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Funny face plot — magic treatment method

The main clinical symptom of erysipelas is skin inflammation, which is very difficult to treat. And although modern medicine is constantly developing new methods of treatment, many prefer to turn to magic to get rid of the disease.

Long since people used to treat this disease conspiracy from erysipelas. Magic rituals in which conspiracy words were pronounced are not very complex and can be performed independently at home.

In order for the magical effect to be effective, it is important to read a conspiracy of erysipelas during the period of the waning moon.

Funny face plot - magic treatment method

Erysipelas always begins with a sharp deterioration in human well-being.

Its initial signs can be:

  • Headache;
  • High body temperature causing chills;
  • Muscle aches.

But the most unpleasant are painful foci of inflammation that occur on any part of the body: neck, arms, legs, back, stomach. Such spots are painful and cause a lot of inconvenience.

Erysipelas is an infectious disease, so a sick person should take all precautions to avoid becoming a source of infection for close people. But, according to the magicians, erysipelas may develop as a result of the evil eye or damage.

And that is why the treatment of erysipelas using traditional medicine methods is often ineffective, and this disease can be cured quite easily using magic.

Special plots of erysipelas cleanse the energy field of a person from alien negative energy and promote healing. Moreover, people with powerful natural energy force can cure in a short time.

Most conspiracies from erysipelas have come to the modern world from antiquity. In the old days, people could treat the face only with folk remedies, which include special plots and prayers.

It was believed that only with the help of the magic word it was possible to clear the curse that was always, according to folk healers and healers, the cause of the development of a serious illness.

The power of this conspiracy is time tested. The main condition for the performance of the ceremony — it is a sincere force in magic.

In the ritual you need to use:

  • A patch of natural blue fabric;
  • Church candle;
  • Holy water.

First, a sick person should drink three sips of water consecrated in the temple. Then the spreading blue cloth flap intersects and a conspiracy is read over it.

His words are:

After speaking the magic words with a conspired blue cloth, wrap the inflamed area and leave it for the night. The conspiracy is repeated on the second and fourth day.

This plot gives a result surprisingly fast. But in no case can not read the words thoughtlessly.

Each word must be imbued with the power of the spirit and the desire for recovery. The plot must be read in a separate room as focused as possible on the purpose of the ceremony.

You need to feel how the energy emanating from you, envelops the fabric in a sparkling stream. The stronger the visualization during the ritual, the greater the power of impact.

Funny face plot - magic treatment method

At midnight on one of the nights of the waning moon phase, a powerful rite can be held that will allow you to recover in a short time. The plot that is used in healing ritual is universal and can be used to treat red and blue faces.

Before pronouncing the magic words, the following preparatory actions should be carried out:

  • In a separate room to light a thick wax candle;
  • Read the prayer to the Holy Panteleimon the Healer, it is desirable to do this in front of his icon, which can be purchased in advance at the church shop.

Then you need to take a candle, drive it over the inflamed place on the skin and pronounce these words:

After such a ritual, for three more days it is necessary to read the prayers to the Saints and the Lord, to thank for the help.

Salt is a natural product that has a powerful natural energy. This property of salt is widely used when conducting magical rites of different directions.

This natural product can also help in the treatment of erysipelas.

A conspiracy to treat erysipelas using salt should be read if traditional treatments have not helped. This indicates that the disease, most likely, was the result of induced damage to a person, so it is possible to cope with the disease only with the help of magic.

But it should be remembered that in a neglected form, this disease is very difficult to cure, therefore it is quite reasonable to combine various methods of treatment.

In order to maintain the strength of the spirit, it is necessary that a sick person visit the temple for three days prior to the ceremony and ask God for help in healing, and also put a candle for their own health.

For the ritual will need:

  • Three church candles, purchased necessarily on Thursday;
  • New flap cotton fabric;
  • A kilogram of fine salt.

At the beginning of the ceremony, you need to pray and ask God for help, and this can be done in an arbitrary form, the main thing is that the words should be sincere and come from the depths of the soul. Before the start of salt spells, it is necessary to attach prepared tissue to the inflamed area.

After that, leaning over the salt, you should say the following magic words:

Having spoken the magic words, the cloth must be removed from the sore spot and put into the salt all night. In the morning you should carefully remove the matter from the salt and burn it.

Funny face plot - magic treatment method

A very unpleasant manifestation of the disease is inflammation of the face, which is almost impossible to hide. In this case, the quick conspiracy that came from the peoples living in the southern countries will help.

In the rite you need to use a knife. Blade knife must be held over the flame of a candle.

Then speak these words:

The plot is repeated no more than three times and its effectiveness depends on how much your own bright energy you can put in the spoken words.

If carrying out a magical rite and reading the conspiracy, you notice that significant relief has come, it means that the disease was indeed provoked by damage or the evil eye. And if after the signs of damage from your body, any of your friends got sick, then it means that he was the one responsible for your illness.

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