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How to become a witch: where do the witches and fortune-takers come from

How to become a witch in real life

How to become a witch? And how to understand who such a witch really is?

We will deal with the questions posed in this article.

Witch who is she

Since ancient times, the fair sex, able to read information from people, as well as owning the art of energy, were known as witches. The attitude towards them was appropriate — somewhat timid, but mostly with a bit of admiration.

How to become a witch: where do the witches and fortune-takers come from

The word “witch” itself has an old Russian root “all” — that is, “know,” “know how,” “know.” Translated from Sanskrit «Veda» means «sacred knowledge.»

It turns out that before this word was not attributed to a negative value. On the contrary, it described women with sacred knowledge.

Originally the word «witch» was used in the meaning of «the one that knows everything.» Subsequently, the witches were called «fortunately».

Witches — that is, knowing (knowing) were supposed to live apart. Due to this, they are easier to accumulate the necessary knowledge in the process of observing natural phenomena.

In addition, it should be mentioned that visiting the Witch was allowed only in cases where help was really needed. Ordinary people with great respect for the witches (or vedunam), tried not to disturb them in vain.

Where the witch takes her powers

Witches can be inborn, who have received their gift from birth, or they can develop paranormal abilities during years of long training and practice.

Even natural witches need to constantly increase their knowledge, to further develop supernatural powers for life. To do this, they attend special closed schools, communities, and are members of sacral organizations.

And yet — get knowledge from personal teachers (gurus).

You may not believe it, but in our world there live a large number of witches. They have always been, are and will be.

Of course, now most of them, for obvious reasons, refused to wear ritual clothing and jewelry. In our society, very often those who stand out from the crowd at risk of being misunderstood.

And besides, there was not quite the right stereotype regarding such women. Remember only children’s fairy tales that present us a witch in the form of an evil Baba Yaga-Bone leg.

A child from infancy is taught that everything connected with magic and mysticism is invariably bad, bad, and should be kept away from it.

How to become a witch: where do the witches and fortune-takers come from

And the kid, wanting to be like his parents or pupils, also takes their side, believing that witchcraft is a danger, or it simply does not exist in nature. As a result, the mystical abilities given to a child from birth begin to be gradually lost until they disappear completely.

Only a small number of people manage to save what has been given from above and develop it.

How to become a witch in real life

The most powerful are the sorceresses whose mystical abilities were acquired at birth. The family also transfers power through the female line.

Therefore, if a gift was present for the mother or grandmother, then there are very big chances that he will manifest himself at the daughter / granddaughter.

And hereditary magic is considered the most powerful, because in this case, the forces piled up over many centuries. In childhood and young age, forces begin to gradually manifest themselves, and over the years, they are increasing and increasing.

The older generation will initiate into the basics of magic and gradually transfer to the young individual all of their sacred knowledge.

But there is another opportunity to become a sorceress. She is to receive a gift from another witch when she dies. For this, it is important that there is mutual agreement between the parties.

Although in some cases, the power is dropped on a random person.

As a rule, when receiving a magical gift, an appropriate ritual is performed — a woman is ordained as a witch. Self-taught witch science is also realistic, although it will take enough time and own efforts.

And, of course, above all, the presence of sincere desire!

How to become a witcher? Just like a witch — either to get abilities from birth, or to develop them in yourself independently.

How to become a witch: where do the witches and fortune-takers come from

How does the witch become

In order to study the witch craft, it is recommended to find a teacher (guru, mentor, and so on). Such a person will give you the necessary information, help you plunge into the basics of mysticism, tell you many subtle nuances that are important to know, but for beginners they are covered in mystery and darkness.

In addition, you will need to read the relevant literature, the study of the art of herbalism (treatment of diseases with the help of the healing power of certain herbs).

Also, the future witch is actively developing other abilities: comprehends control of her emotional sphere, which is extremely important in this skill. Without it, it will not work to get a good result.

And, of course, important is the work to improve their sixth sense, the development of empathy (the ability to read and correctly understand the emotional states of other people).

A leading mother (as sometimes called witches) is supposed to understand the art of correct interpretation of night dreams. Comprehends the witch and various fortune telling — on cards, runes and other supporting materials.

The witch is characterized by a strong energy field, which means that work will be needed on its energy. To increase the energy potential will help frequent stay in nature — from it draw strength, both white and black sorceresses.

Also come to the aid of various meditative practices, entering into a state of altered consciousness, working with lucid dreams and much more.

And the most important thing that you definitely need to remember is that magic consists not only in various rituals and rituals, but also involves the possession of information, knowledge, as well as the ability to distinguish correct knowledge from false ones that carry the wrong message.

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