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Generic Curse: Types and Symptoms

Generic Curse: how it manifests itself, types and signs

In this article we will talk about such a terrible phenomenon as a generic curse, find out the causes of its appearance and the characteristic features. The word “generic” itself says that the extermination program is aimed at a whole clan, which for some reason has to pay for the sins of its ancestors.

Generic Curse: Types and Symptoms

What is a generic curse and how does it arise?

A generic curse is considered to be a punishment that deliberately falls on all members of the clan due to the fault of one of its members. Often such a punishment is ritual in nature if the offended person turned for help to a magician who cursed the entire offender’s family.

But, as a rule, such a punishment befalls the clan spontaneously, obeying the universal law of cause and effect, or karma. All members of the genus will pay for the act committed by the ancestor.

Of course, the generic curse can not be accidentally picked up like a cold. To do this, you really need to do something terrible. It is also worth noting that all members of the genus will not be unhappy victims who accidentally fell under the repressive machine.

In this race will come those souls whose karma is burdened by similar acts that need to be worked out.

Do not forget that the undeserved curse will not be able to harm an innocent person. It will definitely return to the one who sent it.

Generic curse can be directed to the death of the whole race. Its action may not manifest immediately, but after many years, which is determined by karma.

In this case, the whole race gradually dies.

Also, the curse can be passed up to the seventh generation. Over time, it gains its strength, and destroys the fate of all members of this clan, or its individual members, for example, only men.

After a change of seven generations, the curse ends.

How does the generic curse manifest?

As a rule, the mechanism of the clan curse on the death of a clan is manifested as: suddenly death catches up with all men of this clan. They die from fatal diseases, accidents, suicides.

Options for the development of events may differ, but the bottom line is that in a short period of time all men pass away. The clan ceases to exist, because there is no one else to continue the surname.

Types of Generic Curses

There are these types of generic curses:

  • The curse of strangers on the genus or family.
  • Curse by relatives.
  • Gypsy curse — is a great danger, even if it was sent unconsciously, without performing magical rites. After all, this nation has a special mystical power. He is patronized by an extremely powerful magical egregor, therefore the curse of the gypsy always falls on the whole race. In order not to incur on yourself and close troubles, try not to come into contact with them and not give them anything from your hands.
  • Maternal curse — one of the most powerful and destructive, which can lead to death or completely break the fate of the child. In order not to lead to such sad consequences, it is necessary to treat the actions of your child with understanding, in no case do not throw out their anger and negative emotions on it. Children up to three years are especially sensitive to any negativity, because their biofield is closely related to the maternal one.

Generic curse is very insidious — it tends to gain strength from generation to generation. This is because with the death of one family member, the power of the curse is distributed to the remaining members of the gens.

Therefore, relatives often feel a heavy burden after the death of another victim, they are oppressed by a sense of anxiety and danger.

Generic Curse: Types and Symptoms

Signs of a Generic Curse

To determine the presence of a generic curse can be on the following grounds:

  • In the family there are people with mental disabilities, mentally retarded, behaving inadequately and emotionally unstable, prone to depression.
  • Members of the genus are pursued by failure in personal relationships: marriages fall apart, family life does not go well, early loss of a spouse and loneliness.
  • Couples suffer from infertility, frequent miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, death of newborns.
  • Men go out of life early, their death is unnatural, suicides often occur.
  • Hereditary diseases are transmitted through the genus; members of the genus often become ill with the same disease, leading to death.
  • Relatives stop communicating among themselves and renounce their loved ones. Often there are trials between relatives, division of inheritance.
  • Rhode pursue poverty and failure, from which it is impossible to get rid of.
  • Often there are accidents, accidents. In the genus many drowned or several of his representatives die from life in the same way.

Many will say that these signs can be found in every genus, without exception. Does this mean that every family has a family curse? Of course not, but there are certain negative programs for each genus.

After all, we all unwillingly commit unseemly acts that determine both our personal karma and the karma of the whole race.

If something really amiss is really happening in your family, you cannot do without an experienced psychic, a specialist in tribal karma. It is necessary to find out what caused the curse, and how you relate to it.

To remove the tribal curse is very difficult and not always possible. Especially hard to get rid of the curse to the death of the genus.

Often, in order to get rid of a negative program, it is necessary to break the connection with the genus. This does not mean that it is necessary to stop communicating with relatives.

This happens at a subtle level with the help of special rites, after which a person gets rid of the generic program, but at the same time loses the energy support of the clan.

Symptoms of the Generic Curse on the Male Line

Talking about the curse of the male line can be based on the following signs:

  • All men of this kind do not live to 50 years.
  • Some members of the genus have mental and mental abnormalities.
  • High child mortality die only boys.
  • Hereditary diseases are transmitted through the male line.
  • Accidents, road accidents and plane crashes constantly happen to men of this kind.
  • Many men have alcohol or drug addiction, become homeless, go to jail.
  • Men of this kind become chronic losers, insecure in their abilities. They lack willpower, they are not able to control their destiny.
  • Often, men for no apparent reason commit suicide, plunging their loved ones into shock. After all, yesterday a man was full of strength and rejoiced at life. Similarly, those who survived illness and unhappy accidents are leaving the life.

Generic Curse: Types and Symptoms

Generic Curse on the female line

Women are more susceptible to this terrible phenomenon because of their emotionality and sensitivity. Recognize the generic curse on the female line can be on the following symptoms:

  • Most often, the curse affects children: they are born inferior or terminally ill, and stillbirths and miscarriages occur.
  • A woman leads an immoral way of life, cheats on her husband, gives birth to children from foreign men.
  • Abuses alcohol, becomes a drug addict.
  • Women suffer from serious gynecological diseases, infertility.
  • Unsuccessful marriages and lack of personal happiness. Men constantly leave such a woman, she marries an alcoholic or a drug addict.
  • The curse of the «black» widow — all the companions of life one by one pass away.
  • A woman has to raise children alone, experiencing financial difficulties.

It is possible to remove the generic curse only by clearing the karma of the whole race. For this, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into a healer who performs such a ritual, and a person who wants to cleanse the genus from the curse.

And in order not to become a victim of this terrible phenomenon, it is necessary to take care of the karma of its own kind, and not commit acts that can change the lives of many generations.

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