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Holiday Trinity: customs and rituals

Holiday Trinity: customs and rituals

Trinity is considered one of the main holidays of the Christian world. If they celebrated winter farewell on Maslenitsa, people celebrate spring farewell on Trinity. The change of seasons of the year is used in magic to perform special magical rites of great power.

Consider the theme: the holiday of the Trinity and its customs and rituals.

Holiday Trinity: customs and rituals

Customs on the Trinity

The holiday of the Trinity is directly connected with the Russian birch. Without a birch there is no Trinity, as well as without a Christmas tree — Christmas.

They decorated the house with branches, made wreaths from them, guessing at the birch trees. The energy of the blooming young leaves was used to attract a rich harvest and livestock production.

Young trees were decorated with colorful ribbons, twisted branches and danced. Birch has become the main symbol of the holiday, because new leaves were blooming on it before everyone else.

Early in the morning people went to the meadows and collected trinity bouquets of herbs and flowers. These bouquets were consecrated at church in the church, and then kept for a year in the house for an icon or a stove.

According to popular belief, Trinity bouquet protected the house from the scum of the evil and brought prosperity to the house.

Charm Troitsky

To protect yourself for a year from the evil wiles of evil, you need to pick birch twigs early in the morning and weave a wreath from them. Tearing off the twigs, you need to ask the birch for help and leave in gratitude some milk and grain at the roots.

While weaving the wreath, the words of the amulet were uttered in a low voice:

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Trinity is holy, golden riza. Jesus walked from heaven carrying a life-giving cross on his shoulders.

Rizu dropped, birch leaves covered. Lord Jesus Christ!

Cover the birch foliage, and my golden rhizome. Rizoy that defended, saved by the name of God. Amen.»

In order for the plot to be in force, the wreath should be worn all day long before the sun sets. Then the wreath is dried and stored in a red corner behind the icons.

Holiday Trinity: customs and rituals

Remove damage to the Trinity

If you have been spoiled, trinity flowers will help to get rid of the scourge. To do this, at dawn, pick wild flowers and dry a bouquet, after having preserved the morning and evening service in the church with it. For the ceremony you will need:

  • Holy water;
    dry flowers;
    coin box.

Every day for a month (maximum 40 days), you need to put one dry flower from a bouquet in a crystal glass and pour holy water. Above the glass, they read the prayer «Our Father» 3 times, and then sprinkle the crown three times (with fingers).

The remaining water wash the face and do not wipe.

The rite is held daily. After each sprinkling, one coin is put in a special box. After the end of the ceremony, the money is given to the poor by the church, and for themselves they order three prayers for health:

  • the martyr Trifon;
  • healer Panteleimon;
  • Kozme and Demianu (unmercenary).

This is a very strong rite. If the damage was imposed on health, it is recommended to read Psalm No. 90 three times.

Trinity grass removes any induced damage, and Psalm number 90 protects against re-targeting the negative.

After holding the ceremony and ordering the service of the health service, drink for three days a special tea made from mint, St. John’s wort and three-colored violet. After 7 days, perform the rite of calling the Guardian Angel.

To do this, read any prayer from the prayer book for the Guardian Angel. After that, put candles in the church to the icon of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ (for health).

Important! Buy 40 candles in the church in advance to be used at the ceremony.

Every day you need to light one candle. You can not put out: let it burn to the end.

Family scrambled eggs for family happiness

On the feast of the Trinity, wise wives prepare a special dish of fried eggs. This dish consists of two eggs, which symbolize a pair — a wife and a husband. For the ceremony will require:

  • pan;
  • a pair of eggs;
  • greenery;
  • thursday salt;
  • baked loaf;
  • vegetable oil.

Carefully break the eggs into the pan so that the yolks do not spread. Salt the Thursday salt and read the special magic words:

“Holy Trinity, have mercy on us!
Cleanse our transgressions, O Lord!
Heal our infirmities for the sake of your holy name.
Lord have mercy! (baptized).
Lord have mercy! (baptized).
Lord have mercy! (baptized).
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Decorate scrambled eggs with whole greens — parsley, dill and onion feathers. Greens can not be chopped: it symbolizes the inviolability and integrity of the family.

Fried eggs should be carefully removed from the pan and put in a loaf cut across. The loaf is baked on the eve of the Trinity and consecrated in the church.

The resulting sandwich is wrapped in a towel and goes with her husband to a birch grove to a birch tree decorated with colored ribbons.

Together with the loaf you can take with you potatoes in uniform and kvass. Take a seat with your husband at the birch tree and eat a magic loaf. Peace and love in the family will be provided!

This amulet for love came to us from the depths of antiquity, and still has not lost its protective power.

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