to start a dispute, turn on criticism or make a quarrel from scratch.

How to become an energy vampire: bad advice

How to fill with energy?

If you feel that you do not have enough energy, you can get it from environmentally friendly sources. Eco-friendly in this context is safe, which will not harm anyone.

So, it is not necessary to «pump out» energy from those around you.

Ways to fill with energy are different for men and for women.

The main source of energy for a man is his woman. Only she is able to inspire him, motivate, give rest, positive emotions necessary for replenishing energy.

You can compare a man with a TV, and a woman with a power outlet, connecting to which this TV starts working.

Of course, a man is able to restore energy without the participation of a woman. But for this you need to do spiritual practices, to be an incredibly conscious person.

How to become an energy vampire: bad advice

Therefore, it is important for a woman to be able to recover and accumulate energy, so that she can then share it with a man. What fills a woman:

  • Water. Water energy is very powerful. Even an ordinary bath is able to give a charge of strength, helps to relax and unwind. And swimming in the sea, lake, river is generally a very powerful source.
  • Taking care of yourself. Beauty treatments, new purchases, delicious food — everything that gives joy and helps to be beautiful. This salon treatments, and manicure, and hair care
  • Chat with friends. It is important that they are your like-minded people, think positively, and not be energetic vampires.
  • Creation. Creativity is in every woman. If you think that you have no talents, you just have not yet discovered your own. Try everything — drawing, music, singing, dancing, handicraft, making jewelry, etc., look for yourself. Creativity is very important for restoring feminine energy.
  • Communication with a mentor. This may be an adult married girlfriend, whose opinion you trust, a psychologist, mother, coach or spiritual mentor. It is very important to learn from the wisdom and knowledge of a person with positive life experience.
  • Cleaning. Creating cleanliness and comfort in the house is not only one of the main women’s responsibilities, but also a way to be filled with energy. Bad mood, breakdown? Wash the windows!
  • Healthy sleep. It is very important to get enough sleep. If you sleep less than eight hours, nothing will help to remain energetically filled. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time to sleep.

Watch the video about energy vampirism technique:

A woman full of energy is shared with a man through praise and gratitude, care and affection, food prepared for a beloved man, even through shirts ironed for him.

The list of ways to fill with energy can be continued indefinitely. The easiest way: all negative energy takes away, positive — on the contrary, it gives.

So choose what is closer to you.

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