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How important is the tattoo depicting the moon

The mysterious and mysterious moon in the tattoo — what it means

Tattoo with the image of the moon is very popular, because it is very mysterious, peaceful and shines like a huge diamond in the sky. What is the significance of the moon tattoo?

We will tell you about this in the following material.

How important is the tattoo depicting the moon

A bit of history

People since ancient times felt the influence of the heavenly body. This is confirmed by the fact that the Moon was honored by our ancestors no less than the Sun, it was associated with a deity.

Although the Moon is the patroness of the night, the time of day when mostly dark entities are activated, its symbol in very rare cases is interpreted in a negative context.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were engaged in keeping special diaries, which indicated how the night light affects a person. And in order to show their respect for the Moon, before the rituals dedicated to the Sun, the Egyptians had to first appease the Moon.

In ancient Egypt even existed the image of a special goddess of the moon — Isis. Her headdress in the pictures was similar to the horns of a cow, which symbolized motherhood.

The cow, which gives milk, and with it life, was often depicted near the Great Goddess.

Symbolically, the Moon was depicted as a cat, whose eyes were cast like two large lunar disks.

But the Moon has a connection with the feminine and the female energy, not only in Egypt, but also in most other cultures. For example, in China, the night luminary symbolizes Yin energy and personifies with cold and dark forces.

In this way, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire represent the feminine principle for themselves.

And the male energy in China has a connection with the sun. Daylight symbolizes the light and pure energy Yang.

People who wish to challenge the philosophy of China and focus on the duality of energy in each of the people, regardless of gender, perform tattoos with the Moon and the Sun at the same time. Such a tattoo symbolizes the constant energy supply of a person.

Also, the owners of this tattoo say that they have an excellent opportunity to never lose touch with the luminaries, regardless of what time it is now, day or night. Both the Moon and the Sun will help and give their energy both during the day and at night.

How important is the tattoo depicting the moon

The moon was also considered sacred by the ancient Hindus, Chinese, and Greeks, and Babylonians. The night luminary was the most important among the ancient Assyrians, in whom it turned into a supreme deity.

It depends on the moon how good the harvest will be, as well as the peculiarities of life of all people and living beings. If the moon was angry at people for something, then strong thunderstorms began with lightning.

In ancient Greece, temples were erected in honor of the moon, the Celts appreciated the moon goddess Morgan, and the Japanese, the god Susanovo. And the ancient Maya believed that the Moon protects all the fair sex.

At the same time, owls, bats, wolves, jaguars, coyotes, leopards and panthers were classified as night children protected by the goddess Luna. Depending on the different phases of the night luminary, various rituals with rites could be performed.

However, there is one nationality in which the moon is considered a male deity. This position on the perception of the night light practiced by the Japanese.

They even build special terraces from which one can see the Earth satellite.

What does moon tattoo mean

The symbol of the moon tells of mystery, tranquility and harmony. If the moon in the picture looks out of the clouds — it will tell about mysticism.

With regards to the astrological significance of the moon — it acts as a symbol of maternal warmth and love, light, tenderness and care, which will always be next to its carrier. From this position, the Moon will indicate the instability and inconstancy of all that is in our world.

The moon can be called the maternal symbol, which is responsible for thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Tattoo with the image of the moon will tell about the mystery and mysterious romance. The presence of such a pattern on the body indicates the magic, is associated with night, mysticism and madness.

The moon in tattoos has the following notation:

  1. Superstitious: the image of the moon, which hid behind the clouds, speaks of the mystical influence of otherworldly forces on human life.
  2. Astrological: symbolically, the Moon is a mother who loves her child and is ready to share her warmth, light and care with him.
  3. The moon, portrayed with predatory animals (wolves, owls, panthers, or even an ordinary cat) — has always been the main companion of the witch.
  4. Also, a tattoo with the Moon can tell about the affiliation of a person to Islam. In such a situation, as a rule, an increasing crescent is depicted, to which a five-pointed star is added. This symbol adorns the roofs of mosques.

And the most popular version of decoding this sign has a connection with Mohammed. It is believed that when Muhammad secretly left Mecca and went to Medina, he was under the night sky.

And the road to the ancient city was lit for it by a crescent, as well as a bright star.

  1. The heraldry of Western Europe linked the moon with Christianity. Believers associated the crescent with the cradle of baby Jesus.

Also very important is the fact that is depicted next to the moon or against the background of the heavenly body. For example, the image of a wolf howling at the moon symbolizes loneliness, dedication, and in some cases also the loss of a loved one.

Often in images the mysterious lunar circle is replaced by the Month — the symbol of the right path, because it helps the wanderers to move in the dark.

Although the moon is a traditional female symbol, sometimes it is chosen in tattoos and representatives of the stronger sex. In this case, girls usually depict the heavenly body on the back and abdomen, and the guys — on the shoulder.

Importance of tattoo in guys

Night luminary is a sacred symbol since ancient times. Our ancestors painted their bodies with the image of the moon disk, thus trying to protect themselves from evil and make themselves more successful.

Also, often the symbol of the moon could be found on armor, clothing and children’s toys.

As a rule, guys and men do not very often depict the moon on their bodies. However, if they have already decided on this, then such an image will differ in a more brutal and aggressive character.

In some cases, this tattoo can even cause real horror.

The meaning of tattoos also varies. Each representative of the stronger sex gives it its special meaning.

How important is the tattoo depicting the moon

So, for example, for some guys, the Moon becomes a symbol of a successful career and business. And for others, the lunar disk is designed to attract increased attention from the fair sex.

The value of the moon in girls

As mentioned earlier, the moon is a more feminine symbol. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans revered the beautiful Artemis as goddess of the Moon.

Holy Maya was also a female deity who patronized all women and girls in the position.

In most cases, moon disc tattoos are used by girls. Thanks to them, they try to focus on their mysterious and mysterious nature.

So, pretty ladies are sure that with the help of the Moon tattoo they can become more successful and successful in various undertakings, in particular, in the love sphere of life. At night, the moon tattoo will help sharpen their feelings.

The most popular places for drawing are hands, neck, waist or legs. Drawings can be of any kind — here everything depends on the wishes of the girl.

This value has the symbol of the moon in the art of tattoo. You can get even more interesting information from the following video material:

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