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Gypsy hypnosis — how not to become a victim of fraudsters

How does gypsy hypnosis work?

Scary stories about gypsy hypnosis are known, probably, to every person. You have probably heard stories about how a person gave all his money and jewels to a shy Gypsy.

Let’s try to figure out how gypsy hypnosis works, and whether it is possible to defend against it.

Gypsy hypnosis - how not to become a victim of fraudsters

How does gypsy hypnosis work?

The mind manipulation techniques that Roma use really work. Let’s try to figure out exactly how.

To attract attention

First, Roma are looking for a suitable place to “work” with their victim. Most often these are places of mass gathering of people: parks, train stations, busy streets.

It all starts with an innocent sentence to tell fortunes. At this point, the manipulator is trying to attract the attention of his victim to himself.

They are able to scan the psychological state of a person and very precisely choose someone who is easily suggestible.

They try to quickly attract attention with an unexpected question, to establish eye contact — it is necessary to introduce a person into a hypnotic trance quickly.

Gypsy hypnosis - how not to become a victim of fraudsters

What to do to avoid becoming a victim? Try not to meet the eyes of a gypsy. Do not answer a single question, no matter how annoying it is.

Quickly leave, you can do something unexpected: for example, shout loudly — «Police!».

Making contact

In psychology, there is a special term — rapport. It marks the moment at which the hypnosis victim falls under the influence of the hypnotist and is no longer able to resist.

Gypsies act in such a way as to affect your senses, creating an increased arousal in them. At the moment of rapport, it is easy to distinguish a hypnotized person introduced into a trance:

  • he becomes immobile
  • eyes open, pupils dilated, glazed eyes and directed to one point
  • the ability to control consciousness is lost, all actions (to give money, jewels) occur unconsciously

Hypnosis happens unnoticed by the victim. Gypsies use such techniques as:

  • Psychological sympathy — reveal the sore spots of a person and empathize with them: “I see you, your husband left you, oh wretch, let me guess”
  • Adjustment — mirror posture, gestures, the breath of the victim, adjust to the tone and pace of speech
  • Suddenness — use fright, harsh sounds, light

It works approximately in the following sequence: to draw attention to yourself — to cause emotions — to empathize — to tune out.

Ideally, the victim should feel calm and relaxed, feel the «kinship of souls» with the hypnotist, be surprised, think something like: «Well, wow, she understands me, and in fact speaks the whole truth!».

Sly gypsies can very accurately read the emotional state of a person, adapt to his thoughts, predict desires and fears. Therefore, it may seem that you really met almost a psychic who so accurately told everything about your past and can help to fix the future.

Gypsy hypnosis - how not to become a victim of fraudsters

Methodical techniques

It is very important for Gypsies to get a request from the victim — she should express a desire, for example, to find out the future, solve problems from the past, tell fortunes and so on. After that, with the person introduced into the trance, you can do anything.

There are three strongest techniques that are also often used by unscrupulous gypsy hypnotists:

  1. Improvisation. They are repelled by the reactions of the victim, giving the desired behavior in response to this reaction. They are able to improvise and act in almost any situation; therefore, a person introduced into a trance feels the trust and “soul kinship”
  2. Reading the emotional state of a person. Gypsies can subtly understand how a person is set up at the moment, influence emotions and provoke any feelings they need, even falling in love
  3. The provocation of hallucinations. Gypsies can create bright, almost real images in the victim’s brain, which ultimately provokes the behavior they need.

Watch the video about gypsy hypnosis:

Delicious victims of gypsy hypnosis

The fact that not every person can enter into a trance. There are people who easily succumb to hypnosis, and there are those who can be immersed in a trance state only with their voluntary desire.

Gypsies easily read suggestible people. Usually this:

  • Inspired people who do not know how to refuse, fearing to offend. Often, people brought up by extremely strict and tough parents, who in childhood were intimidated and have been afraid to disobey someone all their lives
  • People with a shaky, unstable psyche, experienced a strong tragedy or extremely severe negative emotions
  • Young, romantic-minded, unrequited in love girls who believe in fortune-telling, conspiracies, love spells and other magical tricks
  • Emotional people who live precisely under the influence of emotions. If you always commit acts under the influence of feelings, and are not used to “measure out seven times” before “cutting off”, then you can easily become a victim of gypsy hypnosis
  • People who are easily influenced by the sellers in the shops buy up unnecessary, but actively imposed on them products. Remember how many times you bought a dress that was not going to, but the seller “enthusiastic, oh, it goes like that!” Forced the seller to make a purchase? Or how did you get a robot vacuum cleaner that you don’t need at all? How often have homes bought, which again went to unforeseen expenses, succumbing to the influence of smart salespeople?

But skeptics, cynics, and logic do not respond to gypsy hypnosis at all. In short, people whose mind prevails over feelings.

If you are confident, you have few fears, complexes, you are happy, live life to the fullest and are satisfied with yourself, the Roma are unlikely to try to try their manipulations on you.

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