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Full moon rituals for love, money and wish fulfillment

Rituals and rituals in the full moon for the fulfillment of desires, love and money

Full moon is the most beneficent time for the month for performing various kinds of rituals and ceremonies for cleansing from negative energy — this can be attributed to rituals for cleansing space, as well as rituals in order to clear the aura, remove various damage and get rid of all unnecessary . With the light of a full month, it is proposed to illuminate those objects and objects that in different ways inhibit the improvement of a person, as well as his growth as a person.

Full moon rituals are performed in order to get rid of bad habits, such as drug or alcohol addiction, smoking, poor nutrition or painful craving for something. If something prevents a person from living, and he wants to get rid of it as soon as possible — the best moment for such deliverance is the stage of the full Moon.

Full moon rituals for love, money and wish fulfillment

Liberation rite

It is necessary to describe on a piece of paper three things that a guessing person wants to get rid of in the very near future (habits or diseases). After that, it’s very solemn to give it all to the fire. At best, such a ritual should be reproduced in such a way — a person gathers on the street with friends, each of them writes a “letter of deliverance”, lights a regular fire, becomes a circle, and then friends alternately throw such notes into the fire.

It is necessary to observe how the “problems” become ashes. But if a person does not have the opportunity to light a fire, it will be enough just to write what he would like to get rid of, and then read out the desire very loudly and burn it with the help of an ordinary candle — flush the ashes into the toilet .

Ritual to cleanse the aura

This is a very strong ritual for the full moon to purify the aura, which can be carried out at the moment when a person feels that he should urgently clear the aura of the accumulated negative. The best time to exercise is at night.

It is required to carry out it in the full Moon, or at least decreasing.

For this useful:

  • Seven tablespoons of honey
  • Seven spoons of sugar
  • Seven tablespoons of cinnamon.

It is required to mix all the ingredients and before the night shower intake put this mixture on the body, leaving it for seven minutes.

At this time, you need to read absolutely any prayer (like «Our Father»). At the same time, a person must clearly understand how he is cleared of all negative things.

After that, you need to wash everything off with cold water.

If a person feels that he needs a strong cleaning of the aura — you need to do the procedure for seven days.

Full moon rituals for love, money and wish fulfillment

Rite of passage to increase sexual attractiveness

  1. It is required to pour boiled water into a glass, throwing a pinch of salt there with your left hand. Place the glass in such a way that the light of the moon falls on it. Further, it is required to read the plot until the salt is dissolved: “Moon water, like a girl’s tear, let me be young, beautiful and sad, let me be loved by the one I love for my beauty, for appeasability of character!” the glass will stand all night.
  2. In the morning, washing, on an empty stomach, you should take a sip of this water, mentally saying: “Water is in me, and beauty is on me!” Repeat such actions every morning until the water in the glass runs out.

Full moon ritual to fulfill wishes

This ritual should be done on the very first full moon after the person’s birthday. He needs to write on a sheet of paper his own desires of a material nature — for example, a house, a car, a telephone.

It is imperative that such desires be full of sincerity.

When all the cherished wishes are written down, you just need to ask the Higher Forces about the prompting, help, thanks for all that will be received. It is believed that throughout the year a person can get all of the above from this list.

Full Moon Rite to Attract Money

It should be carried out at night with a full moon. It is extremely important that at the same time the sky turned out to be very clear and stellar, with a view of the moon.

  1. It is necessary to take a cup and pour there clean water to half. In the cup you want to throw a coin of silver color. Put a cup on the window sill or put it on the balcony (if there is a possibility, it’s better to go outside) so that the light of the full Moon falls on it.
  2. A little, lightly need to hold with two hands over the water surface, as if collecting in his hands the silver. At this moment it is required to say three times: “Wonderful Moon Mistress! Please give me wealth, fill my hands with silver and gold. I am able to take everything that you bring! ”
  3. Then you need to go outside and pour water into ordinary land (not asphalt), and keep the coin in your wallet.

Full moon rituals for love, money and wish fulfillment

Another money ritual:

Ritual «Monetary full moon»

  1. On the night of the full moon with the arrival of darkness should go under the open sky (on the street or balcony).
  2. Then you need to take your wallet in your right hand, and your left three times to transfer large bills from one pocket to another. It is required to say these words: “By the blessing of Mother — the Moon and by the power of the components, I attract to myself the eternal flow of prosperity. I ask for help and support for the common good. So be it».
  3. Returning home, you need to lubricate the green candle with essential oils of orange or basil. In the aroma lamp you need to light incense with one smell: poppy seeds, honeysuckle or almonds.
  4. Near a burning candle you want to decompose the bills from the wallet. You need to sit down and concentrate on the burning flame, visually representing the fulfillment of desires. It is necessary that the candle burns out, and then carefully put all the funds in your wallet, and in the following days try to spend it on what you dreamed of.

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