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How much should a man earn according to women

How much should a man earn according to women

You can agree with this or not, but we will not be cunning — every woman’s soul is worried about the topic of the financial state of her faithful. So the question: “How much should a man earn, according to women?” Is very relevant and in this material I would like to try to find the right answer to it.

How much should a man earn according to women

Is money in a relationship important or not?

Nowadays, a sufficiently large (if not to say basic) place in human life is given to money and material goods. And here there is no need at all to reproach anyone with mercantile spirit — our world, unfortunately, is so far more material and, accordingly, it’s impossible to live in it without nominal signs.

After all, you don’t need to think long to understand that without having enough money you cannot afford to live in a good property, personal car, or buy tasty and high-quality food, branded clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, and so on and so forth … You can list for a very long time, but this does not make much sense.

Only one conclusion — finance is the most important part of our life. But is it worth paying special attention to this issue if we are talking about relationships in a couple?

From the times of distant antiquity it turned out that it was the man who was the main earner responsible for providing shelter and food for himself, his female and their offspring. That is why he organized raids on mammoths, and the woman was engaged in arranging a primitive dwelling and raising kids.

Of course, times have changed dramatically; today, women in the social world are given far more opportunities than just doing life and children.

But despite this, I personally support the preservation of this natural balance — that the man bears the main responsibility for the financial part in the relationship (family), and the woman is more concerned with the internal affairs of the family, provides comfort and coziness in the nest, and, of course, perhaps the most important thing — believed in her man and inspired him to perform even greater feats and conquer new heights.

This is my opinion, and now let’s turn to the data obtained by sociologists and find out what other girls and women think about this.

How much should a man earn, according to women?

Of course, the answer to this question is simply unrealistic. At least because it is impossible to collect all the fair sex with the same comb in order to analyze their answers.

All studied will differ in their life situation, financial situation, plus their position on this account. But still really come to the average female inferences:

  1. Opinion first. According to him, a man should have such a level of income to provide his soul mate with everything necessary on decree. This is a rather rational and worthy thought, since it is the offspring that is the main product of any family, but isn’t it two aspiring souls who are striving for this?

But due to the birth of a baby, a woman for the next two, three, four, and sometimes more years is forced to stay at home. Accordingly, the man gets the role of the main earner in the family.

But can he cope with it that is the question?

How much should a man earn according to women

  1. The second opinion (put forward by ladies, actively making a career). A man should earn at least as much as me, because I do not want to lower my level of life because of him.

Here, too, in principle, everything is simple and clear — if a woman invested a lot of strength and energy in her career, was able to achieve a high level of income, such as to please herself with the various pleasures of life, then why should she go down, pulling on herself less fortunate in career affairs satellite of life? Especially the situation worsens if the difference in finances is quite large.

  1. The third opinion (as for me, perfect). A man is supposed to earn so much so that he and his beloved need nothing and can afford everything that the soul wishes.. It is clear that in the modern world such an assertion is more similar to an illusion or a dream. But after all, dreams are needed in order to become reality with time, therefore I suggest not to give up and strive for the ideal.
  2. Fourth opinion. The income of a man does not matter too much. It is important that he could provide at least himself so that the lady could be sure that he is with her definitely not because of finances..

It should be immediately noted that this version is usually promoted by women at the “age” who, due to the circumstances, are forced to look for themselves: someone is a life partner to the approaching old age, and someone is a young and hot lover — everything is individual here.

In this case, the ladies have little concern about the social status, professional merit and income of their men — the main thing is that he perform other functions of interest to them on a solid five.

And this, in principle, is also quite understandable, because by a certain age, the issues of external gloss and material benefits no longer cease to be very disturbing. Instead, the themes of care and affection come to the fore, and for someone — the lovers and passionate eyes of a young macho.

In such a situation, it is the presence of confidence that all this is sincere, and not “bought” motivates women to reduce their material requirements to the very minimum. For them, the main thing is that a man could provide at least himself without turning to them for help.

Other opinions on this subject

There is still a lot of different opinions and arguments on the subject. But I suggest you continue reading some more interesting information and find out what influences the opinion of women regarding their men’s salaries.

  • A very important role is played by the education of women. Some girls from the youngest years of life tightly hammer into his head the thoughts of a prince on a white horse. Naturally, princes are not poor people, which means that one can get not only moral but also good material support from them.

It is interesting that very often thoughts about a rich man are instilled in such girls by their mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, and so on and so forth. Many girls are influenced by tight control by their parents, who carefully study their potential suitors.

Then, in such a situation, the representative of the weaker sex is faithfully guided by the opinion of her relatives and is used to thinking that the man is obliged to fulfill her material demands to the extent that “mother said.”

  • Also, the current family situation is far from last.. It happens that the girl was so much spoiled in a family with a high material level that she was just used to getting everything she wanted.

Here there are definitely some positive moments — such a person highly appreciates herself, is able to provide her chosen one with enough comfort and convenience, but at what price?

At the same time, she may be completely sincerely unaware of the reason why her lover doesn’t indulge her regularly with new gold necklaces or bracelets — since she constantly received such gifts from her father.

In this situation, a man is recommended to analyze the family situation of his chosen one well and to understand whether he is able to do the same.

  • Women keepers by nature are another object under consideration.. Such a lady dreams that there was «everything and at once.» She is sacredly convinced that a man owes her and in a very large volume, and how can you not indulge regularly such a beautiful woman like her?

It is easy to understand that the only thing in which such a girl is interested is the receipt of mercenary, material benefit from a man. It is as if she presents herself, her time and body in exchange for gifts and the satisfaction of her material needs.

How much should a man earn according to women

And based on this, there is no concrete line regarding the maximum limit for making a profit from the «lover». After all, the greater the income of her men — so, accordingly, the demands will start to grow.

In principle, there are only two motivations for becoming a kept woman:

  1. First — as a child she had to face poverty and now, as an adult, she struggles to compensate for the loss.
  2. The second — she follows the example of her mother, who has followed a similar pattern of behavior all her life.

I think there is no need to explain that the strategy of the kept woman’s behavior cannot be considered normal by default and does not correspond to any moral principles.

Here we are getting to the final part of the material. Finally, I would like to draw some conclusions.

At the end of the topic

  • Like it or not, but the level of income of a man has always been and remains significant for women. And it’s not a matter of mercantilism — in a man the function of obtaining benefits is laid by nature itself.
  • There are various criteria for women on how much a man should earn according to their opinion. But it is impossible to come to an unequivocal conclusion — this is due to different age, social stratum, the needs of the subjects and many other factors.
  • You should not blame the girls (if they are, of course, not a kept woman) of bad intentions — the desire to be protected, both morally and financially, quite naturally, the main thing is that this should not be the only goal in their life.

And what do you think about the question raised? I suggest you share your views under the article.

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