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Grandma’s Conspiracies — The Most Ancient Experience

Grandmother’s conspiracies came to us from ancient times, they are passed down from generation to generation. They are distinguished by their positive orientation.

With their help, you can improve your health, improve your personal life and improve your appearance. Such ceremonies are very simple to conduct and do not require significant energy costs.

Grandma's Conspiracies - The Most Ancient Experience

To grandmother conspiracies were effective, they must be properly read. It is very important to pronounce the magic words in a calm balanced state.

A few days before the ceremony, you need to build relationships with all others. It is necessary to get rid of anxiety and it is strictly forbidden to swear or sort things out with someone.

According to historical sources, it is necessary to give up alcoholic beverages for three days and eat moderately, and it is better to even keep fast. It should be remembered that all conspiracies must be read alone. Rites can be performed on any day, except those on which fall religious holidays.

The time of the ceremony is always indicated in the recommendations for a specific ritual and must be strictly followed.

At all times, love has played a huge role in people’s lives. Therefore, magical rites were often used to bring love to life.

Many rituals in unchanged have come to our times. All of them are of a creative nature, and therefore belong to the means of absolutely harmless white magic, and, therefore, can not harm.

Such conspiracies are optimal in situations where love feelings have cooled slightly or one of the partners got a little bored.

You can restore peace in the family with the help of a ritual with honey water. In a glass of water it is necessary to dilute a small amount of honey and start talking about such a drink in the new moon period.

At least a sip of such a conspiracy of water should be drunk by the person to whom the plot was pronounced.

A powerful ritual aimed at attracting love, held in a secluded place. As a rule, such a rite is most often used by girls.

In a separate room should lay a table with a new tablecloth, set three candles and light them.

Further the following plot is read:

After the first reading, extinguish one candle and repeat the magic words again. Similar actions should be repeated with the second and third candles.

After all the candles are extinguished and the plot is last read, the candle ends should be tied with red thread, wrapped in a napkin and hidden in a secret place.

Grandma's Conspiracies - The Most Ancient Experience

There is an old conspiracy that must be carried out in order to win the love of a particular man. Such a love spell conspiracy is read in a separate room after sunset in the phase of moon growth.

The words of the magical conspiracy are as follows:

There are a huge number of simple rituals that do not require the use of special attributes. They do not lead to the zombies of a person, and make him simply pay attention to the performer of the ceremony.

All that is needed is to write a note in which to ask the higher forces about the innermost and put it at night in a certain place. Most often, such a place is a window sill, where it will be illuminated by moonlight.

To fulfill a desire in the love sphere, you can start talking a thing that belongs to a loved one. As long as he uses this thing, you will always be together.

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