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Good luck spell

A spell for good luck — a ritual, getting rid of failures

If your life does not go well, the black stripe does not end, and luck turned away — it is time to correct the situation. What can help bring back luck?

For this you need to perform a ceremony of purification and cast a spell for good luck! This simple scheme of magical actions will help to harmonize the energies around you and achieve the desired success.

Good luck spell

Freedom from failure

Why you first need to get rid of bad luck, and then attract good luck? Because the cause of total bad luck is often black envy of people or magical rites to close the roads and destroy all human affairs.

If the black line does not end, it’s time to start action — to help yourself regain taken away by black magic.

The rite of getting rid of failure can be carried out only on the 13th or 15th of any month when the crescent of the moon decreases. The moon is a helper in magical rites, and its phases actively influence the outcome.

If you do the rite of attraction of good luck during the descending of the moon, you will get the opposite result. Accordingly, the rites to get rid of something must be carried out on the descending of the lunar luminary.

The rite of deliverance is not difficult to perform. After sunset, it is necessary to light a wax candle and cut off the nails on both hands — first on the right, then on the left. It is necessary to begin to cut off from little fingers.

When performing this action, imagine or just think that with every fingernail troubles, misfortunes, illnesses and bad luck are cut off.

When the nails are cut, drip wax on them from the candle. You should have a wax cake. Wait until it cools down a bit and roll a ball out of it.

You do not need to roll the ball for a long time — otherwise the troubles may come back to you. There is no need to think about the correct form of the ball either — they quickly rolled up, quickly wrapped in a sheet of paper.

Now you need to bury the bundle in the ground. Go out and find aspen or poplar — these trees tend to absorb negative energy.

Dig under the roots of a tree deeper, away from the surface of the earth. Now find two sprigs of aspen or poplar and place them with a cross on an improvised grave — you have buried your troubles.

It is desirable that no one saw your actions. Returning home, you can not talk to anyone. Wash your hands under running water, wash your face and immediately go to bed.

The next three days, you need to follow a vegetable diet — eat only vegetables, cereal and fruit.

It is very important to observe the drinking regime these days — to drink about two liters of spring water without gas. Buy mineral or purified drinking water at the store and drink only it.

This will help to leave the remnants of the negative from your body.

Important note! Before this ritual, you can not cut off the nails on the hands exactly a month and 3 days. If during this time the nail accidentally breaks off, put it in a glass vessel for storage.

Broken nail need to fill with wax along with trimmed.

Now you need to wait for the growing moon to make a ceremony to attract success in your life.

Good luck spell

Good luck spell

This spell summons the goddess of fortune, Fortune, who will help you with everything. To perform a ritual on a growing moon, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 13 yellow candles;
  • 1 green candle;
  • green sheet of paper;
  • green material cut
  • ; glass bottle;
  • metal tray or fireproof dish.

For this ritual you need to thoroughly prepare: stock up the necessary components for making good luck oil and smoking good luck.

Good luck for smoking:

  • pine needles;
  • honeysuckle;
  • dandelion (leaves);
  • rose petals;
  • wormwood;
  • thyme.

Herbs can be purchased in the pharmacy chain, needles to pick in a park or forest. All ingredients must be dry — they are spread on a green cloth and knotted or using a green thread.

For good luck oil you will need:

  • pinch of wormwood;
  • 3 pinches of ground nutmeg;
  • half a prick of a pounded dandelion root;
  • 13 drops of pine essential oil;
  • olive oil.

The ingredients are put in a glass bottle, mixed in it in a clockwise direction. Then you need to hide the bottle in a dark place for exactly 13 days (so start the preparation immediately after the full moon or on the first lunar day to perform the ritual on the days of the full moon or on the moon rising days).

Good luck spell


Make a magic circle — lay it with pebbles, put salt in it, or put a cord. The circle must be made in the direction of the clockwise movement.

Circle 13 candles in the candlesticks, and grease the green candle with good luck oil. It should look like this:

  • put in the place of the intended circle all the necessary items up to the matchbox;
  • make a circle;
  • without leaving the circle, light the candles.

It is impossible to leave the circle for some objects — think over everything in detail in order not to disrupt the ritual!

When you grease a green candle with good luck oil, say:

Good luck spell

Now you need to light this candle from a match. Remember that in magical rites do not use lighters! Wipe your hands after the oil with a napkin, light a candle and say:

Good luck spell

Now you need to put your smoking luck on a fireproof dish or iron tray and set fire to the candle. If smoking fades, sprinkle it with alcohol. When smoking starts to smoke, say:

Good luck spell

While smoking turns to ashes, draw a good luck sign on a sheet of green paper. This could be a currency note or any other that will represent a good luck symbol for you.

Ignite a sheet of candle — let it turn into ashes.

Now mix the ashes (strictly clockwise motion) and pour it into a bottle of oil. Hold the bottle in your right hand, move clockwise around the circle and say:

Good luck spell

The ritual is over when all 13 candles are burned out. Now you need to make a circle — counterclockwise. Put all the items in their places, and keep the bottle in the house.

If you do not have a bottle cap, you can put a green ritual candle on the neck — the wax will flood the bottle and seal it. Bury the remains of ritual candles under a fruit tree (which bears fruit or seeds).

When you need luck, take a bottle in your hand, press it to your heart and ask for the necessary goddess Fortune. If you find that the action of the bottle has ended, bury it in the ground and make a new ritual of a good luck spell.

This can happen in a year, 3 years or 5 years — magic rituals are not eternal!

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