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Hemorrhoids Conspiracy — getting rid of an awkward problem

Hemorrhoids are very painful pathologies. This disease must be treated. But some people consider it a shameful disease and do not even dare to buy drugs at a pharmacy to treat it.

Therefore, the question of how to recover from hemorrhoids with the help of magic is very relevant.

Hemorrhoids Conspiracy - getting rid of an awkward problem

It should be remembered, first of all, that any conspiracy from hemorrhoids will be effective if magic is combined with methods of treating the disease of traditional medicine. In addition, it is important to understand that instant positive results after a magical rite should not be expected.

Plot from hemorrhoids is rooted in the distant past. Therefore, we can say that this is a proven tool, but it works only against the background of a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.

The rite with alder cones is very strong and is held at sunset in the phase of a waning moon.


  • Guest alder cones;
  • Wax candle;
  • Ceramic bowl.

The rite must be conducted in a separate, well-ventilated room. Initially, the cones are folded into a bowl, and then a candle is lit. From her flame, you need to set fire to one of the cones and put in a bowl.

It is necessary to make sure that other bumps catch fire from it.

After that, the candle should be placed next to the bowl and calculate the following conspiracy:

Repeat the plot until the alder cones do not burn completely. The ashes should immediately be taken to the nearest intersection and, becoming a crossroad, dispel it downwind.

The bowl must be taken home and hidden in a secret place, so that no one will ever find it. It is strictly forbidden to use a container used in the rite in everyday life.

This ceremony should be conducted every evening from the beginning of the phase of the waning moon to the new moon.

Hemorrhoids Conspiracy - getting rid of an awkward problem

An effective remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids is conspiratorial water. Every morning after washing you should get some water.

Further to speak it with such words:

Wash the hemorrhoidal bumps with a plotted water.

If this procedure is repeated daily in combination with traditional methods of treatment, recovery can be significantly accelerated.

There is a very powerful magic conspiracy that runs once. But the main condition for success is that it should be carried out in strict accordance with the rules.

In order to perform the rite in seven houses, you should ask for a little water. It is very important to take water in the houses, not in the apartments.

Water should be brought home and spoken with these words:

This water should be washed and washed hemorrhoids nodes. As a rule, such a ritual helps very well in the period of acute illness.

Prayers of hemorrhoids should always be read in complete solitude, in a room in which there is always an icon of the Holy Mother of God. At first, the well-known and powerful prayer “Our Father” is always read several times.

Before you pray you must sign the cross with the sign of the cross.

Then, with the help of a special prayer, food or drink is spoken. It is necessary to pray in such a way that the breath relates to the attribute used.

Words in this case should sound like this:

Hemorrhoids Conspiracy - getting rid of an awkward problem

There is a strong prayer that will help with exacerbation. For this special spring prayer should be spoken.

Her words sound like this:

Conspired water should be drunk in small sips, imagining that you are getting rid of the disease.

Do not be afraid to use conspiracies and prayers of hemorrhoids. Such rites belong to the white magic and can not harm.

It is very important to believe in your inner natural forces, such faith will quickly get rid of unpleasant ailments.

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