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Gentle color of the sky: what is the meaning in psychology?

The color of the sky is blue: what value does it have?

Pure and immaculate blue color — it just can not draw attention to itself. What is the significance of this amazing shade in psychology?

About this you can learn from this material.

Gentle color of the sky: what is the meaning in psychology?

What is the symbolism of the color blue

Blue is a heavenly and aquatic color. It is a symbol of airiness, serenity, calm, stability, tenderness, lightness.

And also — freedom, joy, peace, harmony and clarity. The blue tint personifies purity, hope, dreams and mind.

Left alone with himself, moving away from external reality with the help of blue color, a person will be able to make the most important decision in his life. The blue color in all its tones contributes to the creation of a trustful and safe atmosphere, and also provokes relaxation.

In addition, blue is associated with coolness, for this reason it can lead to laziness, apathy, passivity, frivolity, petty bourgeoisie, empty dreams, as well as poor concentration.

The blue shade associated with tenderness and gentleness is a symbol of the solar firmament. This shade is the personification of all heavenly, sublime and divine.

Because of this, the ancient icon painters portrayed the haloes of deities of precisely blue hue.

For Freemasons, blue characterized divine enlightenment and spiritual perfection.

Residents of European states associated the celestial hue with aristocracy, high birth, nobility — that is, “blue blood”.

And in the Middle Ages in the army there were so-called «blue divisions». So called the elite, and this definition has survived to this day.

However, not everywhere everything was so positive. In some states, the blue tint personified negative concepts and characteristics.

For example, residents of ancient Rome associated blue with envy. And in China, blue acted as a symbol of mourning, and in Brazil — sorrow.

What did the blue hue in antiquity

Ever since ancient times, blue has symbolized a noble origin. Of course, you know the concept of «blue blood», which flowed in the veins of the aristocrats.

Some scientists believe that the beginning of passion in blue shade falls on Ancient Egypt: it was there that adored so much that the ancient Egyptian women even painted their nails with a blue dye. And due to this action, they tried to create the illusion of varicose veins, which, as is known, was “distinguished” by a bluish tinge.

The disease at that time also indicated a high human origin.

Blue (and blue) shades are very close to black color and have similar symbolic designations. For example, in a number of tribes in South Africa, dark blue or blue color symbolized mourning.

In fact, blue demonstrates a combination between white and blue. And, on this basis, it has a similar effect on the human condition. For example, the shade of the sky perfectly copes with suppurations and wounds.

And yet — eliminates fatigue accumulated in the body after a hard day of work.

The blue tint symbolizes loyalty, impressionability and affection. Persons who prefer this color tend to quickly become disheartened if any failures occur.

In addition, fans of blue always strive for peace, harmony in relationships with others and themselves and are capable of sufficiently profound reflections and aesthetic experiences. They are artistic workaholics who can reach incredible heights on the career ladder.

Such individuals absolutely do not like idleness, they are just crazy about traveling. If you want to find a compromise with those who love the blue color, try to be patient enough with them and your patience will surely be rewarded according to merit.

Blue shade in clothes

Psychologists recommend wearing blue clothes when a person is preparing for an unpleasant meeting, negotiation or contact with negative personalities. Then the celestial shade will help eliminate aggression, slow down the development of a conflict situation and relieve unnecessary anxiety.

The blue hue is liked by creative individuals who are crazy about positive. It allows you to tune in to the wave of creativity, pushes for different experiments and changes thinking.

Gentle color of the sky: what is the meaning in psychology?

Psychologists have found that at the level of the subconscious, sky-colored clothing appeals to lonely, melancholic, and closed people. It’s not for nothing that blue personifies serenity — just that which emotionally repressed individuals vitally need.

Thanks to the blue color, they feel comfort, confidence and protection.

Only boys born into the world are made to dress in blue clothes, as it helps to increase immunity.

This shade is recommended to use sensitive individuals, confident and developed intellectually. However, even if very positive, a creative person will wear a blue shade for a long time, he will face fatigue, irritation and drowsiness, lethargy.

In addition, blue-colored clothing is characterized by a bright seasonality: as a rule, it is recommended to take it with you on vacation, because it will protect you remarkably on a hot summer day.

And in the event that a person deliberately protects himself from this shade in clothes, this means that he absolutely does not accept someone else’s opinion, tries to protect himself as much as possible from outside interference and not listen to other people’s advice.

In medical practice

Blue color has healing properties: it copes well with headaches and is able to refresh. Another blue shade is a real «salvation» for anyone who wants to lose weight, as it reduces cravings for food.

It is shown to seek help from a blue shade and people suffering from high blood pressure: if you believe that color therapy really helps, then it will help you reduce pressure. Even with the help of a blue tint really eliminate insomnia.

Also in its sphere of influence falls diarrhea, vomiting and heartburn.

The representatives of the fair sex this shade will help to cope with the effects of premenstrual syndrome, will not make the bleeding so abundant during critical days.

Negative moment — color is capable of inadvertently provoking a melancholy in a person, causing a feeling of sadness. In addition, the blue tint also fills with such negative aspects: inability to maintain contact with other people for a long time, skepticism about long-term planning of goals, constant persistent dissatisfaction with what is happening at that time.

If a person is shy, afraid of communication and very shy — he definitely needs to contact a blue shade for help.

It is also an indispensable tone for all those who practice meditative practices, as it contributes to “immersion in oneself” and finding one’s private thoughts. For this reason, if you wish (or are already practicing meditation), you must use a blue or blue lamp and a candle.

Gentle color of the sky: what is the meaning in psychology?

What does the color blue in the profession mean

Which professions prefer their blue tint? All those whose activities in some way or another affect the risk (for example, military, firefighters, pilots, and so on).

All those who chose this shade for themselves are distinguished by a win-win intuition, incredible determination and purposefulness. And those who are annoyed by this color or cause negative emotions can be described as personalities who are attracted by serious changes, they are able to relieve others from depressive states and relieve stress.

Now you know what blue really means. Finally, we advise you to view an interesting thematic video material:

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