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Holotropic breathing — the basics and what they use

Holotropic breathing: harm and benefits

Holotropic breathing is a psychotherapeutic method of healing negative injuries and attitudes, which has become widespread in official and alternative medicine. Let’s talk about how to master the technique of holotropic breathing independently.

The technique of holotropic breathing is easy to learn, but there are some nuances that are important to know if you plan to practice it at home.

Holotropic breathing - the basics and what they use

  1. In order to enter the desired state, you need to breathe properly. Very deep, intense, with minimal pauses between inhalation and exhalation.
  2. Holotropic breathing can lead a person into a trance, so it is undesirable to practice it alone. Next to you should be an observer who will help in time and without consequences for the body to get out of the state of deep immersion in the unconscious.
  3. In the process of holotropic breathing, many unusual and even frightening reactions can occur in the body: convulsions, vibration of the limbs, and sometimes pain. One has to be ready for this: in this way the negative from the unconscious enters the body and is lived through.

We do not recommend practicing newcomers on our own: it is advisable to do this under the supervision of a psychotherapist, so that there are no negative consequences. People in their reviews write that body reactions are so frightening that panic begins.

Only a specialist can control the process and correctly withdraw a client from a holotropic trance.

Harm and Benefit

Holotropic breathing is quite a powerful psychotherapeutic practice. Therefore, it has its contraindications.

It is important to take them into account in order not to harm yourself.

Holotropic breathing - the basics and what they use

What is the use of the method:

  1. It is considered a safe way to solve psychological problems. Due to a deep immersion in one’s own unconscious, a person completely lives through repressed negative emotions, gives them an outlet and gets rid of them.
  2. During the sessions, the person lives children’s injuries and other negative situations, not individually, but as a whole block. Therefore, it effectively solves a variety of psychological problems.
  3. The subject copes with injuries on his own, so there is no dependence on psychotherapy. When using traditional methods, the patient often becomes attached to the doctor, becomes dependent on him and does not learn to solve problems himself.
  4. In the process of holotropic breathing, a person penetrates into the deepest layers of his subconscious. Thanks to this, it is possible to “pull out” from it all that has been hidden for a long time, to get rid of the negative experience acquired during life.
  5. Holotropic breathing relieves stress, psychological stress is not superficial. The technique helps to destroy the root of the problem. This is the same as uprooting a tree, not just tearing the leaves off it.
  6. This technique is considered an effective way to solve psychosomatic problems. Therefore, it can be used to heal the patient from chronic diseases, the causes of which are rooted in the unconscious.
  7. It helps to get rid of addictions and bad habits easily and without willpower. Also holotropic breathing eliminates chronic fatigue and overwork, returns the patient a sense of calm, peace and harmony.

Some experts are of the opinion that holotropic breathing can harm. The negative consequences for the body can be as follows:

  1. Because of the very intense and intermittent breathing, a sharp and very powerful emission of carbon dioxide into the body occurs, because of this, the person’s blood vessels narrow and the nerve endings of the brain die.
  2. For the same reason, dizziness may begin, which in a person with poor health can cause loss of consciousness.
  3. If a person without special training too often and incorrectly practicing holotropic breathing, this can lead to swelling of the brain, in rare cases, it ends in a fatal outcome.

Incorrect actions during the session can cause enormous harm to health. Therefore, you should be aware of the full negative consequences if you ventured to try holotropic breathing on your own, without the supervision of a specialist.

Watch the video with proper holotropic breathing technique:

What is holotropic breathing used for?

This technique is used to work with the unconscious person, allows you to get to the surface and fully live through all the repressed negative emotions.

Holotropic breathing - the basics and what they use

Special cases of use of holotropic breathing:

  1. Slimming During the session, the lungs hyperventilate, the body is actively saturated with oxygen, so that the fat literally begins to burn, and the body is cleansed. Also during the session, the psychological causes of the appearance of excess weight are eliminated.
  2. Treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, nicotine addiction and codependency. Holotropic method destroys the psychosomatic causes of any kind of addiction. A person completely lives a negative experience, which could be the cause of the disease. Therefore, successfully overcomes the craving for harmful substances.
  1. The most effective method when working in a group. Group sessions under the guidance of an experienced mentor give the most positive result.
  2. If you are not able to use the services of a specialist, you can practice holotropic breathing and alone. But use its light variations in order not to get negative consequences for the organism.
  3. It is very important to define the goal: what problem do you want to solve? Practicing “just like that” will bring only harm, it is not an easy meditation, but a very powerful and deep impact on the human unconscious.
  4. Select the appropriate music that is used specifically for entering the trance state during holotropic breathing.
  5. Exercise regularly if you want to get the fastest possible results.

It is categorically impossible to use this technique for people with cardiovascular diseases, pregnant women, epileptics, as well as patients who recover after surgery.

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